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Maxsim Goratiev
Imperial Tau Syndicate
Posted - 2009.08.24 07:41:00 - [61]

Like.. if so many people agree.... Could we get some attention?
I have seen no reason not to implement this so far...
And i still fail to understead the reason to -25% Rate of fire penatlty.

Alun Hughes
The Dark Horses.

Posted - 2009.08.25 15:47:00 - [62]

Love Dessies but they are lacking so a booste would be nice.

But i think i would like a second tier of them so their are 2 choices per race

Fille Balle
Ballbreakers R us
Posted - 2009.08.25 18:56:00 - [63]

Edited by: Fille Balle on 25/08/2009 18:57:23
compulsory bump.

Also, I too would like a tier 2 dessie for each race. There's two bc's for each race, so where's the second dessie?

Edit: some faction dessies would be cool too, but I guess that would be pushing it.

Max Hardcase
The Scope

Posted - 2009.08.26 17:58:00 - [64]

As someone who has posted about destroyers b4, and coming up with much of the view of the problems and possible fixes of dessies : 2 thumbs up.

Dierdra Vaal
Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.09.19 14:42:00 - [65]

bringing this up for the next CSM meeting

Posted - 2009.09.19 19:38:00 - [66]

Edited by: Plutonian on 19/09/2009 19:37:44
It is ironic that the second class of ships a noob will encounter (using standard size progression) cannot be fit with his/her skills.

It takes solid support skills to make the Thrasher work at all, and maxed-skills to make it shine. Of the Catalyst, Coercer*, and Cormorant no amount of skills seems to enable them to perform adequately.

Destroyers badly need a rebalance (ship bonus, powergrid, sig radius, and CPU at minimum).

* FUN FACT: I actually had to look up the name of the Amarr destroyer. I've not actually seen one in use in years, and had forgotten it. Laughing

Posted - 2009.09.19 20:36:00 - [67]

possibilities to fix destroyers.
as i see it now destroyers are papertanked drone killers that dont even fulfill that role effectivly because if the enemy fleet has one missile module between them your gone no matter how good your range is. destroyers suposedly were intended to massaacre frigates but my kesteral will walk right through a well tanked destroyer withought letting off the ab and fly through the explosion. so how about this..
Glass cannons aproach. make it so they can all fire effectivly from 0-30km range. no fall off and better tracking than any other smaller ship and smallest guns. no rof penalties damage increase to make it hazardous to t2 frigs and t1 cruisers if ignored. and good base resists across the board to make them less brittle against frigates. keep the sig rad how it is so bs, battlecruisers and med drones can still dispach them. easilly. in short make these 4 scenarios happen.
A. a cormorant warps into the middle of 5 t1 frigates locks them and blows one of them away before his disrupter and web has even activated. another blows up just before entering warp another escapes leaving the pointed target to the destroyer 4 dead 1 escaped. minimal damage done to the destroyer. if they stay and fight they all die and the destroyer might have hull damage.
B. a harpy attacks a cormorant. althought the cormorant recieves significant damage it wins with 30% of its hull still intact.
C. five cormorants jump a cruiser although they are doing amazing damage (at first) the cruiser manages to tank them for the whole minute it takes for it to blow them all away with its heavier firepower. the cruiser heads to the repair bay with 15% of its hull still intact. the pilot just glad he didnt take a "bio break" now opts for a change of underwear and a smoke.
D. 2 oposing fleets of say 10 to 12 collide. durring the battle a destroyer slips in unoticed at first and begins tearing through a moa's shields, by the time the moa realizes it being killed by a destroyer and not "the" harbinger which is only hitting him with one gun for distraction while focusing most of its firepower on a primaried drake it is too late he cant target him fast enough and hit him hard enough before his hull is ripped to shreds. the primaried drake however did fianally notice and after he pulled all his highs of the harbinger fired a volly that reached the cormorant just as the moa pop'd blowing whats left of the destroyer to bits and whats worse 2 more destroyer's just came in and are wiping your fleets drones out in short order as soon as they start geting targeted they switch to attack your frigates and whipe out 3 before they are finally silenced. unfourtunatly you loose the battle due to the loss of dps.
this would make roaming gang's of destroyers possible and even dangerous with the attachment of falcon's it would make them able to decimate drones and t1 frigates. hold their own against 1v1's with t2 frigates and make them valuable in a fleet and possibly even earn them the honor of being primary not because they are weak but because if you dont exploit that weakness you will regret it.

Darwin's Market
Posted - 2009.09.20 00:26:00 - [68]


Ignition SemperFi
No Falcons Allowed

Posted - 2009.09.20 05:13:00 - [69]


Surrender Dorothy
Bipolar Stability
Posted - 2009.09.20 07:51:00 - [70]


Totally Hopeless
Posted - 2009.09.20 14:09:00 - [71]

Remove the pointless ROF nerf on destroyers, fix done. Nothing else needs to be done to make them tougher or whatnot.

When destroyers were released ships had 60%-ish less armor/shields/hull than they do now (RMR armor boost, and another subsequent one in a later expansion, and new ships always seem to be 'tougher' than the ones that came before).

