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Fenrill Nerkata
Posted - 2009.09.05 23:22:00 - [1]

Edited by: Fenrill Nerkata on 07/09/2009 16:23:22
Edited by: Fenrill Nerkata on 05/09/2009 23:28:32

Hi pilots.

I try to find the release chronology for Factions ships on TQ.

According to most of them where released during Exodus. I was able to reconstruct the T1 & T2 ships chronology but it is too vague for the faction ships.

Exodus release (please confirm) :
4 tiers 2 Navy BS
4 tiers 2 Navy Cruisers
4 tiers 2 Navy Frigates (Comet Firetail, Hookbill, Slicer)
5 pirates BS (Rattle, Machariel etc...)
5 pirates Cruisers (Vigilant, Phantasm etc...)
5 pirates Frigates (Cruor, Dramiel, Worm...)

Exodus (aka Shiva) whas released on nov 2004, patch note n 2942

What I know is :
Before Exodus
Gold, Silver Magnate, Imperial Arma & Imperial Apoc : reward from imperial coronation tournament (Oct 2003).

Opux Luxury Yacht : GM even. Wher GM eject from ship and a player board in it while it was not expected. Got no idea about the date but remember it was before Exodus.

Guardian Vexor : not even a clue, I ever saw it on market since I began Eve (dec 2004). Can it be from Gallente elections ?

After Exodus
The followings are easier to date :
Goru's & Gurista's Shuttle : Cold War (july 2005, patch n 3364 or 3772) : Cosmos constellations release.

Raven State Issue (ex Corvus) : reward from 2nd? (july 2006) and? 3rd alliance tournament (Dec 2006).
Tempest Tribal (ex Storm) : same as Corvus ?
Mega Federal: reward from 3rd alliance tournament (Dec 2006).
Imperial Apoc (second batch) 3rd alliance tournament (Dec 2006).

Apotheosis. march 2008 presents for 5th Eve anniversary.
Date : 2008-03-12 ??, patch n 51200 ??

Omen, Caracal, Osprey Navy et Scythe Fleet : Empirean Age, june 2008, patch note n 56866

Interbus Shuttle : Apocrypha, march 2009, patch note 84244

Armageddon, Scorpion, Dominix Navy et Typhoon Fleet : Dominion, soon.

Thx for your help.

Fallout Project
Posted - 2009.09.06 07:50:00 - [2]

Raven state issue and other state versions were considerably more recent relases than 1st or second alliance tournamet. I think they were relased around 2007, then 2008 reward was faction boost and big pile of LP.

Fenrill Nerkata
Posted - 2009.09.06 23:21:00 - [3]

k, no idea about a date ?

Stain of Mind
Posted - 2009.09.07 05:14:00 - [4]

State raven and tribal tempest was 2008

federate mega and impoc iirc 2007

imp arma 2006

impoc 2005

Gaurdian vexor, gold/silver mag, was from late / early 03/04

imp arma / apoc did not exist prior to castor iirc

Im pretty sure these dates are right but not 100%

Fenrill Nerkata
Posted - 2009.09.07 16:19:00 - [5]

Edited by: Fenrill Nerkata on 07/09/2009 16:36:20

Look like I was wrong : Corvus and Storm seem to be released on December 2006 3rd tournament. (and not 1st or 2nd)
Corvus = old name for State Raven and Storm = Old name for Tribal pest.
At least a Corvus was sold on Feb 2007 (link)

I strongly thought advanced faction BS were given twice : during 2nd and 3rd tournament.
1 Corvus and 1 Storm during 2nd tournament
and all 4 (Mega federate, Tribal pest, Impoc and State raven) during 3rd tournament.
But look like they where given only once.

Main 4th tournament reward was a Chimera if remember well.
No advanced faction BS or such "very valuable" ships after 3rd tournament for following reasons :
There is a certain amount of controversy regarding the rewards this time around. This is called the Alliance Tournament for a reason, we want the alliances to actively support their teams and to reap some benefit. We are not giving out unique ships is that they can potentially change the delicate balance of power that exists between alliances with the price tag that goes with them, nor can we give out titans or motherships since then we would be bypassing certain very important game mechanics, namely the enormous effort it takes to construct these.

However some one told me Federate Mega where 1st seen in 2003-2004 during an event oposing Federal Navy vs Serpentis.
Anyone remember ?
I remember Vindicators during the Soltueur stealing event by Salvador Sarparti but nothing about Federal Mega.

Someone tell me 1st (and 2nd) Impoc where given as a reward for emperor coronation tournament (oct 2003). One of them was engaged (and lost) during 3rd tournament (Dec 2006).
This is the reason I though they where released with Gold and silver magnate.


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