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Tiny Incorporated.
Posted - 2009.05.05 18:13:00 - [1]

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Dark Influence

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We of Dark Influence are Recruiting all kinds of players. Do you want top run missions, go mining, do wormholes or pvp? We think we are the ones for you. As a corp we have a laid-back no nonsense Anti Pirate attitude. We are active inside Amarr Empire and CVA space (Following CVA's rules and standings). For players that want to try out 0.0 Providence is one of the best regions to go. Our offices hold vast amount of modules, weapons, ammo and bpc's for the corp to use. If anything is missing or run out. We will make sure to replace it asap.

Our members have no real obligations next to the 25% corp Tax.
The money the corp gets from any ops that we organize and the corp tax will be used to better the corp and its members. For example we will help new players with there skills and there ships. For the older members and players we have started a capital program. In this program we share the cost of the skills and ship with the member this comes down to 60%(1,3bill).

If one or more members want to work towards something and ask the corp for help we will see if it is possible to help them reach there goals in eve.

We have all kinds of players in our corp and hold knowledge of most aspects of the game. We let anyone join our corp. Old and new players 1sp or 20mill sp It doesn't matter to us.

- Ratting 0.0
- Highsec missions
- Highsec and 0.0 mining.
- PvP groups
- Corp support to reach your goals in eve (if the CW allows it)
- Teamspeak(voicechat) and Forum
- If needed High Sec pos acces.

This we look for in out members

- Fun friendly people with a sence of humor.
- Mature acting people
- Willing to help corp members when they need help.

(From time to time some of us start to RP Shocked its scary )

If you have any questions or want more information feel free to contact us ingame or on the forum.

Our Public channel: Darktalk.
Or you can contact one of the following for more information:
Master Glawen


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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