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Posted - 2009.04.08 04:43:00 - [1]

20mil SP PVPer.

I fly both ships up to HAC's Caladri and Gallente. Looking for a corp.

I have tons of isk and an armada of ships.

My passions and specialties include Falcons, Deimos', and Crow's.

U.S. Guy in the MST.

Solarise Flares
Posted - 2009.04.08 04:47:00 - [2]

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hey hows it goen MAV :]

Alot of our members are caldari including our CEO and my alt Paat that is also seced in caldari and gallente

i think you would fit great with us
Check us out
Unnatural Growth

Solarise Flares
Posted - 2009.04.08 04:49:00 - [3]

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opps double post "stupid work computers"

Unknown Soldiers
Posted - 2009.04.08 06:01:00 - [4]

Hey there,

Please check out our thread:

Looking to increase US TZ presence.

Convo me in game for details if interested.


Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2009.04.08 06:32:00 - [5]

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Send me an eve mail and I'll check up with you as soon as we're both online at the same time, if you are interested. Go to the Linkage for general impression.

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The Blinded
Rens 911
Posted - 2009.04.08 08:55:00 - [6]

Hey MAV,

I think we might have exactly what you are looking for.

We are proud, solo pvp corp living in the middle of one of the richest regions in-game (Fountain) without pretty much any blues. We play mainly for fun. Everything else is second.

So - no blues, no taxes, no mandatory ops, no pos warfare, no dictatorship, no bull****.
On the other side, we do daily small scale pew pew with various kinds of ships (mostly sniping hacs, RR BS, close range gank BC or recons) and with a pretty experienced and relaxed bunch of guys (some ex-m0o, some ex-bob, some who participated in the recent alliance tournament and scored 2nd place) and supportive corp.

Check us out, you wont regret it

Mya ElleTerego
The Hull Miners Union
Posted - 2009.04.08 10:23:00 - [7]

Hit me up in game, we might be the right ticket, take a look at our killboard to see what were up to.
We pvp, we dont really do anything else.

The Council.
Posted - 2009.04.08 10:23:00 - [8]

convo me please...Cool

Joo C
Cute Fluffy Bunnys
Posted - 2009.04.08 10:36:00 - [9]

Edited by: Joo C on 08/04/2009 10:37:04
check us out

Kamikazee Joe
Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2009.04.08 11:21:00 - [10]

Posted - 2009.04.08 11:23:00 - [11]

Order of Shadows is currently recruiting all pilots, and of all races. We are growing fast and apart of Elite Trade Group Alliance, one of the fastest and largest growing alliances. Currently we operate in Low Sec space and are preparing to establish a POS in 0.0 space with the T.F.S. The Final Stand Alliance. We have over 12 other corporations alligned with ours to provide operations around the clock. Rather you are a PvPer, Miner, Explorer, Hauler, Researcher, or what ever your profession, we have a place for you. What we are looking for

Arrow PvP Pilots
Arrow Miners and Haulers
Arrow Capital Pilots
Arrow Scanners/Probers and Scouts
Arrow Mission Runners
Arrow Industry Item Developers
Arrow Traders
Arrow Manufacturers
Arrow Recon Pilots
Arrow Dread Pilots

What we offer to you for joining:

Arrow Access to corp hangar items and modules/ships
Arrow Vent/ and Team Speak Capability
Arrow O.O.S. Personal website and forums
Arrow Alliance website and KillBoard access
Arrow Fun Relaxed environment with friendly people
Arrow Access to low/High Sec space and 0.0 space
Arrow A great place to make friends and call home
Arrow Assistance and help with playing eve
Arrow Roaming Gangs
Arrow Online support of your mission, ship builds, technical aspects and more

We don't require you to be on vent, except as part of operations. We don't require you to do anything you don't want to or are not able to do. Play when you can, do what you want when your on. We all have family, work which comes first we respect that, you wont be kicked out for it. We have operations going 24/7 so there is always someone on and something going on.

Contact Radiofreq, HavocD, Freyastar in game or by evemail if you are interested. Check us out in game and see if you would like to make us your new home, an

Malur Fy'Lap
Solar Nexus.
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2009.04.08 15:29:00 - [12]

Hey there!

Our corp is 0.0 PvP based living up in deklein region with an approximately 700+ members in alliance. We live in a great constellation with a true sec of approx -0.9 so you'd have access to the best rats/ore and full access to stations for production/refining/etc. We also have a very successfull K/D ratio and we pride ourselves on our organization and experienced leadership. Also, we are primarily European and North American time zone pilots (half-half).

