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Posted - 2009.10.02 00:06:00 - [1]

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I first obtained my pilot's license 5 years ago, at the young age of 17.

After being a care bear for a while, I tried to move into 0.0 (via ASUYA and Firmus Ixion). While that was fun, it unfortunately didn't last long.

I then entered the manufacturing business by running a bunch of POSes and a T2 construction component shop with a couple of friends. It was quite profitable, but EVE started feeling too much like work instead of fun, so I stopped playing.

After two years, I'm looking to return to EVE.

I'd like to join a 0.0 corporation/alliance that meets the following criteria:

  • is big enough for there to always be people online (I'm from EU)

  • has some history and is here to stay

  • has sovereignty in a region, which it strongly protects

  • uses that region to harvest it's resources and has a strong industrial division

  • builds and maintains infrastructure in it's region (POSes, Outposts, PCS...); I wan't the region to be my "home", into which I'm heavily invested

  • is economically and politically rational: doesn't attack people randomly, but only if they're trying to invade our region or if we're trying to invade theirs

  • has good PVP leaders, from which I could learn (I like PVP and industry, but don't really like PVE)

Ideally, it would be a corporation small enough to still have the friendly atmosphere, within a larger alliance.

I am interested in both industry and PVP, and will gladly attend corporate/alliance-wide events (be it mining or PVP), but I cannot give any promises about when or how much I'll be online. When I am online, however, I will be with the team.

What I don't want is a PVP corporation that works with their empire-based industry alts during the day, in order to get the ISK needed to going roaming over random regions and attacking random capsuleers aimlessly during the night.

If it works out, I would like to bring a friend along too.

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.10.02 00:54:00 - [2]

Eve Defence force is exactly what your looking for, convo me or check out our recruitment thread here.


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