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Dominion Experiments
Posted - 2009.07.14 22:14:00 - [1]

As it stands, the NPCs guarding the plexes in FW are severely unbalanced.
On the Minnie/Amarr front, I can speedtank all Amarr plexes in a T1 ship because almost all Amarr ships are turret based, and they just can't hit anything. Meanwhile, the Minmatar spawns (especially the Elites) deal heavy damage with their torps and targetpainter combo and are near impossible to tank.

On the Gallente/Caldari front, the Gallente ships suck, most of them have blasters and are easily kited and kept out of range, plus they suffer from the same hitting problems as the Amarr turret ships. Caldari NPCs have missiles which are a lot harder to speedtank, but the worst part is their unbalanced jamming, they can easily permajam several people at once, and since NPC ewar doesnt take sensor strength into account there is no way to defend against them.

With the FW overhaul coming up, CCP should put the FW NPCs into review as well.

Siigari Kitawa
Perditus Peregrinus

Posted - 2009.07.27 09:22:00 - [2]


The fact that ewar is imbalanced is almost a direct result of the RSD nerf way back when, and now more than ever the players are seeing and experiencing it.

Revisiting NPCs is something I've been beating on for quite some time. And it's more than just the crap ewar issues, it's also security problems, engaging when your timers are up due to FEDERATION/NAVY conflicts, etc.

Venkul Mul
Posted - 2009.07.27 09:25:00 - [3]


Rodj Blake
PIE Inc.

Posted - 2009.07.27 09:27:00 - [4]

Edited by: Rodj Blake on 27/07/2009 09:29:10
Sounds like a good idea to me.

Another option would be to put webber batteries near to the timer so that a single ship can't speed-tank the NPCs whilst capturing the site.

Posted - 2009.07.27 09:28:00 - [5]

Agreed, I noticed this problem also and with CCP taking a look at FW soon, this really needs changing.

PIE Inc.

Posted - 2009.07.27 09:49:00 - [6]

This isn't the only problem with the basic FW mechanics (see also spawning system and system numbers) but sorting the NPC's would be a good start.

Uzen Ghirraz
The Silver Hand

Posted - 2009.07.27 10:15:00 - [7]

Quantum Cats Syndicate
Posted - 2009.07.27 10:46:00 - [8]

Vlad Konstantinov
PIE Inc.

Posted - 2009.07.27 11:10:00 - [9]

I agree.

Gaven Lok'ri
PIE Inc.

Posted - 2009.07.27 11:29:00 - [10]

I agree.

Posted - 2009.07.27 11:42:00 - [11]

Edited by: hazlit on 27/07/2009 11:42:25
Agreed: this should be reviewed.

Kade Jeekin

Posted - 2009.07.27 11:54:00 - [12]

OK, I agree that NPC's should be reviewed but I think you are missing the point. i.e. that the currently NPC's dont need to be detroyed to capture the plex.

If the NPC's had to be destroyed first then this would make solo-speed-tank-plexing, as opposed to speed tanking, an irrelevant issue.

Agreed the NPC's EWAR should be in line with PC EWAR i.e. give Caldari Navy multispecs, with ECCM conteracting it. However, the Amarr's neuting and tracking distruption and the Gallente should have sensor disruption and warp disruption, these would be more meaningful if you had to kill the NPC's to capture the plex.

Also, I'm amazed that the navies don't use EWAR batteries at their bases.

Horatius Caul

Posted - 2009.07.27 12:00:00 - [13]

Supported. Also, what is up with "lexe" being on the censor list?

PIE Inc.

Posted - 2009.07.27 14:00:00 - [14]


Miyamoto Uroki
Sarum Industries
Posted - 2009.07.27 14:26:00 - [15]

FW needs some love..

PIE Inc.
Posted - 2009.07.27 14:26:00 - [16]

I agree,

Marcus Danayi
PIE Inc.

Posted - 2009.07.27 14:27:00 - [17]


Lost InCogneto
Amarrian Retribution
Posted - 2009.07.27 14:34:00 - [18]

Agree > I like the idea that you should have to kill the NPC that are defending the plex in order to capture - Supported

Veshta Yoshida
PIE Inc.

Posted - 2009.07.27 14:38:00 - [19]

NPC's need to be destroyed for any capture, this is bare minimum that is required to change things.

Add (or remove) something to discourage (read: make impossible) the speed tanking with impunity, the speed tanking was the reason MWDs were disallowed from mission in times past if I recall.

This can be AI coding change to make them ignore what they haven't hit after x number of volleys or something similar. The AI is dumb enough to chase a target that is hundreds of km away leaving everyone else alone .. this is part of the "speed tanking FW plexes" definition as far as I am concerned.

The Night Crew
Posted - 2009.07.27 15:50:00 - [20]

With all the "balancing" going on around the universe, certainly looking into this would be appropriate.

You have shown with the Sleepers that the AI's can be improved.

I also concur with Veshta's suggestions...

Mra Rednu
PIE Inc.

Posted - 2009.07.27 17:03:00 - [21]



Posted - 2009.07.27 18:19:00 - [22]

This is the reason Gallente pilots stopped plexing so soon into FW and it definitely needs to be looked at.

Garst Tyrell
Posted - 2009.07.27 18:19:00 - [23]

Agreed, and how about plexes that feel more like a mission and less like a button with a couple rats? Hell even some useless decorations floating around is better than what we have now

Saifuddin AbdulMuntaqim
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2009.07.27 22:31:00 - [24]


Zach Donnell
Posted - 2009.07.27 22:57:00 - [25]

Supported 100%

the NPC imbalanced has completely discouraged our corp from fighting in plex's period. Hope this gets reworked.

Du'uma Fiisi Integrated Astrometrics
Posted - 2009.07.27 23:22:00 - [26]

Minnie Militia checking in o/

Conventia Underking
PIE Inc.

Posted - 2009.07.28 04:33:00 - [27]

I support this.

Elysiana Karasniz
Posted - 2009.07.28 11:51:00 - [28]

NPCs in general need a kick up the arse.

Slave 2739FKZ
Posted - 2009.07.28 12:32:00 - [29]

Zenton Karvashi
Posted - 2009.07.28 12:56:00 - [30]

Supported - NPCs are currently unbalanced a vigil shouldn't be able to speed tank every single Amarr plex.

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