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Posted - 2009.09.11 17:05:00 - [1]

Does it matter which Char learns this skill?
I get it that you need to be in a fleet with Fleet Commander and Wing Commander. I normally have my miner as Fleet Commander and my Hauler as Wing Commander.

Mona X
Missions Mining and Mayhem
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.09.11 17:21:00 - [2]

Char with this skill should be assigned as booster (fleet, wing or squad) or be fleet/wing/swuad commander.

But. I understand that you have 20man fleet. Then you should set char with foreman skill as squad commander and second char as suad member. You might need wing command if you have more than 10 people in fleet and fleet commander for more than 50.

And I add that this whole "You are going too fast! Wait five minutes and try again." sux.

Posted - 2009.09.11 18:02:00 - [3]

Thanks for your answer Mona X, but I am afraid I don't get it.
So let me rephrase my question.
I have 1 Miner and 1 Hauler. I use the jetcan method to transer Ore from the Miner to the Hauler. According to Halada's Mining Guide the Mining Foreman Skill gives a boost of 2% per Level. The prerequisit is that the 2 chars need to be in a fleet (Which they are so I don't get red when transfering Ore). So if I let my Hauler train this skill (Hopefully he will be one day an Orca pilot)will he boost the miner? Or should I let my miner train the skill?
That brings me to another question: What if both train it, will I get then 4% out of it?

Serious Pixels
Posted - 2009.09.11 18:37:00 - [4]

You can only get one mining foreman bonus at a time. If you have a single squad, only the squad booster's bonus applies.

If you have a larger fleet and a good chain of command, you can get bonuses from multiple people, but only the best bonus of each type. Say, the squad booster has the better mining bonuses, but the wing booster has the better shield bonuses, you can get both.

If you are planning on training your hauler to fly an orca, then you should train that character to be your booster.

Neme Nishta
Posted - 2009.09.12 02:06:00 - [5]

I run a Hulk with an Orca alt. I've noticed that the Orca pilot must be the squad leader for the bonus from the Orca links (distance and cycle time) to apply. She does not have the Wing or Fleet command skills, just Mining Foreman and Mining Director, so I'm sure it would be different with those skills. I have tried making both characters squad members with her as the designated booster and it does not work. I have also tried being the squad/wing/fleet commander myself and designating her as booster and that does not work either.

I have never compared the mining amount in those cases, so boosting may work differently in that regard; with the booster status allowing the skill to work regardless of gang member status. However you should be aware that the links only work in a specific gang configuration.

I would also be careful about assigning you or your alt as Fleet or Wing commander if you do not have those skills. You should check that the bonus is being applied.

Posted - 2009.09.12 07:52:00 - [6]

Thanks for the answers. Made me play around a little bit with the fleet setup.
I set them up now the following and can see that the Boost is working:
Hauler is Squad Leader
Miner is Squad Member
When you create a fleet you are appointed as the Fleet Commander. Move now the Hauler (or the one that will boost) to be the Squad Leader and then move the Miner to Member of this squad.
Happy mining :-)

ultima necat
Posted - 2009.09.13 11:39:00 - [7]

For each leadership bonus, only the best available in fleet is used.

You know if the fleet is properly setup for bonus when a green icon is in the top left corner of the fleet window.
Otherwise, it is a red icon, meaning you are not getting any bonus.

example of full fleet :

fleet commander (skill fleet command needed)
--wing commander (skill wing command needed)
----squad commander (skill leadership needed)
------squad member
------squad member
------squad member
----squad commander (skill leadership needed)
------squad member
------squad member
------squad member
--wing commander (skill wing command needed)
----squad commander (skill leadership needed)
------squad member
------squad member
------squad member

the fleet commander and wing commander are only needed if you have several squad/wings.
If you have less than 10 player in fleet, you only need a squad commander.
If you have less than 50 player in fleet, you only need a wing commander and up to 5 squad leader

If all leaders have enough skills, a squad member will receive the best bonus from among
-his squad leader
-his wing commander(if there is one)
-his fleet commander (if there is one)
-the fleet booster, wherever he is in the fleet.
But only if there are leaders with enough skill at every place in the fleet.

For a 2 man fleet, make one squad commander and the other squad member.
The squad commander must have the skill leadership trained. (in this case, at 1)
the fleet booster can be either of them, but since mining foreman require leadership, it make sense to make the booster leader too.

Ultima necat

Ayzn Betokhn
Posted - 2009.09.14 20:23:00 - [8]

One difference it makes is that the skill is needed by the hauler character to eventually advance into an orca to combine better hauling and better yields together. And as pointed out already, for a small fleet, it's best to just lump everyone into one squad and let the booster command squad 1. For a "fleet" of 2, you do not need a wing commander or a fleet commander at all, you just move the characters into the same squad, which "demotes" the character that formed the fleet, but it works.

Tau Cabalander
Posted - 2009.09.14 22:45:00 - [9]

Edited by: Tau Cabalander on 14/09/2009 22:52:39

Here's what I do with my Orca alt:

- Make myself squad leader (I have Leadership 1) so I can warp us around.
- Invite Orca alt as squad member (he has all the leadership skills, including Mining Foreman and Mining Director, Mining Mindlink implant, etc.).
- Revoke squad booster from myself.
- Make alt squad booster. (Can't be done until you revoke squad booster from squad leader!)


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