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Posted - 2004.08.28 03:35:00 - [1]

I only have around 600k skill points but I'm about to have access to lvl 3 agents. I'm a Gallente and I'm using a Thorax right now. My combat skills are pretty low and I only use small turrets due to that. I haven't felt the need to upgrade combat too much so far because I can manage fine on the lvl 2 missions. However since I'm about to get into lvl 3, I realise that I will have to adjust.

I have seen plenty of set up for ships but as you can guess most of them suppose you have skills/levels I haven't got yet. This is where I need advice, what skills/gear should I aim to get in priority to be able to do the lvl 3 missions ? I'm doing missions for a university because I'm hoping to get skill books I don't have and it looks like its 50% fight/courrier missions so far.

The missions that worries me the most are the blockade and that other one with waves that spawn near me. The idea now is to reach the ability to do all lvl 3 missions asap so I can get some upgrades/implants etc. The path to take to reach that goal is where I need advice...

One of the option I tought of is to concentrate on Drones first since I noticed they tend to draw the fire away from my ships and do decent damage ( I can use 3 right now). I could even buy a Vexor since it does have a drone/lvl bonus.

Another option is to buy a Celestis and raise my missile/turret skills, supposing that missiles would benefit me faster wich I'm not convince. After all I expect my difficulty will be on the missions spawning close range things on me.

The last option I was thinking of is to use the Thorax with a close range set up (4-5 small neutrons ?) and concentrate on the skills/gear that will boost my defense and drones.

I kind of enjoy this whole planing thing I must say and could probably figure it with trial and error but I tought a little help from people who were there once couldn't hurt =) .

Thanks in advance

JP Beauregard
Pilkington Communications
Posted - 2004.08.28 06:05:00 - [2]

Edited by: JP Beauregard on 28/08/2004 06:15:41

(1) Medium railguns. Unless you want to invest in other race ship skills and corresponding guns... Why? Because in encounters with stupid NPCs, range is everything.

(2) Drones are a strong point for the Thorax BUT only in numbers. Three don't cut it. And the occasional heavy drone against cruisers would be a good idea as well...

Small guns on cruisers isn't quite as bad as small guns on a battleship but it's close ugh

[Orestified content summary: To access content, train skills.]

PATORian Guard
Posted - 2004.08.28 06:20:00 - [3]

Honestly (and I hate to say it) the best ships for lvl 3 Missions with minimal skillpoints are the Caracal for the kill missions (range is key, and a Caracal with AB/MWD can keep both range and DoT very high), a Vigil with MWD+2AB for small couriers, and any cheap industrial with decent PG and CPU (an Iteron III in your case) with a 10MN AB, a 1MN MWD, and overdrives in lowslots for the heavy-load couriers.

For these ships, you'll need these skills:
Caracal: Caldari Cruiser level 2 (with Caldari Frigate lvl 4 as a prereq)
Heavy Missiles: Heavy Missiles 1 and Missile Launcher Operation 3
Vigil: Minmatar Frigate lvl 2
Microwarp Drives: Navigation 4 and Afterburner 4
Iteron III: Gallente Industrial 3

All of these skills together should run about 2 weeks of total training time, with obvious variances for attributes, and you've probably already got several of them.

As for using a drone-carrier Vexor for lvl 3 Blockades and Berserks, I don't really think it's possible to do it entirely with drones (the 90k rats are VERY fast, and will use missiles on your drones) ... I have a corpmate that does blockades with drones, but he uses an armor-tanked Tempest Razz

Chrome Born
Posted - 2004.08.28 11:58:00 - [4]

Edited by: Chrome Born on 28/08/2004 12:10:11
My old Thorax setup for missions until I could buy/fly a Dom..

5x 250mm rails with Tungsten
MWD(this is essential to keep range), medium SB
fill low slots with pdu/rcu to fit the guns (use more pdu than rcu if you can, will help with shields and cap).

warp in at 60k get a lock and keep rats at around 45k range you will need to train long range targeting etc a lil to get your range and hits going for ya.

Alternatively and not what I would suggest with your low skills.

5 x small neutron blasters with prob plut ammo
MWD and some cap rechargers
Medium Armour rep(tech 2 or named is better), 1600mm armour plate, hardners etc.

The blaster setup is risky, but at least you have heck of a lot of armour with the plate so you should be fine as long as you have some drones to add to the damage output.

Good luck with you level 3 missions ;) I remember when I first started em, scary stuff ;P

Chrome Born.

P.S. you might until you get your skills up a lil try doing some level 3 courier missions, they are more likely to get you implants and less likely to give you combat missions (any you do get you can turn down till you feel ready to give em a go).

Chrome Born
Posted - 2004.08.28 12:15:00 - [5]

I have a few named 250mm rails in my hanger at Haine if you catch me on and can run up here, they are yours, I have no need for em ;)

Chrome Born.

Posted - 2004.08.28 16:09:00 - [6]

Thanks guys, I have a better idea of where I'm going.

