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Shin Dari
Posted - 2010.07.05 16:20:00 - [271]

I see many great ideas here, but they seem to form at least 3 different ships.

Vynel Mortes
Posted - 2010.07.06 01:08:00 - [272]

Definately an interesting idea, the OP had a great concept a mobile command post for nomadic tribes to operate from. The further expansions of using WH's to travel by CCP Incogneto were definately a good move towards mobility. There was also an option to a modular ship that gives CCP the opportunity to expand it over time.

Another thought would be to have a series of ships each with a different purpose that could be joined to form a staging platform for Nomads. Each ship acts as a module has very limited combat modes, and are non-race specific, nomads wander through space collecting different designs and concepts.

Each ship is built from Tech II, Tech III, and standard Minerals. The ships can move independantly of each other to move the hive ship from one section of space to another, however must all be in the same system and one central command module ship would then activate joining the ships together which takes 24 hours, and is done at DT if that makes it easier. One ship being destroyed would not destroy the hive but would require the nomads to build that section of ship again to return the functionality. Taking the platform down when the Nomads are ready to move on would take the same time.

Pilots of the individual ships can store 2 vessels in their ship but when formed the Platform could hold more ships, but would require those ships to be removed prior to moving.

Size would be variable based on the number of Module Ships involved.

I think the concept of a ship, series of ships to support nomads is a great idea, but should be something that reflects the lifestyle of wanderers and not be specific to any given race or section of space. Being a WH Dweller I can assure you that you are not picky when it comes to where the parts/supplies come from in EVE just as long as you can get there and back to the POS before the WH closes and in one piece.

Andrea Griffin
Posted - 2010.07.06 14:56:00 - [273]

This is what a titan should have been in the first place.

Herzog Wolfhammer
Sigma Special Tactics Group
Posted - 2010.07.25 18:59:00 - [274]

Ok so far what we have here, I think...

A very LARGE SHIP!!!! HUUUUUGE! We're talking "block the sun" here.

It has hangers with complete facilities for repair and refit. Lot of space. So much space, it's full of space.

Clone vat.

Reprocessing facilities.


This is basically a station in many many ways except that:

It can go anywhere without using gates, but once a day, and makes its "move" during downtime.

Only one per corp.
Whether or not a corp that has SOV "somewhere" can have one or not I think was addressed but this hive ship was implied to make a Nomadic corporation possible.

I think this Hive Ship concept should not be forgotten. In particular, I think it will make 0.0 space possible for many people who want to go into NPC space but find that once they set up shop at an NPC station, they are sitting ducks to the alliances that "own" it. Being able to move around will wreak holy hell for those NPC-space inhabitants who treat it like their SOV.

It would would be a major thorn in the side if such ships are allowed to go into a system where an existing corp hold SOV. I am not sure what the ramifications of this would be. Oh the howls of those who hold SOV somewhere, and the drooling of those who don't. It would be enough shenanigans to consider if these things were simply limited to NPC 0.0 and Low sec.

Please, CCP, don't lose consideration of the Hive Ship. I think that these ships would be a great addition to the game, providing more opportunities for players on both ends of it. Also, making it possible for corporations to be truly nomadic would add a new lifestyle choice to this game and enhance the player base.

Posted - 2010.07.26 07:20:00 - [275]

I dont know much about computers other than I love strategy games, but I do know there is a loophole fore every problem.

I have a hard time seeing the need for somthing that would probably resemble "lucricias base" from independance war II edge of chaos. Lucricias base is a giant offlined atmospheric tereformer drone, which coasted into a dense nebula.

I do however see the need for ships that already exist to be able to perform this task. carriers/supercarriers/capital industrials. Or Mayby just name them properly?
capital logistics drone ship/ super capital fleet suport drone ship/ mobile mining storage support ship.

There has to be a way around the code, Did you check all of your pockets?

Has anyone thought about the code behind tractor beams? What about making any ship that is docked in the maintenance bay equivalent to a jump clone when you "park it" you autojump to wherever your original clone station was and when you log back in and hit undock, You auto jump back to the "carrier" and undock from it.

