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Suddenly Ninjas
Posted - 2009.11.24 01:10:00 - [1]

Ok. I'm just a little annoyed with the whole deadspace thing as it stands. There are inconsistencies which I'd like to have dealt with. Mainly my problem is with how the game mechanics treat players and NPCs on separate mechanics. here's the deal:

Current Deadspace: Area of space where a PLAYER cannot use MWDs or warp in without the assistance of an acceleration gate. NPC rats will warp in just fine (maybe with the assistance of unknown acceleration gates so maybe this is ok). CONCORD will also warp in just fine (them having acceleration gates pointed to every mission space is ludicrous).

Possible Change Version 1: Make NPCs follow current mechanics same as Player. This would really only affect CONCORD. Make them use the acceleration gates to get to the target player. UPSIDE: None really, unless you're a hi-sec pirate (see downside). DOWNSIDE: Would make hi-sec piracy fairly easy since CONCORD will be on a pretty big delay. Missioners would fear a mission with too many rooms where the final room is a possible death trap.

Possible Change Version 2: Get rid of deadspace entirely. Instead of using acceleration gates to go to the next room have coordinates for the next room added to your mission locations when you complete a "mini-objective," or when you kill a certain amount of targets, or when you collect an item which contains said coordinates. UPSIDE: MWDs in all missions, and can warp directly to a certain room if you needed to warp out for some reason. DOWNSIDE: Ruins Complexes, seeing how people could then fly directly to the bookmarked final room. "Astrometric" Salvagers would only find the room they probed a player in and would have to reprobe for the other rooms (and upside if you consider them "ninja" salvagers). Low Sec Mission Pirating made easier(upside if you're a pirate).

Possible Change Version 3(the good one): Change deadspace mechanics so it creates a warp penalty, rather than a nullification. MWDs would be less effective... to the point that they're pretty much not worth it over an AB. Warping in either creates a penalty to align time or once you're close enough to the location warp travel will slow down at such a factor the missioners who know where the acceleration gate is would probably find that a faster route. CONCORD will calculate the fastest route. Warping out will also have a time delay (don't wait too long to make that escape!). Warp Core stabilizers will reduce these penalties (OMG! low-sec mission runners using warp core stabilizers!). A new skill could be introduced to reduce these penalties either directly or by increasing the effectiveness of the warp core stabilizer. Since CONCORD is already uber they would be treated as having high quality gear and skills and might still warp in pretty fast. UPSIDE: Able to use MWDs, albeit at a penalty. In many roomed missions you can warp directly to a later room and possibly get there faster than going gate to gate. DOWNSIDE: CONCORD Response probably a little slower... but I'm thinking not enough to create a boom in high sec piracy. Warping out would become a pain... meaning earlier escapes which could make missions you're barely cut out for go even longer. Astrometric Salvagers would only find the rooms they probed and would have to reprobe for other rooms (an upside if you consider them "ninja" salvagers).

*activate Heat Dissipation Field II*

Becq Starforged
Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2009.11.24 03:00:00 - [2]

Deadspace pockets don't actually prevent warp drive useage completely, they simply create disturbance that interact very badly with any warp drive that hasn't been tuned to work with the particular deadspace in question (and every deadspace has unique disturbace patterns that must be tuned for independantly). Pirates who live in such deadspaces, of course, have tuned their drives to work properly in the environment of their home. Player mission runners have not. CONCORD, of course, have highly advanced technology that allows their drives to ignore as trivial warp disturbances that would drop a mundane ship out of warp prematurely, and have no need of any special modifications to work, even in unknown deadspaces.

There, now you no longer need be annoyed by minor 'inconsistenies' you imagine in deadspace mechanics, and the Devs can save their coding time to work on game-breaking issues that desperately need to be fixed.

Honestly, I don't see how any of your proposed options would actually improve the game from anyone's perspective other than a pirate or suicide ganker.

Suddenly Ninjas
Posted - 2009.11.24 04:56:00 - [3]

to be perfectly honest... i didn't even think this was a good idea... i just hadn't posted any new ideas in a few days and was bored at work. CCP if you're reading.. lock this topic please. let it die.

Mike Voidstar
Posted - 2009.11.24 16:16:00 - [4]

If you want to get into the things that will bug you about MWD, take a look at the mechanics of how Warping is supposed to work, and then tell me why a MWD works anywhere at all in the first place.

Warping is explained as a sort of wormhole phenomenom, which is why you have to have a destination before you begin warp, as the conduit has to be established. This explaines why you align on a known point, and then go there.

Deadspace areas are supposedly places where these conduits cannot be established, due to unique gravity topography of the area. Why you can warp *out* of them is a complete mystery to me.

Acceleration gates are not supposed to be warps at all, but more of a giant slingshot to shoot you into the deadspace area by the blunt-force method of massive acceleration. In theory I suppose, Concord or anyone else with sufficent resouces could build aimable acceleration gates, and shoot a fleet to any place they wanted too, which would explain how they get to where they get so quickly all the time---the acceleration gates do not need to have a destination locked in, they just shoot you x distance in x direction.

Given all of that, however, There is no good explanation why MicroWarp Drives work at all, much less just not in a deadspace area.


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