I'll try to avoid switching race for ships, I might as well gor for a Dominix BS if I was to do that. For now Ill take it easy while I train atleast some Medium combat skills.

Nicodemous you mentioned an Iteron 3, I already have one but I didn't realise that I might need a indy for this. Am I to expect missions that require such volume ? I have been using a Exqeror for these so far, it has a lot of room for a cruiser with the cargo bonus.

Chrome, thanks for your generous offer but I think I should be fine.

I just got MWD and it made me realise that I had the option of outruning the ennemy now, so that should help me a bit. I look forward to try these missions, they should give me a run for my money at first but that's what makes it fun =) .

Thanks again for your help

Defiance Weaponry
Posted - 2004.08.28 20:06:00 - [7]

you can tank level 3 mission rats nearly all day, use active hareners (armor for you) against the damage your rats deal (kinetic and thermal for guristas and the gallente rats) and a medium armor rep (tech 2 asap).
just go into battle with the hardeners active and you shouldnt have much problem nomatter what else is on your setup.

PATORian Guard
Posted - 2004.08.29 04:07:00 - [8]

Originally by: Tolkh

Nicodemous you mentioned an Iteron 3, I already have one but I didn't realise that I might need a indy for this. Am I to expect missions that require such volume ? I have been using a Exqeror for these so far, it has a lot of room for a cruiser with the cargo bonus.

You can do most level 3 couriers in a frigate - that's what I use the Vigil for (4,700 m/sec with the MWD/2xAB setup, and 220m of cargo) but occasionally you'll get a mission that calls for 1000m or more of cargo space - the only way to do those is in an industrial. The largest cargo capacity I've needed so far was 2,900m or thereabouts. On a sorta-related note, you'll find that very rarely, you'll need collateral over a million ISK, usually for an ammo run - just be prepared, if you're still at the low end of the wallet Very Happy FWIW, if I'm low on cash and the collateral is high, I normally ask a corpmate to cover me for the duration of the mission.

As far as switching races goes - let me share something that a friend related to me, and I quote... "Losing my Moa was the best thing that's happened to me lately. The Caracal is easily the most powerfully efficient kill-cruiser in the game, especially as it's only a level 2 cruiser."

The Moa is the Caldari heavy cruiser - roughly the equivalent of a Thorax, Rupture, or Maller, and the Caracal was just what he picked up to carry him through until he could get a new Moa, which he's not bothered to do, as the Caracal is MUCH more capable at killing NPCs. The Caracal is not very good for PvP, but it excels at killing frigate and cruiser NPCs, so that's what we all use it for. Smile As an aside - if you do train up to use a Caracal, you'll as a side benefit get to use Kestrels, which are easily the most powerful NPC-killing frigate, I've killed 50k Sanshas & Blood Raiders in one... I'll not push you to switch - I still use my Minmatar gear more often than not, but when it comes to killing NPC's, the Caldari have us all beat, no contest.

Inanna Sumer
Posted - 2004.08.29 04:55:00 - [9]

a vexor with named expanders will also get you up over the magic 1000m3 cargo mark, but they can get pretty pricy (i think you need at least 20.36s (Mark I modified or better))

Posted - 2004.08.29 15:05:00 - [10]

I was recently / still am in your position and I fly a Thorax. I have 1.6mn skill points, many of which are invested into Learning & Social skills. I have been doing L3 missions for about a month now and the ones that you identified will indeed cause you problems. Here is what I would advise.

Go long range set-up only. Fit as many 250mm railguns as you can and use the ammo with the ideal range that best matches your max targetting range. Fit a 10mn MWD to help you maintain range. If something closes on you (w/in 35km)warp out and warp back in. All other slots should be dedicated to helping you fit as many guns as possible, though a cap recharger might help too.

Forget about Drones, without Drones 5 you won't be able to get Heavy Drone operation and Light/Medium Drones just won't do squat to NPC cruisers. Though I am not saying you shouldn't carry what you can.

Forget about close range setup. If you are like me your shield / armor skills are L1 or non-existant and they will tear through you too quickly for the amount of damage you will do without heavy drones.

This is all about survivability and long range strategy is the only thing to guarantee that with your skill level. It is not as much fun as some other set-ups but then losing your ship isn't much fun either. Make sure you are insured at as high a level as you can and I would advise you to be very careful or decline the Gone Berserk mission. It is tough... Mad

Here is my current set-up in case you are interested. Anyone else please feel free to comment.Very Happy

High Slots
4 Dual 150MM Railguns w/ iron. Optimal Range = 20km
1 Free Slot
Medium Slots
1 10mn MWD
1 Cap Recharger 1
1 Cap Battery 1
Low Slots
1 PDU (Power Diagnostic Unit 1)
1 RCU (Reactor Control Unit 1)
1 Medium Armor Repairer 1
1 400mm Nanofiber Armor Plate
1 400mm Steel Armor Plates
Drone Bay
8 Ogres

This setup is fun, but when I get Gone Berserk again I am going to try to switch up to as many of the 250mm railguns as I can and lose all the extras. That mission kicks my ass every time...


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