If you get killed while off line you come back to that station minus your upgraded clone. or if thats to hard fine then the passengers just get a escape pod bonus and keep their skill points and just cant jump back becasue the carrier is gone.

while their online if they want to be percieved as docked to the carrier then they get honor of auto cloaking and being dragged at 0m meters in invulnerability mode this would keep them in their own ship and make it so they can see whats going on around them. also it would keep them within cyno range etc. you could name the docking options somthing like "combat dock" and "Loggout dock" if they lagged out and got dc then they would automatically loggout dock.

If thats too hard then they would simply break free and warp off like normal. still to hard?

what about making somthing like the suns or plannets clone jump points, So if your corp has a carrier in that system you can jump clone to that star like a portal? then warp to the carrier in your pod.
when you dock and log and they ditch you, you go back to the sun and clone jump again.
I really hate the sun idea personally but I'd make bigger sacrifices in physics to make a carrier idea workable.

I'll never forget the part in independance war where the captial industrial ship "really a covert indi carrier" sudenly drops a fleet of pat coms and corvets mayby that game engine should be looked into not only can you dock to other ships but you can fly all over the solar
systems, jump to other solarsystems wreck into plannets. fly in a 1st person mode. the mechanics are more realistic, you even see where your hitting a ship at and, can duck behind a asteroid for protection, even running into things is more realistic for instance you can run into that same roid and die for it or ship collisions are typically fatal for both parties. a interceptor can take out a carrier if it gets the drop on it from behind even if its your first time.

Most importantly carriers and even just slapping a few ships together is possible with that platform.

with that I leave a standing invitation to any pilot that thinks he can take me on in idw2eoc. in any ship, any time.Wink


Nemtar Nataal
Demonic Retribution
Posted - 2010.07.27 07:35:00 - [276]

Originally by: Andrea Griffin
This is what a titan should have been in the first place.

No this is what a Mothership should have been like in the first place... (Baically a movable home)

I do take a bit of issue with the whole idear of the thing needing to be constructed from CSAA's. Nomad corps/alliances are usually small and do not want or dont have the military power to get into sov in the first place. So why should the mechanics that enable them to roam freely in the univers be tied into the sov system ? It will just give 00 alliances yet another leg up over none space holding enteties?

Much rather that this is build from station components like we know them today, and a Hive platform (like the outpost platform) maybe if you reuse the mechanics it might give you a chance to rework the station construction process a bit to be more interactive, maybe even remove the restriction of construction stations at downtime while you are at it. It could be kind of a joined project in line with the CCP goal of not implementing more DT stuff.

Also if undertaking a project like this one of the main focuses should be on how to construct the gamemechanics around this ship in such a way that we avoid the DT issue all together.
Im thinking you could use Point of no Return consept like you do it with plains and helicopters. You initiate a process at the Hive like a jump.
Arrow Jump takes time to power up, maybe players need to actively help the station to build up cap, like the process of jumping cant be initiated unless you have done remote cap transfer of 5-10 minutes.
ArrowOnce cap is charged you hit the Point of no Return barrier, which means the ship will jump regardeless of what happens.
ArrowYou now have a limited time to dock or undock the Hive before its completely locked down.
ArrowAll station processes and services (moving, stacking items, refitting ships ect.) are halted untill jump have been compleeted.
ArrowFrom then on you can do what ever you please, log off or stay is your choice but you can not move from the station b4 the jump have been made.

This is just a rough idaer of the consept, what i was trying to demonstrate is how to lock down the Hive in such a way that dont have to consider imposible scenarios when programming the gamemechanics of this ship. The actual goal is to make the Hive perform as much like a normal capital ship the secund it jumps as posible (reuse of tryed and tested game mechanics).
QuestionPoint is how do we turn the Hive into a Capship at the instance the jump takes place...

So from my knoledege of software developement, if this should ever be posible it should be based on as many of EVE's base mechanics as posible.

Nemtar Nataal
Demonic Retribution
Posted - 2010.07.28 19:14:00 - [277]

New thoughts on the subject, and game mechanics of this ship.

Hive have to modes (like already discussed)
  1. Deployed
  2. Movable

When the ship is constucted it is constructed in Deployed mode, where it acts as a station.
All the services the ship provides that relates to a station will be avalible in this stage (including docking).
  1. You can dock and undock.
  2. You can access your personal hangar.
  3. You can access your personal ship maintnence bay.
  4. You can use station services like refitting or cloning.

When in movable mode the ship acts like a capital ship with all the restrictions and limitations that such a stage would provide.
  1. So you can access the ship maintnenca bay.