In Exodus a destroyer was a credible threat to an inty or AF, much more a single T1 frigate tanked or not... and that was [i]with[i] the ROF nerf. Now a single plated rifter, extended merlin or kestrel, zippy imicus, can laugh while it rips an auto-thrasher or blaster cormorant to ribbons and walks away smiling.

kassie kelmar
Posted - 2009.09.20 19:22:00 - [72]

When destroyers were first introduced they were two t1 frigs shoved together to make a gun platform, they were not glass cannons, the changes that have occurred in Eve since they were introduced has reduced their usefulness in everything except as Salvagers.

I had some of the most fun PvP I've ever had in zerg dessie fleets, before they were nerfed into uselessness.

Dessies need some love.

Digital Fury Corporation

Posted - 2009.09.23 20:44:00 - [73]

a sig radius reduction would be a big help as well

Intergalactic Hunters of ManBearPig
Daisho Syndicate
Posted - 2009.09.23 20:54:00 - [74]

I always loved the concept of Catalysts but have been rather depressed when running them in practice. ugh

Mercylesss Ming
Posted - 2009.09.24 01:29:00 - [75]

Edited by: Mercylesss Ming on 24/09/2009 01:47:25
/supported.. give dessies some love.. I so wanted a dessy to be the next step up from a frig but was severely dissapointed when I had the ability.

I can live with the pathetic shield if they get a 50% damage/range bonus but only use 8x75mm or equivalents and maybe some insane web-range bonus to fulfill their role as frigate/drone destroyers... or increase the tank and remove a gun. Something needs to be done. Totally agree with that!

Heathen Legion
Posted - 2009.09.26 01:33:00 - [76]

Should give Dessies the ability to fit a "De-cloaking" device. Have it work like the directional scanner where you aim your camera and decloak things in a 5 degree radius up to a certain range based on skills.

Maxsim Goratiev
Imperial Tau Syndicate
Posted - 2009.09.26 11:51:00 - [77]

even removal of useless ROF nerf would help. Please, some attention.....

Allen Ramses
Zombicidal Mania
Posted - 2009.09.27 03:40:00 - [78]

I'll just say what I did in the game dev forum.
Originally by: Allen Ramses
Simple adjustment, really.

Remove -25% ROF / +50% optimal role bonus
Reduce turret hardpoints to 5, with 1 missile or utility high slot
Add one mid or low slot
+15% CPU/Grid
+35% capacitor

These changes will allow for:
The ability not to fit tiny weapons for the sake of barely scraping by on PG.
The ability to fit a tank that could sustain more than a stray drone collision.
The ability to fit some decent utility that won't make you cap out before engaging.

Wu Jiaqiu
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2009.09.27 14:08:00 - [79]


Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2009.10.01 20:31:00 - [80]


Posted - 2009.10.01 20:57:00 - [81]

The balance in the destroyer class is not very good. Thrasher is head and shoulders above the rest. It has adequate power grid, and gets the all important damage bonus. The others just don't really compare.

Destroyers as a class will need some additional help if the AF 75% AB thing goes through.

Interdictors also need a lot of balancing between ships of the same class - all of them are pretty much horrible except the sabre.

Tatiana Valenko
Posted - 2009.10.01 22:36:00 - [82]

Not enough destroyers in PVP.

who mi
Posted - 2009.10.03 03:35:00 - [83]

Bump and supported even though it was brought to ccp last meeting

Posted - 2009.10.04 04:55:00 - [84]


yani dumyat
Pixie Cats

Posted - 2009.10.07 19:07:00 - [85]

I mainly fly T2 frigates and have no fear of dessies whatsoever. Surely this is wrong.

IIRC the purpose of having -25% ROF but with more guns was to increase alpha. It all made sense a very long time ago.

Dretzle Omega
Global Economy Experts
Posted - 2009.10.07 19:39:00 - [86]

Cormorant I'd prefer to fit with 8 missile slots, to be honest. Tweak them they can only effectively fit Rocket Launchers and give them a missile range boost, if you have to; that fits in with the anti-frig effect, anyways.

Posted - 2009.10.07 22:14:00 - [87]

I honestly love the Thrasher, even if I don't fly it that much any more. You could make it better by adding another low slot for a Gyro, or another mid for some more shield or a SeBo.

Even nicer would be if there were 2 T2 variants of the Thrasher, one, the Sabre, and two a little terror damage boat with a tank.

The one thing they should do with the Thrasher is remove the RoF penalty, to make it viable against AFs AND cruisers.

They could make a T2 catalyst variant with 5 drones, aka an ishkur with guns and tank.

Coercer could simply do with a Cap bonus, and Cormorant, well, I honestly don't know, because it's so bad.

But any buff to Destroyers would be lovely.

Dibsi Dei
Salamyhkaisten kilta
Posted - 2009.10.11 09:26:00 - [88]

Sweet solutions, m8.

Rip Minner
ARMITAGE Logistics Salvage and Industries
Posted - 2009.10.12 03:33:00 - [89]

Got my vote always thought they were a waist of a ship class as is right now.

Bado Sten
Republican Guard
Posted - 2009.10.12 11:39:00 - [90]

I see a lot of people have the misguided idea that the Thrasher needs to be using arties. Please don't change it for that!

It's the ship I have the most of my kills in, and 99% are with AC's. It's great fun for solo PVP.

Sure you will lose several, but it is cheap and easy to fit.

The only thing I really see it needing is a lower sig radius to last just a little longer.

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