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James Vayne
Posted - 2009.08.22 12:47:00 - [151]

Here's the general gist of what CCP are saying about EVE/Dust relations.

YES: There will be an effective relationship between the two in the future as things progress. (It is, possibly, no coincidence that the winter apocrypha expansion is going to concentrate heavily on sovereignty after the release of Dust ;) )

NO: They're not revealing anything anytime soon about what this relationship will be.

But I think, personally, in general it will be about sovereignty.

Rakshasa Taisab
Sane Industries Inc.
Posted - 2009.08.22 13:29:00 - [152]

Dust is coming after the winter expansion, not before. So why would people think The Sovereignty Expansion of the decade will be so heavily reliant on a game to be released a year or three after?

Galactic Rangers
Posted - 2009.08.22 15:26:00 - [153]

Edited by: ITTigerClawIK on 22/08/2009 15:27:53
it was an awesome idea up till the point its exclusive to 13 year old idiots that will decide the fate of some of the biggest alliances in EVE online on a completely different platform.

this and the fact we find this all out from someone else who just happened to find the video from a games convention somewhere and nothing has been mentioned from CCP to us here when this is going to eventually effect most of us here, we were never even consulted on this or asked how we felt about such a thing and this makes me wonder what else has been going on behind the scenes at CCP... is Microsoft now involved here and want more people to move over to consoles or what.

also what is to stop a Dust company to simply just take a dive because they got paid of by someone else or some little 12 year old to kill everyone in sight including allies because he got fed up of dieing so much.

Nemtar Nataal
Demonic Retribution
Posted - 2009.08.22 15:55:00 - [154]

Think this might just be one of the extra dimentions that the sov system needs to become fun again.

Today there is no point at all for a small alliance to try and achive a goal if they do not have a nap in place with the largest entity in the area, cause they can alwayes get blobbed out of the way.

It looks like this could give another depth to EVE sov where small alliances can achive intermidiate goals in the game promoting there chance of taking control of a system. In other words sov will not just be in the hands of the people who undestand POS Mechanics, Sov Mechanics and Grid Mechanics the best but in the hands of people who want to do insainly small intermidiate missions achiving imposible goals that no one would have ever thought posible.

DUST looks like it will be what roaming gangs were suppose to be when CCP moved POS guns outside the force fields saying "now small roaming gangs can actually achive minor goal as a advanced tactical force of the main fleet" which never happened.

Ice Pirateer
Posted - 2009.08.22 18:36:00 - [155]

I for one think this is a natural evolution of ambultion development. I wouldn't be supprised in time to see people who were or are pod pilots on the ground mixing it up with the grunts too, or cleaning out a bunch of grunts in my casino I set up on a station. This will be fun. It's just another way to play the game. There is massive crossover potential here. This is a really great move for CCP... if they can deal with all the BS Bungie has to deal with w/ regards to lag and modders in Halo :D There will be glitches... yah. That said... I've never played eve and not had to deal with a glitch at some point. (btw I'm stuck in a gate atm... (just kidding!))

Freeport Exploration
Posted - 2009.08.22 18:47:00 - [156]

Edited by: Gogela on 22/08/2009 18:57:53
A word on subscriptions: I think CCP or any game developer gets money for all the people they bring to XBox Live. I can't speak for the PS3, but I know that on the XBox 360 no one pays for a subscription to ANYTHING except their XBox Live account, which is like $50 US a year or something. Moreover, CCP will, just like any other game developer, charge for the console DVD. Most new release cames go for 50-70 dollars US. I seriously doubt anyone is going to have multiple DUST accounts (seriously, in a FPS? I can't believe some are suggesting that to be viable) save possibly spies. This is all going to work out. Remember, EvE is just a game that stays on top by being dynamic, as it should. If we get enough DUST fighters... sweet, we can use them. If the console game cools in popularity and lacks the staying power of the PC game EvE, well I'm sure CCP will switch it all back again. "Don't freak out... just enjoy the ride" is my advice.
Originally by: ITTigerClawIK
Edited by: ITTigerClawIK on 22/08/2009 15:27:53
also what is to stop a Dust company to simply just take a dive because they got paid of by someone else or some little 12 year old to kill everyone in sight including allies because he got fed up of dieing so much.

Team killing is a sport. I guess that just means you can't take just anyone with you on your planetary raid. There are good, decent size teams in FPS games you know. If you just joing in and let the game put you into a team, yah you get teamkillers. Sometimes I do that. You'll actually need to form a corporation if you want to avoid that... and trust me, anyone who does any decent ammount of FPS killing is looking for a clan to join. ...but let me ask you this... how is what you are describing any different than eve? Alliances are aways pulling that stuff. Just look at Goon Swarm. They took out BoB pulling something like that.

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