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Eran Laude
Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2009.04.04 06:27:00 - [91]

1. SSV Normandy [Mass Effect] - KICKASS PEWPEWPEW OMG O_O - that ending cutscene where it blew the **** out of Sovereign was kewl Razz

2. Battlestar Pegasus [BSG Re-imagined] - why did they kill Pegasus . . . why . . . foolish scriptwriters! Q_Q

3. ISG Ishimura [Deadspace] - Minus the zombies, it would be quite cool to have a class of huge "planet crackers" in EVE that go around stripping planets of chunks of their surface for ore.

Blaidd Dwrg
Posted - 2009.04.04 06:30:00 - [92]


Santiago Fahahrri
Galactic Geographic
Posted - 2009.04.04 06:44:00 - [93]

The Defiant.

Darathor Omegie
Posted - 2009.04.04 06:57:00 - [94]

The Lex.

Might not be the most shiny and posh of scifi ship's.. but It has a nice amount of fire power per size and manuverability.

+ It can destroy a planet quicker then a deathstar and the only fuel it needs is enemy ships or maybe a piece of the amarr homeworld for lunch..hehe

Chunder Corp
Posted - 2009.04.04 07:04:00 - [95]

Space Battleship Yamato aka The Argo from Starblazers.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.04.04 08:20:00 - [96]

Cylon baseship from Galactica first serie, would made a good cap / super cap,baseship

Posted - 2009.04.04 08:32:00 - [97]

from babylon 5:
Shadow Battlecruiser,
Hyperion Heavy Cruiser,
Narn Heavy Cruiser.

from Farscape:
PK Command Carrier

Eve Liberation Force
OWN Alliance
Posted - 2009.04.04 09:11:00 - [98]

This baby, right here.

Nothing tops a ship with an axe.

Nigel Sheldon
Skaro Mining Reborn
Posted - 2009.04.04 10:41:00 - [99]


sans mad computer ;)

Steve Zodiak
Posted - 2009.04.04 11:15:00 - [100]

Fireball XL5

Posted - 2009.04.04 12:47:00 - [101]

Glad im not the only one that remembers the Argo/Yamato. I dont feel so old now! Would make one heck of a battleship!

Raxxius Maelstrom
Posted - 2009.04.04 12:51:00 - [102]

gonna go for the Homeworld ships as well.

Would love those battlecruisers.

Bucky O'Hair
Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2009.04.04 13:25:00 - [103]

Anything from the Honor Harrington universe, (a series of books from authors David Weber)
I would love to have a Pod laying super dreadnaught

Nerogk Shorn
Posted - 2009.04.04 14:03:00 - [104]

Originally by: TimMc
Alot of the ships form Homeworld and Freespace 2.

omg, you just nailed my top 2 games of all time. Freespace 2 ships never felt very pretty though. They seemed as practical as it gets, so playing the game felt so real. Such a good game.

Seifer Al'Masy
Adhocracy Incorporated
Posted - 2009.04.04 14:11:00 - [105]

Edited by: Seifer Al''Masy on 04/04/2009 14:16:37

Really, its the only Sci-Fi ship out of Eve that i know.
(Never was fan os Star Wars, so don't ask...)

EDIT: i just forgot something... The REAL Ragnarok Twisted Evil

- Seifer

Royal Hiigaran Navy
South Pole Dancers
Posted - 2009.04.04 15:27:00 - [106]

Edited by: Leviathan9 on 04/04/2009 15:27:45
The Normandy from Mass Effect, man i'd love to fly that ship. Also any ship from Homeworld.

Guy Fawkes Trust Fund
31ST Reliables Division
Posted - 2009.04.04 16:22:00 - [107]

Originally by: Pater Peccavi
I'd like a Death Star, with the exception that I would plug up a certain flaw in the thermal exhaust port Very Happy

With regards to the Syphilis channel, supposedly they actually tested the new name with groups. I say supposedly, since I have a hard time thinking of anyone who would actually think it was a good name, outside of marketing execs who have no clue about the audience they're marketing to.

Man, beat me to it - so what you're looking for is the second, revised Death Star, which if completed would have fixed that vulnerability as I'm sure you recall.

So I'll have to settle for a Super Star Destroyer :D

Matari Visionary Coalition
Posted - 2009.04.04 16:31:00 - [108]

I've always like the Narn Bin'tak from Babylon 5.

Posted - 2009.04.04 16:47:00 - [109]

Bastards took mine already!!! Defiant and homeworld ships. From any of the 3 games.

Rotary Cuff
Posted - 2009.04.04 18:07:00 - [110]

Cylon baseship from the newer battlestar galactica serie. Love the look of those things, and they already use missiles.

Quantar Raalsken
Posted - 2009.04.04 18:22:00 - [111]

All this talk of Homeworld is making me want to use nothin but gammas all day long

either that or go have fun with a thrasher, since a bunch of arties and a missle launcher pretty much sums up the Hiigaran destroyer Cool

Istvaan Shogaatsu
Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2009.04.04 18:37:00 - [112]

Centurion from Privateer.

Tharri and Co.
Posted - 2009.04.04 18:49:00 - [113]

Originally by: Major Templar
Edited by: Major Templar on 03/04/2009 17:40:20
Nova Class Destroyer, Omega Class Destroyer, or Warlock Class Destroyer from Babylon 5.

Or maybe a Battlestar. Very Happy

I want an Omega too.
Also, starfury and a whitestar.

Kyoko Sakoda
Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.04.04 18:55:00 - [114]

Bombers from the Homeworld series.

Nutz N Boltz
Posted - 2009.04.04 19:33:00 - [115]

Edited by: Ehronn on 04/04/2009 19:34:59
The Nostromo

The Nostromo from Aliens

Sodom Eye Systems
Posted - 2009.04.04 19:58:00 - [116]

The Pyro GX

Perfect for disrupting mining operations.

X-Factor Industries
Synthetic Existence
Posted - 2009.04.04 20:26:00 - [117]

Hmm, lots of ships I'd like to fly really...

For being just about the most iconic fighter spaceship in game history:
Vic Viper (Nemesis/Gradius series)

For being something that could actually work if it was made for real:
Starfury (Babylon 5)

For just being super badass:
SDF-1 (Macross/Robotech)

For being so obscure that it's nigh impossible to find a proper picture of it:
OTZ weaponship (Earth Star Voyager) Needs the Voyager ship to go in the opening in the front

There's plenty of other ships I'd like though.

Ishan Mons
Posted - 2009.04.04 21:25:00 - [118]

Progenitor Dreadnought

all the ships from cataclysm especially drone, ramming(YEEE HAAAWWW!), multibeam

Ponderous Thunderstroke
Republic War Machine Industries
Posted - 2009.04.04 23:00:00 - [119]

Originally by: Quantar Raalsken
All this talk of Homeworld is making me want to use nothin but gammas all day long

either that or go have fun with a thrasher, since a bunch of arties and a missle launcher pretty much sums up the Hiigaran destroyer Cool

Makes me want to wardec the Royal Hiigaran Navy, except that they'd pretty much beat me senseless and then exile me to the legendary dungeon system EL-KAPWNT.

Tsumei Meyren
Creative Cookie Procuring
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2009.04.04 23:06:00 - [120]

The heart of Gold - As simple as that. Even though it can't make a decent tea, atleast it has the Improbability drive.

That would be *****in'

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