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Posted - 2004.10.05 11:59:00 - [1]

Edited by: Myevon on 05/10/2004 12:05:23
Edited by: Myevon on 05/10/2004 12:03:47
1. This game involves a lot more thinking, and a lot less action, than a typical MMORPG. nothing wrong with that of course, but it is very different from anything I've played before.

2. I am very impressed by the Player Economy. I think this is the ONLY game that did it right.

3. The ships look pretty good, sometimes though I wish I could get out of my ship and walk around in those gorgeous looking space stations.

4. Very steep learning curve. Luckily for us noobs there is the Rookie Help Channel, which is VERY, VERY helpful. Without it, I'd prolly have quit already in frustration.

5. Seems to be very easy to make money. I know it is nothing, but i made almost 100k in like 30 minutes of work, 2 kill missions.

6. Very mature, friendly, and most of all generous community.

7. I don't know about the skill takes forever to learn a skill, and the stuff I need for my ship (like shield upgrades and scanners and such), I can't use because they all have their own skill, and I chose a combat-centric template. :( so I have lots of firepower for a noob, but little defenses.

8. The combat system is pretty blah, but it isn't too much of a big turn-off. It could grow on me.

9. I haven't met much in the way of other players so far. It's been mostly me flying around alone, asking questions on the Rookie Channel. haven't much seen another ship anywhere near me. So i guess now that I got a capable ship, I can go searching for buddies.

10. I think I'll need to reserve my final judgement on this game for another few days, and see if I can meet some friends and such.

11. I've seen nothing of the StoryLine, or Game World events for this game. So I don't know anything that is going on, except that I can do missions and mine.

12. Why do I have to pay a totally absurd amount of money to take a Player-Made Courier Mission? Aren't YOU supposed to pay ME to be your errand boy?

Destructive Influence
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2004.10.05 12:17:00 - [2]

Edited by: Scerenity on 05/10/2004 12:26:56

1. The action will come with time, the first month ish is pretty non-actiony.

7. You can't start with any of the skills needed for those items afaik. Unless you've got Frigate lvl4 already, i'd recommend transfering over all your ISK and equipment to an alt that starts with it. Makes the beginning much faster and will give you a head start.

8. The combat system is ace, you'll get used to it Cool

9. Join a corp ugh

11. Read the news on the EVE Insider and check out some of the chronicles.

12. That cost is a deposit in-case you either lose the delivery or otherwise fail to deliver it. I've never done a player-made courier mission, I don't think many other people will have either.

Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2004.10.05 12:21:00 - [3]

Hello Myevon thank you for taking the time to make your evaluation of Eve, perhaps more people that have just started can sympathize with you andmaybe I can do my best to help you with your questions.

1. Yes, Unlike most of the fantasy-based MMORPG's that your three-year old cousin would understand (no offense to fantasy games) Eve needs you to use your brain. great isn't it?

2. Yes the market will get much better after shiva gets out! you can acces the market in space and set up sell/buy orders while mining.

3. Yes many people have asked for a way to look around the stations, that won't happen soon™

4. The learning curve has a trend going towards specialization. If you want an all-rounded character you will be training much longer than a pure industry or pvp char.

5.hehe try working your way up to level 3 agents and see what they pay Wink

6. Why, thank you good sir.

7.We've all been there just hang in there and it will get better.

8. Mind you that hunting npc's is entirely different from real pvp combat.

9. try RONA Midgard corporation! a friendly group of pl;ayers starting out in EVE under the protective wing of Rona corporation one of the oldest corps in the game.

10. Make sure your payment is in before your trial ewxpires Smile

11. Try the eve chronicles and background on this website, all the history current affairs of the factions described in great detail.

12. Atm the courier system has been replaced by escrow, improvements of the courier and player-to-player contracts in this matter will be implemented post-shiva.

Ruination Soban
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2004.10.05 12:55:00 - [4]

join a player corp from more help wouldnt advise joining Soban Ind if ur lookin for a mature corp tho Shocked


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