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The New Guardians of Eden
Posted - 2009.12.01 19:21:00 - [91]

I agree. Many thanks to CCP for making such a great and rich game. And thanks for treating the customer as a customer and not as a cashcow.

Please do us the favor and never get taken over by Activi$$ion or one of the other customer milking companies.Wink

Carthag Tsimpo
Property Industries
Posted - 2009.12.01 19:22:00 - [92]

6 years and still kicking. Love at first sight. Of course, I've done my swinging but you're the only one I keep returning to.

TOHA POS Management
TOHA Conglomerate
Posted - 2009.12.01 19:23:00 - [93]

Thanks again ccp!

On a sidenote, thanks for putting my sound back on for this new patch as I could hear the oppressive song that was going on in the background. It's the eve we love. Oppresive, violent, hateful but oh so beautiful when you succeed with something :)

Mr Ichiro
Posted - 2009.12.01 19:27:00 - [94]

x to join the "we love ccp fleet"
oh wait thats going....

JeanMichel Bizarre
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2009.12.01 19:27:00 - [95]

Originally by: Bomberlocks
Originally by: CCP Navigator
Thank you, Pantorus Smile
I'm amazed. Some guy bends over for you and you reply within two posts. The rest of the time, you either don't reply or make some facile statement about turning dreads into giant space vacuum cleaners or using target painters on them. yay.

On Topic. I love the game, but I honestly think CCP devs are as arrogant a bunch of clowns as I've yet to come across. And don't give me that "free expansions" rubbish. You earn on average $180 per account per year. Multiply that by 300'000 = $54'000'000 a year. That 54 million reasons why you should listen to your player base instead of always filtering out the criticism.

Ah, crap, you had to spoil it. Go make your own whine thread!

Caleb Fury
Posted - 2009.12.01 19:28:00 - [96]

Oh god I can barely contain myself. Deploy!!! TY CCP!!

Thors Twins
Priory of Empire
SpaceMonkey's Alliance
Posted - 2009.12.01 19:31:00 - [97]

Yes thx CCP for doing such a great job Razz


hfo ohforf
Posted - 2009.12.01 21:02:00 - [98]

cheers for all the work CCP! <3

Natasha Nikolaev
Posted - 2009.12.01 21:10:00 - [99]

Edited by: Natasha Nikolaev on 01/12/2009 22:26:10
Thanks for failing horribly with SCs, titans and AFs. I'll save my real thanks for when these are actually taken care of.

At least I'm going to make stupid amounts of ISK off of the moongoo changes and (most) of the pirate/faction changes/additions are good.

EDIT: forgot to mention your failure on the nag (putting it back to failure split weapon/bonus setup), moros (which was supposed to get current bonus, but in siege only) and triage (which was supposed to be at 5 minute timer).

Sorti Tout
Posted - 2009.12.01 21:16:00 - [100]

Yup indeed, big thnx to all at CCP!!

Big Buck Bunny Interstellar Solo Society
Posted - 2009.12.01 21:43:00 - [101]

A big thanks from me as well. Very Happy

Awesome game!!! Being a dev myself, I know how difficult it can be to deliver a product so anticipated and all go well.

Great job CCP!

Zur Gallentis
Hysterically Unforgiving
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.12.01 21:46:00 - [102]


Very HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery Happy

Hot Fudge
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2009.12.01 22:32:00 - [103]

Posting on the forums from the in-game browser FTW! This browser and the graphics update to the planets and stars made Dominion worthwhile in my opinion. Good work CCP!

Wesley Hawkins
Malevolent Intentions
Dark Solar Empire
Posted - 2009.12.01 22:44:00 - [104]

New to Eve but gotta say thanks!

I've played alot of online games in the past and i gotta say the deployment of this patch *Expansion seems more fitting* was very smooth and thankfully fast, I forgot to set a long skill before the patch deployment Embarassed

illford baker
STK Scientific
IT Alliance
Posted - 2009.12.01 22:47:00 - [105]

\0/, flawless deployment.

the united
Negative Ten.
Posted - 2009.12.01 22:50:00 - [106]

Originally by: illford baker
\0/, flawless deployment.