  2. You can access the corp hangar bay
  3. You can use the fitting services

ExclamationThe Hive should take a long time moving from one stage to the other, giving the server plenty of time to seal any open sessions.

So first thing this means is that you need to send a advanced scouting party before setting out on a jurney with your Hive.
Second thing is that you most likely are alwayes going to leave some one behing. The people who have helped the Hive prep for the jump and defended it while in the movable stage.

QuestionThis all however precents a interesting problem, if you cant leave the ship while bieng in movable mode you are going to be stuck "forever" - or we could figur out a solution to that problem.

The idear of the above (like my last post) is to construct the Hive so that it can take advantage of as many of the existing game mechanics in the game as posible.

  1. Consturction is like the constructio of a station, uses same components and assembly method all but a new construction platform.
  2. Moving is like any other capital ship.

Problems here are..
QuestionHow do we morph from 1 stage to another and change the entire ship ?
QuestionHow to we handle people trapped in the Hive while its moving, with out introducing imposible server scenario's? - maybe just auto jump people to there primory cloning facility once the Hive is in movable stage.

ExclamationThere are properly more but i cant think of them right now....hope some one else can make sence of the abowe.

Altaica Amur
Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2010.07.28 22:13:00 - [278]

I really really like this idea, as a longtime homeworld fan I very much like the idea of unbound space faring societies trekking through the void with naught but their ships to call their home and as with Homeworld the mothership was the keystone of that. In following that idea I have a few suggestions/ideas that go along with that namely that unlike stations you don't walk around on the mothership so much as go to sleep/statis, perhaps to the point that docking in a mothership logs you off that character, perhaps kicking you back to the character selection screen which would hopefully give you some basic indication of where your character is so that you can see when you're post-jump. Besides holding pilots the necessary components for a mothership would be very large corp hangers and ship hangers, though the size might be something you need to expand through modules/subsystems to get the fullest larger then pos mods effect. Other then that I'd like to see limited manufacturing capabilities in the same manner that POSs can, perhaps only usable after a setup timer where that ship is immobile in a particular system. Finally one issue I worry about is that pushing this ship into the super-capital realm, which seems inevitable given the size and capability desired, would make it difficult to access for the smaller entities which by definition often don't have the super-capital production capability, this would be worsened if it were also undockable, I'm not sure what the solution to this part is as docking a mini-station seems absurd and full of potential for coding problems.

Posted - 2010.07.29 00:30:00 - [279]

very cool idea, but why not just make current supercaps dockable?

Aion Amarra
Real Nice And Laidback Corporation
Black Core Alliance
Posted - 2010.07.29 00:48:00 - [280]

Thinking about the problem of piloting large 'station-alike' vessels, that can possibly contain players...

Incognito already mentioned the idea of placing a navigational beacon on a wormhole (requiring station management roles) as the 'simple' way of implementing things.

But going a bit further, how about a station interface that allows indirect control of the ship? It wouldn't be actively piloted, but anyone with the appropiate role (for lack of a seperate one, station management probably does the job) and maybe the appropiate skill (if required), could open the panel and give commands that the ship follows on it's own until completed. This could be relatively rudimentary, or as sophisticated as some sort of system map RTS-alike control, whatever, but should at no point give direct doubleclick-into-space control of it. (Of course, there could be problems with collision avoidance when doing it like this, but enforcing safety margins to celestial objects should probably do the job. Much like the Titan navigational restrictions mentioned in the fluff.)

I'm assuming that the mentioned node-caching issues are a problem with a station-alike object changing systems (and hence moving between nodes), not a problem of the position of the object (and hence the undock ports) being un-stationary in-system. If there's a problem with 'moving stations' in system, too, of course the entire idea is sorta moot. But I like the thought of a 'mothership' that actually behaves somewhat shiplike, even if it isn't directly capsuleer-piloted, and as result doesn't disappear when all people with pilot-roles log out, either.

I don't really see the undocking issue, either. From the gameplay point of view, I mean. Just normal movement (given it'd likely move slow as lard) should just eject the ship into space as one would expect and being in-warp or some other shenanigans should toss a message not unlike the session timers. ("The mothership is currently in warp transit, please wait 1 minute and 25 seconds and try again.", "The mothership is currently in interstellar transit, please wait until the hamsters from the two involved nodes regain consciousness." and so on...)

