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Lady Spank
In Praise Of Shadows
Posted - 2009.12.05 22:51:00 - [1]

So yeah, I'm visiting my parents this weekend, and found an old build of eve on here. I fired it up to see what it is and it's Trinity :D

Since there's no way Dominion is going to run on this old box (no im not trolling about the current server issues, frankly I'm amazed people act so surprised on patch week ((lol fortnight amirite?)) )...

So ANYWAY: Let's look at Trinity...

And to prove im a noob, im not checking patch notes per se just the above page.

Amarr Ships
The Amarr Empire has long boasted about its powerful ships and it exhibits a fervent willingness to destroy all opposition. Now, the Omen, Zealot and Apocalypse class ships are getting a boost to reflect that devastating Amarrian potential. However, the ship improvements don't end here.

OMG Amarr getting boosts left right and centre. Thought this was the Khanid changes but maybe they were introduced elsewhere.

Caldari Ships
In order to satisfy your lust for carnage, modifications have also come for the Eagle, Moa, Raptor and Ferox class vessels. When a Caldari company is threatened, the whole corporation and often the whole State returns the favor with a hail of missiles.

I never flew Caldari much and used to think the ferox was some crappy missile boat. Maybe it was before this patch? Certainly remember some hybrid love for the eagle at least. Around this time was rolling with Eagle sniper ships in a Lach... and dying a lot since I was one of the few in range. Stupid.

Fleet Invitations
Waging war in deep space is dangerous enough without logistical hurdles getting in the way. Trinity Patch 1.1 will remove the need for direct fleet invites by offering an "open fleet" option. Pilots will be able to join open fleets within their alliance or corporation at the push of a button.

I don't remember this being 'at the push of a buttion', thought that was later on.

EVE Marketplace
It's no secret that capital gain is king in EVE. ... That's why a number of fixes to help with functionality and layout have been included in the Trinity 1.1 patch. Some of the new market settings address filtering for system security level, for items that you have the prerequisite skills for and for items that you can currently fit to your active ship....

We can filter by security systemQuestion

Female Corpses
Death knows no gender...

News of Emiline Pankhurst reaches New Eden.

Exiting Stations on a Velocity
In an effort to reduce congestion outside of busy stations, ships will now exit stations with their velocity set to max. Ships will now start off at 700 m/s and fire out of stations in a 0 – 15 % angle to end vessel entanglement.

lol, thus the term kickout was born. Also ctrl+space Embarassed Insta undocks also took more time to create; not much more time mind you and people that failed to make them right where easier to raep.

Situational Awareness Improvements
The existing overview will be modified to display electronic warfare states in order to improve combat awareness. When someone uses either a EWAR module or propulsion jamming module on you, an icon is displayed in the corresponding overview entry.

Single greatest feature of the patch TBH.

Overview Improvements
We’ve greatly decreased clutter in the UI, overview tabs and general windows. Too much information can be just as troublesome as having too little. With that in mind, a huge audit of the way users receive information was taken. New combat overview filters include options such as removing ships not using electronic warfare modules, or not targeting you and to filtering wrecks organized by corporation/owners.

Three patches on and most people still seem confused by brackets and settings Wink

Overall, lol just shows how vague my memory of specific patches are Laughing

Salia WinterDrake
Tsunami Cartel
Chain of Chaos
Posted - 2009.12.06 08:34:00 - [2]

Posting first in a Lady Spank thread.

Heh, seriously though, I have fond memories of the Trinity patch. I'd just signed up for trial a few weeks before, and enjoyed the last few weeks of Revelations II with the old ship models etc. Then Trinity's graphical upgrade convinced me to stay with the game, and that the devs were actually doing something to improve the game.

I know its not really about eye-candy, but it helps!


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