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Pardon Inc.
Posted - 2004.08.30 17:29:00 - [1]

Well here is my beef with the current distribution method of tech2 blueprints. They are available to those who do nothing for their r&d agents. Itīs an old argument and some of you are now saying: “if you do the missions you have a bigger chance”. That is a valid point wich I will not argue although I have heard voices claiming the difference is minimal but then let me say this:

I once did some mining, I think everybody who ever mined should have a chance (depending on how much they mined) that random minerals appear in their hangar.

I once killed some npcs, therefore me and any who ever killed npcs should have a chance of their sec status going up and random überloot appearing in their cargo hold.

I have never done an agent mission but I talked to an agent once wich must give me a chance of receiving some free agent rewards along with a standing bonus.

And so on and so on.

You see what I mean? Everything in this game is earned exept for t2 blueprints. Sure, some of thos who got their bpos worked their ass of for them, ran a load of missions and kissed their r&d agentīs sphincter, but the people I know who got their bpos from agents never did one single mission. Not one.
In my opinion those who havenīt answered their agentīs call for materials, labor or assistance should not be eligible for the lottery. Why? Because they havenīt earned it.

Please post your wiews on the matter and maybe us poor scientist slobs can have some justice.

D'Ahrk Prophesy
Posted - 2004.08.30 20:12:00 - [2]

Sounds like a good point to me.

Asharee Intrefer
Their Damnedest Day
Posted - 2004.08.30 20:15:00 - [3]

I agree. At least the reward from doing the missions should be higher. I think there should still be a tiny trickle of daily points for those only doing a few missions, since training the skills is a bit of an investment, as well as the 40M for those of us who got the RPM skill. If you havn't seen it yet, feel free comment on my suggested changes here.

Posted - 2004.08.30 20:24:00 - [4]

Good idea but lets look at it like this. I currently have 6 research agents and I can't do 6 missions a day. Takes way too much time and I'd never actually be able to do anything else in the game but research missions. And to date I've only gotten a radar back-up array 2 bp, oh joy, what a great bp to have gotten. That's really gonna make my corp rich, the isk is really rollin in on that one.

Now what should actually happen, and it's been stated in other threads by other people as well as myself. And that is to actually let researchers research. I didn't become a researcher to run missions all day on the off chance I got lucky in a lottery. If they want it to be pure luck then just put everyone in game in a lottery and you have a random chance of a bp appearing in your hanger. Just like they did with the Jove body parts. The lottery is a joke.

Make it so researchers actually have to do research by supplying materials to the agents to actually develope new items. Can have failures where materials are lost and bps are lost making research a costly profession. Which is what research is, a costly profession. But then at least your allow the players to actually use their SKILLS which right now they've wasted all their time training on.

Claire Scott
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2004.08.30 22:01:00 - [5]

The research lottery is good but not perfect. I agree that those working missions for their agents should have a greater chance, double skill points per day is just not enough of an incentive considering it all boils down to a random draw anyway.

If your agent makes a call for an item and you ignore him/her, you should actually loose research points. It only makes sense to me. If I refuse a mission from any other agent in the game, I loose standing. The same rules should apply to research agents as well. If people want to have 6 research agents, they should be prepared to be a part of the research team. That involves a lot of work obviously and will help to limit the amount of bps that are given out alone.

I'm working my arse off for the rewards that come with these research agents and I haven't received squat.

I pray Shiva makes some changes to the current system.


Posted - 2004.08.30 23:58:00 - [6]

I joined not long ago and research is something that I wanted to do thinking it was a valid career path... I was disapointed to see that I couldn't get Tech 1 reward from the system. Reverse engineering of Tech 1 items to obtain the blue prints would be nice for example. A system that wouldn't have more of an impact on the market than someone finding loot from npc. It would need balancing so that it's not more of a money maker than mining or hunting but it would make research interesting for new players. If the Tech 1 research wasnt for the most basic stuff but for the items one notch over and still inferior to tech 2. I mean if it cost one million to obtain a tech 1 BP on market then make it so that a researcher puting efforts of equivalent worth of that million can obtain the BP threw reverse engineering.