Technical issues are an entirely different ballpark, of course. I'm kinda interested in what sort of information would need to be flushed/rebuilt from the caches of the involved nodes to make online movement of a 'station' work out. Assuming 'storage' of players is somewhat similar to how I assume items remember their locations (as in, they only know their direct parent, creating a tree structure?), I'd think the only directly resulting transaction database-side would be to change the location of the station itself from one system to another. If players are more complex in that regard than items are, well, I guess every player on the station (both logged on and off) would need some database calls there, as well. Of course, this is mostly the offline side of things. The nodes themselves would have to pass the station object, with all related attributes, along as well, and every player that is inside and logged on would require a session change to the new system. (Which, with larger playercounts, could probably be a hamsterkiller?). Then there's those node-side data caches that Incognito mentioned that I am pretty curious about. I can imagine a few things (Market orders hopping along with the station?), but I'd still totally love to know what else is problematic there.

Herzog Wolfhammer
Sigma Special Tactics Group
Posted - 2010.07.29 00:52:00 - [281]

The idea is stabilizing.

All that's needed is Nova Fox to draw them. Laughing

Masked Rider Project
Posted - 2010.08.03 23:30:00 - [282]

Okay, now that I've finally waded through the whole thread, my suggestion:

I think the most important thing is that these ships should be useful to small corps, not just be toys of the massive alliances.

In a manner akin to circling the wagons, I think they should be extremely strong when stationary, and much, much more vulnerable when moving. A hypothetical small corp should be able to keep it alive even if there's only one or two people online when it's anchored, but should be needing to make a concerted effort to defend it, scout surroundings, etc, to move it.

Towards that end: Perhaps these things could have a special variation of reinforced mode, where Strontium Clathrates provide the usual invulnerability, but they could also have a fuel section for Nanite Repair Paste and repair themselves while reinforced.

This would mean taking them out would be difficult, if the owners were managing to keep it fuelled with both, but keeping them alive despite serious attack, solely relying on invulnerability/repair during reinforced mode, would require one *hell* of a logistics effort.

That way, a dedicated small corp would have a chance of keeping it alive even if attacked by seriously overwhelming hostile forces, but it would be difficult; whereas the hostiles will have a challenge, dependent on taking out their supply chains and keeping them from getting fresh fuel to the ship.

I would also be in favour of them having POS-gun-type defences, but that ONLY work when operated by a pilot - the only *automatic* defences are shields.

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2010.08.05 04:42:00 - [283]

How to handle people logging in while the hive ship is not deployed?

1) "The system X12345 is currently loading" prompt we get currently could be adjusted to say, "Mothership 'Song of the Desert Stars' is currently moving."
2) Restrict "movable" mode to a module activation, so the mothership has to activate its siege module/industrial core in order to be un-deployed
3) When not moving, the mothership acts as any other anchored object, thus the cool down of moving would be the anchoring time

So combine this with the wormhole drive, we have a module that you activate purely to move the mothership. The mothership will generate a wormhole which swallows the ship up, with the ship appearing in space in another system, and starting its anchoring time.

To fit in with the caravan style, a mothership would simply be a big tent which the tribe uses for shelter while travelling the universe. It would have a ship maintenance bay, fitting service, a limited corporate hangar, jump clone service, and the ability to fit certain types of modules such as logistics, tank, cloak. The mothership should be able to aid its children, but it won't be part of an attack force, and it won't be of any utility to someone trying to repair a POS. The mothership appears at a random location in the target system, and immediately deploys.

We already have the means in-game to handle jump clones in traveling ships. The mothership would be slightly different in that it hangs around permanently after the pilot logs off. The pilot would be able to eject from the mothership once it has deployed, the only reason a pilot is needed at all is to interface to the navigation system and tell the mothership where to go.

What will be needed is a change in the backed handling pilots docked at stations. The data would have to be massaged so that pilots are recorded as being docked at a docking bay, not a station (and certainly not "system X, this location"). The docking bay could move (or disappear), with the pilot only being told where that docking bay is located when they see the character details on the character selection page.

If the mothership is destroyed, as I've posted before on this topic, the ships contained within will be ejected and blown up (killmail going to the folks blowing up the mothership), and the various capsuleers currently docked will be terminated and reactivated at their medical clone.

