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The Second Sons
Posted - 2004.10.24 02:46:00 - [1]

Edited by: Hanns on 24/10/2004 02:51:38

Thought id let everyone know, i feel sad but i dont know whySad

Id also like to apologize, if ive even hurt anyones feelings in Eve or on the forums, and if i ever flamed you on the forums.

I killed alot of people in eve, blown up alot of ships, sorry if that upset you, or made u mad and stuff.

Seto Mazzarotto
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.10.24 03:46:00 - [2]

It's all a game, anyone who takes the actions of an in-game pirate to heart needs to re-examine their perspective.

And to combat your mood: A pizza, a beverage (or several) of choice, and a long string of Monty Python / Mystery Science Theater flicks. Or a good night's sleep.

Hope ya feel better soon.

Robotek Hybrid
Posted - 2004.10.24 06:59:00 - [3]

i feel sad too... Crying or Very sad

Ghost Red
The Scope
Posted - 2004.10.24 10:13:00 - [4]

Cheer yourself up by podding someone.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.10.24 21:20:00 - [5]

Me tooCrying or Very sad

Pat Sharp's Potato Rodeo
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2004.10.24 23:15:00 - [6]

Can you say "guilty concencious" (sp?) ?

stinky fecker
Posted - 2004.10.25 14:06:00 - [7]

you could be clinically depressed, along with 10% of the population Wink


Primary Intelligence
Posted - 2004.10.25 15:08:00 - [8]

Not suffering from lack of sunshine/SAD now the crappy weather has kicked in, are you?

The Synergy
Cascade Probable
Posted - 2004.10.25 15:24:00 - [9]

You can give me all your stuff, that always cheers people up. Very Happy

Everything Financial
Posted - 2004.10.25 22:40:00 - [10]

Lay off the downers Hanns Razz

Posted - 2004.10.26 02:52:00 - [11]

Don't feel sad, we love ya.

DeerHunter GE
Posted - 2004.10.26 13:40:00 - [12]

Hey what should i say, it works !
I just podded one guy and now i feel pretty good again :-)Twisted Evil


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