I was totally amazed when I learned of how it worked for tech 2 BP, as you say it doesn't make any sense that you can get away with such a reward with so little efforts. CCP solution of making the prices go up is sidesteping the real issue. Everyone wants a R&D agent because it's almost like free lotto tickets. Their solution is to increase the price of the lotto ticket according to demand. That's nice but that doesn't really help people who wants to be researchers. Maybe they should make it so that R&D missions on a regular bases keep your prices low. They need to give a greater boon to people who put time into this. In 2 months maybe they will have solved the lab slots problem but people who put time doing mission research will probably have lost the mean to keep many slots too if its the case. Wheter or not you are puting time into this you will be hit by the increase.

One of the problem however is with the potential reward. Let's face it, some of these new BP are huge money maker and give a tactical advantage to a corp. The simple truth is that they need a system that requires more efforts from more involved party to benefit from this. For example instead of giving a BP that you can milk they could give a Research breakthrew that leads to more tasks. It could require you to obtain rare minerals, to do mission to save/kidnap a sientist needed to complete the breakthrew, to achieve a courrier mission of large volume in 0.0 space of several jumps to aprovision the research. It could also be that these breakthrew would be more frequent and would give birth to a competition between corporations to finish the breakthrew first. Corporations could even try to slow down their rivals by stoping them from geting ressources etc. Whoever finish first gets a greater benefit, (monopoly for X days ?, orginal BP where the others only get limited runs (atleast for a time) ? etc) .

A Research race calling to all kind of players to work as a team to get the prize would be more fun. These race would be of all sizes depending on the BP involve just to make sure the little Corp or people can still benefit ( though it could be argued that a person geting a breakthrew could simply sell it to a bigger corp if he didnt have the means to win the race) . The tech 2 BP reward right now looks too much like a lottery, a system that was never really developed and that requires little involvement.

Anyway, just some toughts from someone who was hoping to be a researcher (though I guess Ill be one like everyone else ;) ) . I have been here 3 weeks so if I didn't see some angles I apologise, this is my view base on what I have seen so far.

Galban Hunter
Posted - 2004.08.31 12:36:00 - [7]

Conversely, it may also be good to include IMPORTANT R&D missions, like the main agent system. These could include, bpc of t2 items as bonus rewards, large amounts of t2 components/RDb/RAM etc. This would be a serious boon for those actually doing their daily research missions. And due to the fact that only the players relation to the corp/faction would be taken into account, Important R&D missions wouldn't be given out every week. They would happen once every 2-3 months. Thus ensuring that those firmly commited would be the only ones to get these missions.

The Orb
Posted - 2004.09.04 02:16:00 - [8]

Yes the lottery system is fubar.
Random is illogical.
Stientist that does not work do not discover.... BUT IN EVE THEY DO!!!
And the random chance gets better if you are in an alliance... though this isn't comfirmed...but I've seen it a lot! Especially with low RP... THOUGH one person had 65k RP...and accepted techII small laser... Shocked

Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2004.09.04 14:04:00 - [9]

Stientist that does not work do not discover.... BUT IN EVE THEY DO!!!

Yes but your not the scientist... your agent is. You just make the teas and coffes with your education in nucleur physics.

Posted - 2004.09.04 14:32:00 - [10]

You still have to work up the standings to the agent , train the skill to work with that R&D agent ... thus its quite some invested time and thats why its valid ...

And yeah its a lottery you know .. many peeps winning the lotterys doesnt deserve their winnings either Wink

Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2004.09.04 15:23:00 - [11]

I now have 10 agents over 2 accounts. I worked one of them on and off since Jan and another less often. The other 8 I do no work for.

Until Tuesday I too was peeved with the agent system but then my main agent sent me a mail, a break through, a nice frigate thank you very much. This agent has cost me hrs or work, millions of credits and at last pay back, after 9 months.

4 hrs later another agents mails me, a break through, a small weapon. I had not done a single mission for this agent.

In all my 2 accounts each have nealry 5 mil skill points in science, have spent over 250mil on agent missions and skills. Was it worth it. Too damn right it was.

All good things come to those that wait.

2 Down, 8 to go.


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