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Rhajaman Brahmaput
Posted - 2009.10.17 09:46:00 - [1]

Hello everybody! I have been playing EVE for just one week now and this is the tale of my progress in this short time.

Let me introduce myself, I am an Achura Caldari and my name is Rhajaman Brahmaput. I started my career in the School of Applied Knowledge in the Aikiainavas system. After the initial shock of entering the vast, bewildering and uncompromising Universe of EVE, I pulled myself together and set about the task of going through the three introductory quest lines. At the same time I kicked off my skill training, not focussing too much on one specialism just yet, but rather laying a broad foundation for the future. One area I did give special attention was the Learning skills, especially the ones giving Intelligence and Memory. This will hopefully significantly speed up later training.

The Introductory quests are excellent, they give some nice starter capital as well as a good selection of ships – several frigates plus a cargo ship (Badger). In between missions I started to do some mining. The money came in fairly easy and after a day or three I could take the next step up the ladder by purchasing a Cormorant destroyer. This is a much bigger and stronger ship that can be fitted out in various ways. With 7 high slots it can for instance be specced as a fighter or as an armed miner. I found that installing seven 75 mm rail guns turns it into a very efficient killing machine for ratting and mission running. As an alternative, equipping it with three mining lasers and two 125 mm railguns, plus an expanded cargo hold, it is actually quite a nice mining ship for beginner’s operations aimed at some fast cash.

To increase the scale of my mining I also bought a giant cargo container that I anchored near some good asteroids. This makes mining more efficient because you can collect a number of cargo’s that you can then later come and pick up in one go with the Badger.

After finishing the Introductions I was contacted by a SAK Agent in another system, Korsiki. She offered me a series of missions that increased my standing with the SAK. I also discovered that the ore in this system was of higher grade than in my original base, so I decided to pack all my stuff and move across. It took a few trips up and down in the Badger and I had to buy a shuttle for the logistics. My new system is reasonably close to the vibrant market of Jita so there are always ready customers for my ore.

So this is where I am at the moment – running some level 1 agent missions, setting up a small scale mining operation and ferrying cargo’s of ore to Jita to sell and grow my capital - 4 million ISK right now. I have brought the essential skills to level 4 and am working towards my first Cruiser. Not bad for a week’s work, I think, and we’ll see how it will all develop from here!

Janice Jankowski
Posted - 2009.10.17 09:52:00 - [2]

You should ask the instructors for tuition into the salvaging skill

Rhajaman Brahmaput
Posted - 2009.10.17 11:21:00 - [3]

Thanks for the tip, I will give that a try!

Posted - 2009.10.17 14:00:00 - [4]

Welcome to the universe of EVE-Online ! Very Happy

Posted - 2009.10.17 20:14:00 - [5]

I believe you shall do well here. Wink

Posted - 2009.10.17 22:35:00 - [6]

Originally by: SupaKudoRio
I believe you shall do well here. Wink

Not until he learns that Empire is just a stepping stone Rolling Eyes

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2009.10.18 11:09:00 - [7]

Love seeing posts like these. Rhaj, always remember that you will find things which are bigger/stronger/advanced/more expensive than what you currently have. The key to enjoying this game for a very long time is enjoying each day, and not getting focused on that goal(s) which is ever-in-front of you too much.

Set a goal. Train for it and make sure you have the isk to fund whatever that goal may be, then enjoy the game. Right where you're at with what you have. Doing so will make EVE your game of choice for years to come.

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
Posted - 2009.10.18 15:38:00 - [8]


The Collective
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.10.18 17:23:00 - [9]

welcome =)

Rhajaman Brahmaput
Posted - 2009.10.18 18:19:00 - [10]

Thank you all for your friendly welcome, and some good advice! I think I am going to enjoy my time here, and who knows, one day we may meet, somewhere out there in space.

Posted - 2009.10.18 20:21:00 - [11]

Dude, you just got a personal welcome from Chribba.
You'll feel honoured down the road.

Louis deGuerre
Posted - 2009.10.18 20:45:00 - [12]

LOL, in after Chribba with my own more humble greeting Razz

Toshiro GreyHawk
Posted - 2009.10.18 21:03:00 - [13]

Just one thing to keep in mind ...

Some of the very friendly, helpful people on this forum will blow you to cinders in game given half the chance.

Intense Thinker
Posted - 2009.10.19 01:46:00 - [14]

Originally by: Toshiro GreyHawk
Just one thing to keep in mind ...

Some of the very friendly, helpful people on this forum will blow you to cinders in game given half the chance.

