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Posted - 2009.05.15 23:42:00 - [31]

i think it could be something like a chat server crash...
it's booting up now and logging everyone back in slowly...

no windows for me still

Dengen Krastinov
Posted - 2009.05.15 23:42:00 - [32]

Chat reappeared but I disconnected apparently even though I can see my ship. My name isn't in corp anymore. What's the deal CCP?

El Zoriah
Posted - 2009.05.15 23:42:00 - [33]

I closed the game, waited about 5 minutes then relaunched it. Windows have come back now.

Ninth Reborn
Posted - 2009.05.15 23:43:00 - [34]

The two corp mates of mine who had their chat windows suddenly appear had all of them appear (local, corp, sec channels etc.) **except** for the fleet chat window (they were in a fleet).


(still no chat windows here after several log attempts)

Jubal Sexton
Liberty Storm
Posted - 2009.05.15 23:43:00 - [35]

Oh hey Brace

Moridin Bashere
The Hull Miners Union
Posted - 2009.05.15 23:45:00 - [36]

came back for me after being logged in for 10 mins. Confused

Sappho Ajhannis
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2009.05.15 23:49:00 - [37]

Logged in to no channels about 5 mins ago and no luck with alts, just logged in again and they've reappeared. None of the channels I tried to create or join whilst it wasn't working are showing up though, so it can't be just a case of invisible windows. Other corp members haven't had a problem, some alliance members have.

Browncoat Coalition
Posted - 2009.05.15 23:49:00 - [38]

works now!

Thanks CCP!! I know y'all take a lot of heat, but some of us appreciate y'alls hard work, and understand that $*it happens sometimes...

Gran Marieshi
Posted - 2009.05.15 23:49:00 - [39]

I dunno whether this is just a coincidence but I turned off the resource cache and mine came back straight away.

Jubal Sexton
Liberty Storm
Posted - 2009.05.15 23:50:00 - [40]

well my chat is now back the cone of silence is lifted! Very Happy

Sappho Ajhannis
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2009.05.15 23:53:00 - [41]

Ok, I now still have channels and can chat, but I don't show up as being present in channels.... or in local

(posted in proper place this time)

Posted - 2009.05.16 00:06:00 - [42]

I had this problem. When it occurred I had two instances of application open at same time, both in windowed mode but different screen sizes. one works normally, this one not so much, no local, no corp chat, and according to the other character I was no longer in local, and I was offline but still showed as docked in station. tried logging off logging on, docking undocking etc to fix problem, was told my ship had left system, closed instance of application restarted still nothing. I created a petition, and then quit both instances and went to get beer. Reopened application logged in with problem character and local and chat reappeared, then cancelled petition

Johnny RamboIV
Posted - 2009.05.16 00:20:00 - [43]

this happened to a bunch of us out in venal. in my case, it was accompanied by lag that was so bad i logged off, unable to initiate warp or jump through a gate. I logged back in and found myself sitting in a station. I wish I could say that I was confident in CCP's reimbursement policy...

Posted - 2009.05.19 07:42:00 - [44]

No chat windows...

Miss CutieTrader
Hounds Of War
Shadows of Light
Posted - 2009.05.19 07:47:00 - [45]

also got same problem:S

Posted - 2009.05.19 07:51:00 - [46]

No chat windows, bookmarks vanished... ughughugh

The Taco Stand
Posted - 2009.05.19 07:52:00 - [47]

Same here, jump through a gate and I get local and that's about it. It's quiet out here in the black without chat windows. Laughing

Roving Guns Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2009.05.19 07:52:00 - [48]


No chat windows and bookmarks, PLZ FIX IT ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted - 2009.05.19 07:52:00 - [49]

No chat windows, when logging, tried different account, restart, nothing Sad

Exterminator 3
Posted - 2009.05.19 07:54:00 - [50]

No chat here also...

Calm Breeze
Infinite Improbability Inc
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2009.05.19 07:54:00 - [51]

I have the same problem, no chat windows, nothing in Places, tried adding a system in Places, didn't show up. Also I tried undocking, and ended up with just a black screen, game was still running but wouldn't undock me.

Mythos Corp
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2009.05.19 07:55:00 - [52]

omgomg no chatzorz kthxbye Razz

Posted - 2009.05.19 07:55:00 - [53]

Same prob can't see any channel or join any...

Gho Higyidr
Black Serpent Technologies
Posted - 2009.05.19 07:55:00 - [54]

FIX IT!!! :)

Tvaishk Suzuki
Long Night Industries
Black Thorne Alliance
Posted - 2009.05.19 07:55:00 - [55]

Edited by: Tvaishk Suzuki on 19/05/2009 07:56:35
Chat and bookmarks here am trying to find if I'm missing anything else before bug reporting

ok I've just been on for about 10 min and they came back on there own....(was entering a pos bubble at the time.)

Posted - 2009.05.19 07:56:00 - [56]

My local just vanished....Shocked

Milo Caman
Anshar Incorporated
Posted - 2009.05.19 07:57:00 - [57]

Edited by: Milo Caman on 19/05/2009 08:01:34
Missing All my Channels Including Local, and 'People and Places' Doesn't Work at all.
This is kinda uh- Y'know, game breaking for a lot of folks?

EDIT: Fixed, Danke CCP Very Happy

Posted - 2009.05.19 07:57:00 - [58]

Same, can't join or see any channel.

Posted - 2009.05.19 08:03:00 - [59]

Not only do I not have chat, I've also seem to have lost all bookmarks on both of my accounts, and they were right next to each other when I logged off, they are when I log back on, but if I warp one of them to some moon the other account still thinks the first one is hanging next to him.

After warping, I got chat back. Trying to warp the second account I get "Dominix left $system 5m 48s ago" Shocked Logging off and back on and all is back to normal Rolling Eyes

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