Motherships do not need to be recorded as stations or outposts, but the "handling destruction of a docking bay" mechanic could be applied to destructible outposts or stations.

I imagine there would be two types of wormhole drive - an autonomous one which allows jumping to any system within range (eg: 5-8LY based on pilot skill) and a beacon-powered one which will allow jumping to any existing beacon (cyno, covert cyno, POS beacon), with the limitation that the mothership will still be appearing at a random location due to the nature of the wormhole drive - this targeted wormhole jump drive would be used for moving in and out of w-space, and might be useful for transitioning between w-space systems.

Then there's the issue of adding cool downs on the jump drive module which are longer than 23 hours. The short range jump would have a 1 day cool down, the long range jump would have a 4 day cool down.

As technology improves, no doubt wormhole jump drives will be able to be activated faster, jump further, more accurately or with less fuel. This design would start pre-nerved and be upgraded as technology improves.

I would expect motherships to be built from components, similar to the subsystems of T3 ships or the outpost modules we already have.

Freeport Exploration
Posted - 2010.08.06 03:45:00 - [284]

Edited by: Gogela on 06/08/2010 19:14:40
Wow this is the best and freshest idea I've seen in the ideas discussion board in a long time!

I don't really have any suggestions as the ones I've read seem pretty good to me... more questions for you guys.

1) I've always wanted to set up a public station for other players to come to if they wanted. With Incarna on the way, and if there is a kind of station environment in this "Nomad Ship", would it be possible to do contracts or market stuff in the ship? Could a Nomad Ship have a pleasure hub, for instance?

2) //answered

Any thoughts? I really like this idea. YARRRR!!

**we should get a sticky going on this thread...

INESTO Task Force
Posted - 2010.08.08 02:10:00 - [285]

Edited by: Tharviol on 08/08/2010 02:11:10
First off I have to say I love this idea, I have my own personal sugestion for how to implement it however.

Features(my view):
~Ship is about the size of a titan, combining the best abilities of a Carrier a Jump freighter and a Rorqual
~Not dockable, however one can choose to log off "inside" the ship
~Has a Ship array w/ fitting, a Corp array, and possibly science/industry slots, Clone Bay, and the ability to Refine ore(reduced yield?)
~Ship array is about 50 million m3, Corp array approx 25 million m3
~Wormhole Drive, It can change systems ONLY through wormholes, by locking the wormhole and engaging the drive it transports the ship and anything inside it through the wormhole. Doing this collapses the wormhole. Anyone online would have to go through before the "Hive" ship
~5-10 min. scan time to find ALL wormholes in the current system, without the need to probe
~Allowed in all systems
~Shows up on overview no matter where in system you happen to be
~No limit to how often the Wromhole Drive can be used

This version of the "Hive" ship is not quite as functional as a station, but more like a mobile POS taht can be updated real time in game because of the POS-ness(is that even a word?) of it.

Ice Pirateer
Posted - 2010.08.26 17:26:00 - [286]


-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2010.08.27 03:48:00 - [287]

This is very nice ideea for a real mothership, like a moving station.

To improve the nomad life they could also change POS system as it was suggested on the forums by flogging POS or something like that ... :)

Kel Dario
Blue Sky Inc
Posted - 2010.09.01 10:54:00 - [288]

Pardon me if this allready have been mentioned somewhere, but I think Hive (mother)-ships could only work if CCP add more regions to the game that IS NOT connected with known space. Thus I could see a use for them as movable outposts.

Why not conected you may ask? Well because if concord connect it with New Eden then the big alliance-blocks would scramble to put their flag on it and as usual squeeze the little alliance/corp for rent/protection money, or just close it off.

Then if you don't pay up they would just drop 800 people in dreads and titans on your head. Even if the hive-ship would be in invulnerable mode when deployed a few people in recons could make life unpleasent in the system for the inhabitants.

So how would people move between these 'new' systems and New Eden, maybe through a wormhole, maybe through a buidable stargate that only allow a limit ammount of mass.

Personly, I think the idea of hive-ships sounds cool but I'm not sure if we really need more space just to support a new feature witht the state of the server atm.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2010.09.01 11:09:00 - [289]

Im sorry for not getting back with you with updated artwork... been busy in IRL ill get back to it soon as the oppertunity arises though. keep it up.