That Surfin's Plunderbunny guy won't hurt you. He will help you mine even by hauling your ore away for you

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2009.10.19 03:05:00 - [15]

Originally by: Toshiro GreyHawk
Just one thing to keep in mind ...

Some of the very friendly, helpful people on this forum will blow you to cinders in game given half the chance.

yep, I give away advice and ammo for free YARRRR!!

(good luck catching the ammo)

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2009.10.19 03:06:00 - [16]

oh and Hi welcome to the game

Rhajaman Brahmaput
Posted - 2009.10.19 05:28:00 - [17]

Edited by: Rhajaman Brahmaput on 19/10/2009 05:34:52
Edited by: Rhajaman Brahmaput on 19/10/2009 05:29:19
Originally by: Toshiro GreyHawk
Just one thing to keep in mind ...

Some of the very friendly, helpful people on this forum will blow you to cinders in game given half the chance.

Hehe, yes I do realise that. That is why I greet and shake hands with my other hand behind my back... Cool

Seriously though - when I logged into the game last night, I discovered that a total stranger had sent me a substantial financial donation to welcome me to the game. That is a really nice gesture, and much appreciated. I sent a 'thank you' message but just at that point my client crashed. If it didn't get through, and if you are reading this - thank you very much!

Milo Caman
Anshar Incorporated
Posted - 2009.10.19 08:01:00 - [18]

Love Reading Posts Like this. Good to see you're enjoying yourself mate! Smile

Hammerswift Thunder
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.10.20 14:17:00 - [19]

wellcome to the game my fellow caldari. when you get ready to move up to lvl 3 missions send me a evemail useing samename here. i found some agents that have in 60 + missions have not tryed to send me in to low sec yet.

Rhajaman Brahmaput
Posted - 2009.10.23 09:59:00 - [20]

Edited by: Rhajaman Brahmaput on 23/10/2009 10:00:01
I completed my second week in Eve, and it was quite eventful with some good and some not so good experiences.

Let me start with the not so good one – my Giant Secure Container has disappeared. Vanished. Gone with the Wind.

I wasn’t there to see what happened, so one can only speculate that someone blew it up out of a misplaced sense of fun. I am positively certain that it was anchored and password secured. I left it out overnight to avoid having to shuttle it to and from my base, never suspecting that some joker would use it as target practice. Oh well, at least I had emptied it before logging. Still, I paid a quarter of a million ISK for it so I am now officially displeased.

On the bright side, I have been training like a Singaporean sophomore and my skill points are up to 785,000, spread over 71 skills. The Certificate system is quite handy in guiding my efforts and I am proud to say that I’m only a few hours away from my basic Core Competency certificate, in addition to several low level certificates I achieved in Industrial skills. The next step will be towards further enhancing my Industrial competencies.

Continuing to run level 1 missions for the School I have now raised my standing to 1.69 and acquired 1273 Loyalty points, which I am saving up to buy useful goodies in the future.

The high point of the week, though, was the acquisition of my first Cruiser, a Caldari Osprey. This is a real step up from the Cormorant, not to mention the Frigates. It is loaded with 3 Tech 2 mining lasers, a missile launcher, extra cargo space, a shield tank and some modules to increase its speed (yes, it is slow). I found it a very efficient miner and am recouping my (significant) investment at a satisfactory rate. After the Secure Container debacle I now use jetcans and have so far not encountered problems. The only niggle is that my missile skills are pretty basic so it is not so easy just yet to take out the occasional Gurista pirate. In that respect the Cormorant with its 7 high slots was more efficient.

Overall though, a good week on balance and looking forward to more!

Louis deGuerre
Posted - 2009.10.23 10:28:00 - [21]

I someone blew it up in highsec their ship would be blown up by Concord.
So if it was not in lowsec I suspect you did not anchor it. Then players can just scoop it in their cargohold and dissassemble it in station to get at the contents.

Tesco Yogurt
Posted - 2009.10.24 11:59:00 - [22]

Welcome! And here's a free tip:

Get EVEmon and EFT if you haven't already.

These 2 programs are really helpful, especially the skill planning system in evemon. There are suggestions for maybe 1 or 2 learning skills that can be trained to get a certain plan trained up faster. If you are just exploring as you go along, then go for it mate, and good luck :)

Lilith Darkspace
Posted - 2009.10.26 15:32:00 - [23]

A very warm welcome to the universe of eve rhajaman:)

If you need some pvp pointers, some help or just some good conversation(i'm a veteran miner i know how dull mining can sometimes get=p) hit me up ingame or send me an evemail.



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