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Ellaine TashMurkon
CBC Interstellar
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2009.07.02 09:59:00 - [1]

We offer a class 4 system in wormhole space, that can become miners, industralists and T3 manufacturers heaven.

It never has direct wormholes to known space and always connects to a class 3 system that has exit to highsec (55% of times) or lowsec (45% of times). Rarely it has exits to class 5, usually leading to random 0.0 system. Lack of direct connections means that system is very safe and a hostile visit is extremely unlikely. In fact, over almost 4 months there, We've only seen visitors 3 times, only one of them aggressive (they had left long time ago after two small skirmishes).
3 days a week by rough average the system is connected to highsec meaning easy and safe logistics.

Class 3 systems it connects to (new wormhole every day) are usually full of sites perfect for group od 2-4 battleships (or one pimped) to farm.

The system on its own regularly spawns gravimetric sites worth days of mining arknor, bistot, crokite and mercoxit for a small group of hulks (we had 4). Sleeper rats do not bother the miners by respawning up to next dowtime. The only problem is getting minerals to market as POS refining means 25% loss and hauling millions of meters of arknor over wormholes is pain - but Rorqual solves this with mineral compression! And it speeds up mining and it's quite safe to use it right on the Gravimetric site.

Offer includes:

Leading You into the system (that might take a few days untill proper wormhole shows up).


Optional stuff You might want to buy with the system. Empire prices of whatever You choose from items below, will be added to final price of transaction:

Large caldari POS
Fuel reserves (depends when transaction comes to life)

For general use:
-Corporate Hangar
-Ship Maintenance Array
-Mobile Laboratory
-Ammunition Assembly Array

For mining
-Large Ship Assembly Array (18.5 million meters of storage + able to build battleships and orcas and such)
-XL Ship Assembly Array (same storage space, builds Rorquals)
-Intensive Refining Array (the bigger one)

For defense
-10 x Cruise Missile Battery with ammo
-5 x Torpedo Battery with ammo
-Photon Scattering battery
-Stasis web battery
-Warp scrambling battery

For Tech 3 production - complete setup for full production chain.
-Component Assembly Array
-Biochemical Reactor + 2 Biochemical Silos + 1 Coupling Array + 1 Polymer Silo
-Subsystem Assembly Array
-Experimental Laboratory
plus full set of researched T3 component BPOs. (worth roughly 120m)

Transaction can be secured via a trusted third party to aviod scam.
Auction stats with 5 billion and lats till 2009-07-15 Eve time midnight.
Minimum increment 100 million.
Sniper rule 10 minutes.

You might want to bid with private ingame message to me. In this case I will only update current bid in this topic.

Feel free to eve-mail me with any questions. I'm online about 20-24 Eve time, but not every day.

James Foley
CBC Interstellar
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2009.07.09 18:54:00 - [2]

Auction still open

Sawa Sza
Posted - 2009.07.30 18:35:00 - [3]


Sawa Sza
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Sawa Sza
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Sawa Sza
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Sawa Sza
Posted - 2009.07.31 11:01:00 - [7]

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