Herzog Wolfhammer
Sigma Special Tactics Group
Posted - 2010.09.03 06:33:00 - [290]

Originally by: Kel Dario
Pardon me if this allready have been mentioned somewhere, but I think Hive (mother)-ships could only work if CCP add more regions to the game that IS NOT connected with known space. Thus I could see a use for them as movable outposts.

Why not conected you may ask? Well because if concord connect it with New Eden then the big alliance-blocks would scramble to put their flag on it and as usual squeeze the little alliance/corp for rent/protection money, or just close it off.

Then if you don't pay up they would just drop 800 people in dreads and titans on your head. Even if the hive-ship would be in invulnerable mode when deployed a few people in recons could make life unpleasent in the system for the inhabitants.

So how would people move between these 'new' systems and New Eden, maybe through a wormhole, maybe through a buidable stargate that only allow a limit ammount of mass.

Personly, I think the idea of hive-ships sounds cool but I'm not sure if we really need more space just to support a new feature witht the state of the server atm.

Hmmmmmm Very Happy

There are implications in the back story that a time could come when we can use a network of wormholes to travel about, kind of like the Sansha raiders.

Perhaps this might be something only a Hive Ship could do, and do it in unknown systems?

This would certainly solve the respawn issues around wormhole systems where they get cleaned out and the return rate of new sites is very slow. Imagine that instead of living in a wormhole, you go to a new one each day or every few days (after collecting enough isogen 5 for the jump?) and hit new sites, or give holy hell to those worm bears and their carebear death stars for a time...

This... could be good.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2010.09.05 02:37:00 - [291]

Edited by: Ardamalis on 05/09/2010 02:49:11
Edited by: Ardamalis on 05/09/2010 02:38:26
I only read the first page or so; I apologize in advance if anything of the following has already been mentioned.

The concept of a hive class ship is definately something that could open an entire realm of great possibilities. I do not think the ships should be piloted by 1 person. The problems associated with a person logging of or d/c would make such a ship very unattractive. Instead the "Hive Ship" should be controlled by a corporation or an alliance. Corporation members who have the required role can issue commands through a special menu while docked. Once a player issues a "Jump to Solar System" command via drop down list menu, the ship takes an hour or two to "power up" for warp. once the ship is in preperation a notification is sent out via mail to all other corp/alliance/standing members that the ship will jump. Once the ship arrives in system, the hiveship cannot move, it is fixated to a specific spot like how stations are deployed in a predefined area. (this solves the problem with the server moving all these objects around everywhere). The ship acts like a beacon and be warped to directly from the overview.

A few other thoughts on hiveships:
The cost of a hive ship should be comparable to a titan (I'm not a big fan of having hives all that common). The ship should also feature a modest powergrid and cpu output and customizable like a tech 3 ship. A hive should have a docking bay and repair facility standard but all other aspects can be customized.
For ex:
- 5 ly range jumpdrive
- 10 ly range jumpdrive
- WH jumpdrive

- 60% efficiency
- 75% efficiency
- 90% efficiency

Other miscellaneous
- Hardeners
- Increased armor/shield/hull
- Research labs
- clone facility
- maybe have a market?

I do not think hives should have any guns at all (for simplicity's sake). In addition hives could probrably be incapped and have to be repaired before jumping first (or make the jump drive targetable and have substantially less hp).

Dark HicQuaVideeum
Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2010.09.08 19:35:00 - [292]

i love this idea would really like to see more ccp involvement in this :p

Posted - 2010.09.15 13:30:00 - [293]

i feel this thread needs a bump in view of the recent "mothership" announcement

Just this, ccp. This.

North Eastern Swat
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.09.15 14:04:00 - [294]

As others have stated my preference is to make super carrier dockable by other pilots - I understand that this is technically complex.

I would implement it as follow:

ArrowYou "park" in a super capitals. You would get a station style view, you cannot exit your ship, you can change fittings and access the super capitals hangars assuming you've been granted access

ArrowParking bays are limited. Titans have way more parking bays than supper carriers. As a suggestion super carriers have 10 parking bays, titan has 50

ArrowIf the super capitals pilot logs or crashes you get booted out (UnParked). When unparking you leave the super capitals in a random direction to represent multiple docking bays on the super capital.

