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Posted - 2004.09.28 22:14:00 - [1]

I downloaded and started the trial last night. I was fairly happy with how much the game grabbed my attention and made me want to learn more. So...I went out today to attempt to buy the prima strategy guide.

I first went to the EB store in the city where I work and was told that they did not have it and were not scheduled to get anymore.

So....I went to the Best buy next door...They also did not have it. At this point I went back to work and called the EB store in my home town. They told me that neither the game nor the book were in stock and that they had both been marked as "recalls" which ment they were NEVER going to get anymore.

Luckly for me, we also have a second EB in the Mall about 3 miles from the EB store. So, I called them and asked the same question. They informed me that the game had been pulled from the market (or so their computer said). I asked him to verify if it really had been pulled or if they just run out and were not scheduled to get anymore. He said that that all EB stores have it in the computer to send back any copies they have left (game or book) and they would get credit for it. He speculated that the game had gone "belly up"

At this point I informed him that I was doing a "trial" of the game and he just shrugged it off saying "I wouldn't get too comfortable with it if I were you".

So...before I fall in love with this game.....whats going on?


Ironheart Strategic Aerospace Industries
Posted - 2004.09.28 23:31:00 - [2]

Nope, EVE is alive and well. EVE is actually still peaking and has more players than it ever has before. I would expect it to be around for years to come. Perhaps the people at EB are confusing it with Earth and Beyond which did recently go belly up.

Cloista Shadowblade
Posted - 2004.09.29 00:14:00 - [3]

I'd say they've miced it up with Earth and Beyond, which has been closed down by EA. That game was naff, and the support was poor, so they were losing money on it, as more and more people left it, to come play EVE mostly.

EVE's alive and well, and going from strength to strength.

Fal Aren
Posted - 2004.09.29 00:26:00 - [4]

CCP pulled in all copies of EVE so they could publish it themselves, afaik.

And the strategy is so hideously out of date its worthless, quite frankly. Eve is going proud and strong. :)

Posted - 2004.09.29 01:05:00 - [5]

Even though I didn't mention it, I did ask the last guy to make sure he was not looking up E&B because it closed last week.

The new publisher angle works for me. Game looks great. I'm NOT a big PVP fan but I'm going to give it a whirle anyway. Thanks

Tactical Trading Partnership
Posted - 2004.09.29 04:06:00 - [6]

well you got it about right, looks like the only place i found who still sells it is amazon. Other than that it is a digital download from CCP or fileplanet. amazon has it for 9.99 which includes 30 days. I wonder tho would ccp transfer your pilot from the trial acccount to the new account you just paid for?

Posted - 2004.09.29 05:18:00 - [7]

Retailers/stores don't like games that can be bought online as they see that as direct competition. E&B probably pulls off his shelves any game that is past X time and doesn't sell enough. I think that the only way it will reappear back on the shelves is if they make an expansion they don't sell online or if MANY consumers ask for it.


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