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Celestial Horizon Corp.
Posted - 2004.08.23 18:48:00 - [1]

Like somthimes at gates they can be surrounded with cord and police and sentry guns. however In addition there are small groups of ships, that are "supposidly" considerd pirates and enemies of these police yet right now the police just let them sit there and do whatever they want.

Cuase recently i was heading to a .7 system it was a long trip (20 somthin jumps) and i was ending in secure space. So i thought in my ruptur that i could go afk since once my guy stops moving he'll be in a secure area (he ended up in a .7 space, and my corp aint got any wars going on)

When i came to the screen (some ten minuits after the ship entered the system) i found my ship dead! I thought: what how could a player have kille me! looked around and saw ; general general colenel, sentry gun*5, makes nio sense so i look at my letter and it says i was killed by some sanhshas guys... and i look around and you know what i see: A pair of sanshas nation pirates with a concord placed bounty on there heads flyign in formation (well more or less, they were like 2-3km away form each other only) with some CONCORD commanders!!!!!!

I know that concord aint supposed to intefear with rats but COMON!!!!

Posted - 2004.08.23 18:58:00 - [2]


Without Reason
Posted - 2004.08.23 19:04:00 - [3]

Thats because NPC's dont roleplay.

Pirates mooch around gates and attack you while concord and sentry guns do nothing in higher sec than 0.4

Sentry guns for a friendly station will gank you if you have destroyed someones ship in 0.0-0.4 even if the person you have ganked didn't have a good standing with that corporation or the station (like they care and have to do concords job for them?)

There are many of these inconsistancies with NPC's some of which i can understand like the need for some lightweight rats for n00bs to toy with etc.

Recently these issues seem to have been partially addressed with the advent of NPC mining ops (so they do build all there kit with somethingRolling Eyes)

These inconsistancies within the game are annoying but i bet they get fixed in shiva Laughing

The Second Sons
Posted - 2004.08.23 19:19:00 - [4]

Edited by: Hanns on 23/08/2004 19:25:32
the Dev's always say they wont add certain things as its an "immersion breaker" (offline skilltraining for example)

But things like this are far worse IMHO, it really makes u remeber your only playing a game when things like this happen!

The NPC have zero AI, only way NPC in this game are anywhere near challenging, it to give them ten times your numbers, and let them cheat! (infinate cap, infinate ammo, unjammable, long lock range ect.. the list is long)

Im a pirate, but things like this really bug me, also as far as im concerned, theres way to much going on in empire, there should be NO NPC pirates at gates in empire, and very little in belts and "secret bases" just enought to keep the noobs happy till they get more exerienced!

Because i feel, to many people mooch around empire space with Zero reason to leave the saftey of 0.5 and above, take a look at the map, and see just how little people are outside 0.5 systems, its quite sad, and every day CCP add more reasons for people to not want to leave empire, empire space is Safer than ever now, (criminal flagging, uber sentries ect..) was Piracy and PVP really that bad before all these changes?? or have CCP just become to accustomed to catering the whims of the non PVP'ers?

Shamis Orzoz
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2004.08.23 19:38:00 - [5]

I've complained about this for a while. Pretty stupid to have concord next to npc pirates.

Joshua Calvert
Rule One
Posted - 2004.08.23 19:59:00 - [6]

I'd love it if CCP just removed all Faction/CONCORD ships around gates and instead made them randomly appear at gates as if they were patrolling.

This would then fit in with NPC's appearing at a gate until they pwned you or CONCORD warped in to attack them - it'd be neat to warp to a gate to see some CONCORD frigates taking out a bunch of Gurista's Arrogators or something.

It would add so much to the feel and atmosphere of the game.

Something else I'd like would be to see "smacktalk" in local from Gurista Arrogator's and CONCORD:

Gurista Arrogator > Feel the wrath of my Civilian Railgun, CONCORD n00b!
CONCORD Major > [ 2004.08.02 18:33:28 ] (combat) Your 425mm Prototype I Gauss Railgun 1 perfectly strikes Gurista Arrogator, wrecking for 833.2 damage.
Gurista Arrogator > Can someone pick up my can? :(


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