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Trinity Corporate Services
Terran United Federation
Posted - 2009.07.02 15:19:00 - [1]

Ok I come across this and I think WTF is this?


Any Ideas what it could be? I don't think it's ET at all. Shocked

Dirt Nap Squad
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2009.07.02 15:28:00 - [2]

Someone mentioned sludge worms in the link but they dont look like any sludge worms ive seen.

As to what they are, no idea but it WONT be an alien life-form. Probably a mutation of some description linked to goonswarm .. they always seem like sewer turds to me Laughing

Blnukem 192
The Imperial Fedaykin
Posted - 2009.07.02 15:58:00 - [3]

It's obviously the Flood from Halo. Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2009.07.02 16:02:00 - [4]

Sorry, my mom has a thing for North Carolinian Sewers.

Cyprus Black
Posted - 2009.07.02 16:23:00 - [5]

The video is making its rounds, but there's almost nothing else about it. No news articles, no scientific investigations, no excavation, no capture, nothing. The only written pieces are speculation on the video and nothing else.

I believe it's fake.

Jacob Mei
Posted - 2009.07.02 16:26:00 - [6]

Looks like a combination of human waste and botched 8 year olds chemistry set experiments flushed down the drain with the dead goldfish.

Yuna Higurashi
Order of Celestial Knights
Galactic System Lords Alliance
Posted - 2009.07.02 16:33:00 - [7]

Underworld Protection Agency
South Pole Dancers
Posted - 2009.07.02 17:12:00 - [8]

Usul, we have worm sign the likes of which even God has never seen.

Posted - 2009.07.02 17:39:00 - [9]

I'm always telling people that I practically give birth when I'm sitting on the crapper and they never believe me. Well here's the proof you ****ers!

Posted - 2009.07.02 17:54:00 - [10]

Hmm i see unknown lifeforms every day during my toilet time.

Posted - 2009.07.02 18:06:00 - [11]

It's The Thing!

Posted - 2009.07.02 18:14:00 - [12]

Originally by: Yuna Higurashi
Apparently, it's real.

That's it. I'm never having sex with anyone from North Carolina.

Posted - 2009.07.02 18:21:00 - [13]

Originally by: Nisshoku
Originally by: Yuna Higurashi
Apparently, it's real.

That's it. I'm never having sex with anyone from North Carolina.

That wouldn't be possible anyways unless you were related to them. They like to keep it in the family.

Petition Monkey
Posted - 2009.07.03 09:01:00 - [14]


Not monsters from out of space Im afraid

Intense Thinker
Posted - 2009.07.03 09:24:00 - [15]

It's an escaped genital wart!

Reven Cordelle
Total Mayhem.
Cry Havoc.
Posted - 2009.07.03 09:49:00 - [16]

Jesus christ, its the start of a Barnacle.

Flame it before it grows teeth and a tongue!

That is weird though, even though its cited as being Tubifex worms, it looks nothing like them - whats with the membrane holding them all in? Wheres that come from?

Ain't no worms I know of that can stick to a wall. Sketchy as hell.

Jin Nib
Resplendent Knives
Posted - 2009.07.03 10:00:00 - [17]

Yeah that is the about creepiest godawful **** I have ever seen is what it is.

I dont care if it is, or isn't, knowen, they should fill the sewers with naplam and burn the infection OUT.

Next thing you know and there's going to be worm mind-controled zombies running about trying to eat peoples brains and mate with their corpses. **** like this need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Kazuma Saruwatari
Posted - 2009.07.03 11:01:00 - [18]

OP, put a warning on that. Some people may mistakenly click on it without knowing what they're getting into.

On the side, HOLY SHI- does that look cool and creepy at the same timeShocked

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2009.07.03 11:13:00 - [19]

Ed Buchan, environmental coordinator at the Raleigh Public Utilities Department, said staff biologists have confirmed that the “creature” is actually a colony of tubifex worms. The colonies attach themselves to roots that gradually work themselves into weak points in the pipes. “They seem to respond to the light from the camera,” Buchan said. “That light is pretty hot.”

The worms naturally occur in sewage and pond sediment and are actually sold both live and dried as fish food in pet stores. He said other staff members in the department have seen it before, although sightings aren’t particularly common. “I’ve seen a lot of sewer TV before and I’ve never seen them,” he said. “We were surprised. We didn’t know immediately what it was.”

Where's the "puking" smiley when you need one ?

Tharri and Co.
Posted - 2009.07.03 12:08:00 - [20]

I wonder if it starts growing, fills the sewers and finally crawls out of people's toilets to take over the world Shocked

Rawr Cristina
Posted - 2009.07.03 13:02:00 - [21]

ew sludge monsters

Vortex Incorporated
Posted - 2009.07.03 17:48:00 - [22]

Originally by: Yuna Higurashi
Apparently, it's real.

as I skimmed through that.. my eyes caught sight of the word 'annelid'.

System Shock 2 anyone?

Mother Clanger
Posted - 2009.07.04 00:18:00 - [23]

Originally by: Nisshoku
That's it. I'm never having sex with anyone from North Carolina.

That rules her out then. I'm sure the disappointment is all hers!

- MC


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