ArrowIf a parked pilot crashes or logs they will be unparked

ArrowIf the super capital is destroyed all parked ships are destroyed and you are ejected in pods. Alternativly you could make it that all ships are emergency unparked when the super capital hits hull (eeek the lag!)

ArrowParked ships of course travel with the super capital should it cyno to a new system

Ignoring the technical issues they main problem I see is that bridging with Titans has already been implemented. I see this solution as being far "cooler" and therefore would involve the removal of bridging from the game. This does therefore devalue Titans

Two possible solution to this.

1: Allow titans to use drones including fighter bombers, making them more like motherships

2. Make super carrier more of a support vessel again. Remove their ability to use fighter bombers and only give that to titans. This way you return to super carriers being support vessels and titans being powerfull attack ships

Option 2 would get my vote.

Posted - 2010.09.15 20:16:00 - [295]

we also need U.S.S Enterprise and Borg Cubes as new shiptypes

Axel Vindislaga
Posted - 2010.09.16 11:08:00 - [296]

I really like this thread and I can tell from the really animated way people are posting that it is a VERY popular idea. However Incognito stopped posting and I take that as a tacit 'this can't be done' from CCP.

I think that the GRAND ideas are probably a long way off but if we try to wind the idea back something doable and trialable we might get something happening.

Take a standard Freighter model and inflate it. Call it a 'Factory Ship' and give it this bonus.


This would make it a POS COMMAND SHIP thats purpose is to act as a mobile base. And also would then be useable in warfare in an Engineering role.

The ship would be made immobile to gain this bonus and could jettison the POS equipment from its cargo hold so effectivly is granted those abilities. It wont have the grandeur of the shemes being outlined here but it would be a start and players could fine tune the demands of their 'HIVE SHIP' into workable perameters.

Also I think that players quite often would prefer a mobile base in Highsec rather than reliance on static NPC facilites so a mobile factory/science ship would be a great asset to all players.

Tray LiSans
Posted - 2010.09.16 17:41:00 - [297]

The concept of a mobile mini-pos is cool, but the ideas of an enormous supercap puts this ship beyond the reach of the intended market. Most corps and alliances without permanent territory can't really afford to invest into supercaps like this, especially not supercaps that would be so central to the general population of a corporation.

What you would almost certainly see is alt spies with cynos wait for the moment the thing became vulnerable and then drop a fleet on it. Without the benefit of cyno jammed systems and poses for protection these 'roaming' supercaps would be easy targets.

What would be more practical and accessible would be something close to or slightly lower priced than the Rorqual. It should have a small base of the desired traits that are needed like manufacturing and research slots. Then something like subsystems or rigs can be used to add more specialized capabilities like expanded jump clone bays and efficient refining.

Royal Crimson Lancers
Posted - 2010.09.19 17:21:00 - [298]

I`ve not read all the posts so what i say might already have been mentioned..

A homeworld style mothership serving as a home for a corporation sounds like a good idea. Depending on what CCP intends to do with wormholes it could even be a great idea.

Using them in low-sec and 0.0 would obviously invite disaster, but they seem perfect for exploration and live in wormhole space- with the odd strike into real space every now and again.

I think design, customizability and price are important here though as the ship is primarily intended for small to medium sized corps.

Maybe design them like tech III ships.

Provide a main hull for about 10 billion that can be piloted and flown around like any other ship, but give it space for 4-5 subsystems that provide all the other functions a corporation will need. That way it would not be too difficult to get the ship itself and the corp could expand it with subsystems as they get the isk for it.

Obviously dealing with logging in to a moving ship or trying to log in to a moving ship that is under attack of blown up is a bit of an issue- but i think the possibility of the ship being destroyed while you`re offline just makes it more interesting.:)

Sig Sour
Posted - 2010.10.28 17:14:00 - [299]

CSM minutes = Sad...Sad


... Sad

This ship would have made the game so much more fun for me. Maybe 2012? Sad

Daedalus II
Helios Research
Posted - 2010.10.28 19:30:00 - [300]

Originally by: Sig Sour
CSM minutes = Sad...Sad


... Sad

This ship would have made the game so much more fun for me. Maybe 2012? Sad

I didn't see anything related to hive ships in the meeting minutes?
Or do you mean that they plan to concentrate on fixing old stuff instead of implementing new stuff? I'd almost prefer that honestly Wink

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