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Ornery Cantankerous Curmudgeons
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:15:00 - [421]

Nice vid. Everything has already been said about how great it is. (:

My wishes:
1) Dire and John Rourke get together to make a video. They've both raised the bar with their videos in their own ways. I'd love to see what they could come up with together.

2) Subtitles for the hard of hearing. Kind of like how it was done for Clear Skies. Clear Skies downloads and other links

3) To be able to read the original thread from when the chronicle, The Breakout, was released. The forum doesn't go back that far. I'd like to know who wrote it, and what's the author's take on his or her story being made into such a great video.

4) Dire wrote:
Initially I tried making this in 3DS Max with hilariously bad results. (I might post up some of the initial shots for a laugh one day).

I'd like to see these. (:

5) Moar videos based on chronicles or back stories!

6) Stevie acting in Clear Skies 2. (:

Tempest Kane
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:19:00 - [422]

Would it be possible for CCP to publish the 'cut-down' version of their video tools for public use? Im sure the quality of eve-video's would sky rocket as a result.

In anycase this video was excelent, great stuff.

Dhejay Centrix
Destructive Influence
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:19:00 - [423]



Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:19:00 - [424]

Holy ****balls.

I've watched it 5 times already.

Amazing job sir, and truly sensational voice work Stevie.

Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:19:00 - [425]

Edited by: Yon89 on 30/03/2009 21:29:16
i just ****ed in my pantsRazz

Edit: It is awsome !!!!!!!!

Beach Boys
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:19:00 - [426]

Sir You WIN of EVE

Abraxis Kane
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:20:00 - [427]

Truely inspireing, to call this vid simply amazeing would be an insult at best. I was inspired not only to become more involved in the game, but to create my own fiction as well. Thank for all your hard work.

Victor Mason
Mercurialis Inc.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:21:00 - [428]

Pure sex wee :D

Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:23:00 - [429]

An excellent video, very well done to all involved!

Now go and make another one!


Antiochus Laetus
Triton Research
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:24:00 - [430]

Originally by: Archiaron
Are you kidding me??? This is fan-made!!! WOW this video should be the damn intro video for caldari imo, then again they already outnumber everyone else...

please do more videos Dire, I never thought I'd ever see a video more wellmade then Clear Skies but dammit this is by far the best eve video made. It's better then even what CCP has managed to put together. Will just have to see if even clear skies 2 can come close to the epicness of this video

/rock on

Exactly what I was gonna say

Outstanding Video.

The Graduates
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:25:00 - [431]

Thats quite an effort, really great work! Narrator was fitting in too...

Landerin's Secretary
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:26:00 - [432]

Just totally totally epic beyond belief.......Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy

Posted - 2009.03.30 21:27:00 - [433]

Edited by: Dmian on 30/03/2009 21:28:26

Devs should put this video on the billboards instead of the ugly faces and dumb slogans...
Broadcast this video throughout the galaxy! Very Happy

Jebidus Skari
Comply Or Die
Drunk 'n' Disorderly
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:32:00 - [434]

lol as everyone is saying - amazing talent dude.

Recreation Of The World
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:35:00 - [435]

woooooow that's a lot of devs replies... gotta see this :P

Todd Jaeger
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:37:00 - [436]

Great work, Dire. You never fail to impress.

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:37:00 - [437]

Absolutely brilliant. If you have the time/energy, please do more.

Vampir3 Un3xist
The 7 Mercenaries
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:40:00 - [438]

Nice job !

Khandara Seraphim
Fallout Project
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:42:00 - [439]

Stunning vid.

Tbh, if i were CCP I would watch this video and ask myself, "what is different between EVE and this?", and then base the next revamp of graphics / sounds / effects on the answers.

I know you're working very hard etc etc but tell me those cinematic battles wouldn't be ****ing incredible if we could have them in game.

Wings of Turul
HUN Reloaded
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:46:00 - [440]

Awesome! Can't wait to see your next movie! Wink

Posted - 2009.03.30 21:47:00 - [441]

Awesomeness in its purest form. Four thumbs up of two possible.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:48:00 - [442]


Most impressive Exclamation

Viper ShizzIe
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:48:00 - [443]

Not bad.

Vuk Lau
4S Corporation
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:51:00 - [444]

Fecking awesome

CCP Diagoras

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:51:00 - [445]

Absolutely awesome stuff! Surprised

Posted - 2009.03.30 21:51:00 - [446]

pro job mate... rates as an epic Cool

tbh CCP u need to hire this guy

DaiZ Do
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:51:00 - [447]

I hope you hired that guy already!

Posted - 2009.03.30 21:52:00 - [448]

Wooooooooo hoooooooo!!!!! Thank you and more please - a lot mwoarrrrrr!!! Very Happy

Mad Cow Inc.
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:53:00 - [449]

Great job ! Awesome effects, give this man a job at CCP ! The vid gave me a warm fuzzy feeling..

This is the best Caldari Recruitment video ever.. Now make one for Gallante !

Dutch East Empire Company
Posted - 2009.03.30 21:53:00 - [450]

Just plain awesome. Shocked

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