Shame the same cannot be said for what was deployed. Razz Laughing

The Phoenix Legion
Posted - 2009.12.01 22:51:00 - [107]

seems great so far...

Now we only need an ingame videoplayer for the jukebox so we can watch movies while camping :P

Royal Star Ranger Family
Posted - 2009.12.01 22:53:00 - [108]

first impression, very very very nice, smooth as hell, well done ccp

im totally in love with eve if i wasnt that before :D
lots of things to explore yet, but a big thanks from me to you!

EVE is getting better and better every year ugh

Megan Maynard
Navigators of the Abyss
Posted - 2009.12.01 23:06:00 - [109]

11 rounds fired 46000 damage done.

Thank you CCP, thank you.

Shinobi Jonin
NorCorp Enterprise
Posted - 2009.12.01 23:08:00 - [110]

Yup +1

Thanks for doing a great job and chasing a dream please keep chasing it and don't let the whiners and the beggars make you change your path at all

Servants of Drawnon
Posted - 2009.12.01 23:14:00 - [111]

Still here, still playing... Still loving it.

Big, big love to the CCP and thanks for all the fantastic work you Guys, Gals & Technovikings do for us!

T'san Manaan
Posted - 2009.12.01 23:18:00 - [112]


Posted - 2009.12.01 23:20:00 - [113]

Love and respect from Amsterdam. I'd tell you all what a good job you are doing but I don't want it to go to your heads.

Posted - 2009.12.01 23:49:00 - [114]

Good work CCP, keep it up.

I just love some of those new features, like loot log. It even logs mined ore, so makes running mining ops easy now on. Thank you soooooo much.

Does my eyes lie or does those asteroids move in login window? I think they moveing Shocked

Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2009.12.01 23:51:00 - [115]

Smooth update, thanks for not wiping my overview settings this time.

Anyway it's done, so now we can get one with complaining about the Incarna expansion.

Chaos Cross
Rune Industries
Posted - 2009.12.01 23:54:00 - [116]

great job CCP, you deserve a break!

Just... not so long and maybe you shouldn't eat so it's not longer... In fact just don't leave at all =) watch the servers all day so we can love you all day!

(jk) thx again!

Phaite Accompli
Posted - 2009.12.02 00:44:00 - [117]

Take note, CCP. The community loves EVE and truly appreciates all of your effort and dedication in keeping it head and shoulders above all the rest. The majority of the time, you are mostly going to get complaints and criticism. It's the nature of the beast. It doesn't mean the community is any less thankful or appreciative of your hard work. As players, we just tend to gripe more than we praise. Around moments such as this though - release of new content - some of us tend to voice our thanks a bit more. I believe we represent the majority of the community, rather than the minority. I have been following EVE since it came into being and have always been impressed. I was actually one of those "Earth and Beyond" people back in the day, before it was abandoned. I have always wanted to join this community, but could never seem to find the time to justify the investment. I got rehooked during AT7, watching it unfold on EVE-TV in HD. Stroke of marketing genius BTW. I paid up and made the time. I'm still a n00b at only two months game time, but I don't see myself going anywhere anytime soon. Keep doing what you do and the community will grow and love you for it, not to mention your market share will keep going up. We appreciate you, truly. Our thanks as well to all the GMS, forum moderators, content providers, writers and anyone and everyone else who makes EVE what it is. Without you, this universe wouldn't be nearly as rich as it has become. EVE truly is the only player-created game world.

Damn. Still downloading ... 292MB of 497MB @ 147KB/sec. I'll join y'all shortly. ;)

~Inevitability. Given enough time, all things come to one who waits.

Ferocious Fingers
Posted - 2009.12.02 00:54:00 - [118]

Big thanks to you CCP you've done yourselves proud on this one.

Quam Singulari
Posted - 2009.12.02 01:06:00 - [119]

Big thanks to CCP for not letting suicide myself for a week now and have a clueless GM try and help me.
Don't worry I have till feb till my subscription runs out.

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