We offer daily roams and larger fleets on weekends, as well as capital fleets. We also fly with other blue alliances in the neighbourhood so there is always someone to fleet-up with. We use alliance ventrillo and our own private corp channel. We are not friendly with Goons or the ex-GBC.

If you're looking for a friendly group of guys, but with lots of EVE experience (including FCs), we may be just what you're looking for.

If you find yourself interested, please join our public channel: EU-SF Public.


Sacred Templars
Posted - 2009.04.08 15:32:00 - [13]


please contact me in-game or join our channel "Heavy Influence Public"

Nicho Void
Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.04.08 15:44:00 - [14]

Hate Incorporated

Join channel Hate Evolved for more information.

The Remnant Legion
Posted - 2009.04.08 16:43:00 - [15]

Hello MAV, If you think you have the right stuff. Please contact me about our corp and KIA alliance.


More about us.

The Brotherhood of Suicidal Preists are looking for PVP passionate pilots.

As integral part of the KIA alliance we offer the opportunity to fly with some of the best PVP pilots in the game flying top notch ships.

* PVP \o/ Yes, We have regular periods of heavy ops which include High Sec War decs and 0.0 fleet combat. These heavy PVP times are followed by times of R&R to relax and recover or to engage in more PVP with friends.

We have at your disposal from the Alliance:

* PVP and plenty of it.
* Exploration space
* Mining space
* 0.0 Alliance SOV Space
* Team Speak dedicated server
* Alliance Killboard and Forums

Support given to you by Corp:

* Friendly corp (+50 members currently)
* Corp Forum
* PVP kill mail payment system
* Logistics to and from 0.0 as needed

Requirements :

* We suggest a 10 mil SP minimum but exceptions can be made for the right individual on a case by case basis.
* Sec status higher than -2.0. If you were a Pirate, we are not and we require you to get your Sec up to fight in Empire as needed.
* Api key
* Join regulary PVP ops (really, it's what we do.)
* Must have working headphones and Mic.
* Must be able to fly a t2 ship class. Be it inty, hac, recon what have you, or a t2 fit bs.
* COAD is a no fly zone.
* Must be a Team player.
* Must be self sufficient.

Our pilots are based in US and EU timezones.
We are located in Geminate or where ever the fight is.
Don't hesitate to talk to us on our public in game eve channel: Suicidal Network
Contacts: Baraccuss or Alafin

Pasen Haas
Bad Kitty Inc.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.04.08 16:56:00 - [16]

Hey MAV, check out Easter Corporation:

We're a start-up corporation in a strong, experienced PvP alliance and we're looking for PvPers such as yourself who can propel us to the top of the killboard as well as teach our newer players how to fight.

We're looking for some US-based leadership as well, and the alliance offers FC training. Easter has been having a lot of fun flying with Vanguard so far - three or four of our new members have gone on just about every PvP op we've had, and we've had a lot!

Contact me or Graius in-game. I get home in the evenings US Central time. You can also join the public channel, Easter All Year.

Point of No Return
Posted - 2009.04.08 17:49:00 - [17]

Feel free to checkout ITTC / FIFTH SYNDICATE ALLIANCE.

Link to our recruitment post --->

Or join ingame channel "ITTC Public" if you want to talk.

Bi'Atch Inc
Posted - 2009.04.08 21:22:00 - [18]

Hi there!

We might be just what you're looking for. We're a close knit lowsec & 0.0 roaming corp based in lonetrek - running small roaming gangs everyday with excellent US & EU timezone coverage. Please check out our thread (KB link within) here linky

Our recruitment channel is "Maia Public" so please feel free to stop by or alternatively contact me or Atiro Kali in-game :) I look forward to hearing from you.

Mad Shade
4S Corporation
Posted - 2009.04.09 03:31:00 - [19]

Always looking for new members who want to have fun killin.

Posted - 2009.04.09 05:22:00 - [20]

If getting into a lot of crazy empire decing and 0.0 roams interests you, check out Black-Tide channel ingame.

Missions Mining and Mayhem
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2009.04.09 07:47:00 - [21]

Please have a look. You sound like what we want.

Posted - 2009.04.09 11:02:00 - [22]

We are the Black Rainbow Knights.

We live in curse and are pure pvp corp. We have lots of targets and always lots of fun.

We mostly roam in small gangs and are in the Tenth Legion alliance.

Recruitment Post


Most of us are EU based, but some of us US, and the alliance is mostly US so there's always pvp.

Drop me a mail/convo if you are intrested or join the channel "WARMONGERS" for any info.


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