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Archimedes XVII
Posted - 2009.03.28 05:38:00 - [91]

All I can say is this now makes the incredibly clumsy probing system incredibly boring.

When it takes a straight-5s prober all of his online time per day (2 or so hours) to make sure he hasn't missed that critical wormhole to known space there has to be something wrong.

And staring at those flashing white rotating lines for several hours is enough to drive anyone batty.

Deeps space probes at least used to help "filter" the type of contacts you were looking for. If some new probe could be used to tell us what contacts are in a general area, but not zero-range them, then I'd maybe reconsider using this clutzy system.


- Click/drag command interface. That is the sum total of our command option. Click and drag... and see which random effect it produces. Will it rotate the map? Will it warp you to somewhere you don't want to go? Will it unwantedly resize a probe sphere? Will it throw up a useless popup window? Why not add a few separator commands... such as <alt>click-drag for rotating, <shift>click-drag for moving probe ranges etc. Too hard?

- Inability to "mark" sites already probed so that you don't probe them down a second or third time. This is largely due to the large "bounce" that signals have. Even bookmarks don't help much until you have zeroed in closer... then you have to start the filter process over again. Signal strength can be used to help this a little, but it depends on the number on contacts in a system.

Kommander Kool
Infinite Improbability Inc
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2009.03.28 10:18:00 - [92]

Edited by: Kommander Kool on 28/03/2009 10:21:13

I'll try and keep this short and sweet. I no longer use deep space probes, there is no point.

- They aren't 100% accurate at 256, so I can't use them like a multispec.
- I start scanning at 32Au on most systems anyways (as they fit in 32au).
- They don't reduce my scanning time at all, because I have to swap to core after 30 seconds.

Should've just increased the min range to 8au, or even 16. Waste of time training Astrometrics V at the moment as I can't even find a magnetometric in a .3 system with a cov ops.

Narfas Deteis
Posted - 2009.03.28 11:07:00 - [93]

Originally by: Polcor Rodal
Edited by: Polcor Rodal on 25/03/2009 11:01:49

Because one of the biggest problem in eve is the timebased skillsystem. Nobody trains
Skills like Astrometric on V - unless you are playing longterm, where a 2 week skill is
highly appreciated.

Problem with Astro V is not that you get better, the problem is that you reach an utterly
new level of usefullness for which Astro V is the entry, not the end.

Watching eve getting simplified for nearly 3 years now, and every year we have one or two
times when they (have to ?) nerf the vets (or at least the high SP chars).

Face it. Eve is broken the seed was planted from the beginning, and without a game redesign it cant get fixed.

Create an alt, burn all you money from your main while pirating, and say goodbye to
eve. The game is "evolving" towards the average.

And sooner or later there will be something new on the market. Maybe even from CCP.
Who knows

I mean they have drawn away their senior developer crew long ago, to develop World of
Darkness - which will be released "soon". Guess Eve is just the cash cow to fund this.
So make it attractive for everyone.

Thank you for this comment. I feel exactly the same, but I'm afraid World of Darkness will be also designed as "attractive for everyone" and "towards the averange" because... why not?
Looks like CCP wants new players and don't care much about loyal customers. EVE seems to be more and more like many other games. It looses its originality. Maybe that's good marketing plan, maybe not. I'm sure there's more trial accouts then ever.

Imperator Jora'h
Posted - 2009.03.28 12:46:00 - [94]

Edited by: Imperator Jora''h on 28/03/2009 12:46:08
Originally by: Henglar
What bothers me most is that the devs said nothing about this issue. Not even a single comment or an explanation. And even now they ignore their customers and still give us no comment or explanation. I really dont understand it. Confused

I find this rather odd too. Generally they give at least a cursory explanation, ask for our thoughts and then ignore us and do whatever anyway. Laughing

(partly in joke but really)

Konrad Wachsmann
Salvage and Mining Consortium
Posted - 2009.03.31 16:30:00 - [95]

Indeed a very bad move, Deep Space just aren't useful since you have to be bothered switching them out for cores. Should have kept them as they were, when they weren't broken, now they are.

Posted - 2009.04.01 17:29:00 - [96]

Seriously...bad move...hell there isn't even a devblog or reason for the nerf other than listening to all the poor newbies who whined that 0.0 w-space was too hard for them and they were being found too easy.

My understanding is the base scan is divided by 2 for each level up from 0.25, I could be wrong, but at 2au a core has a scan strength of 5. What is the point of deep space probes if they have the same scan strength? 5 base with base range of 2 au? The whole reason deep space were effective before is that they could locate wormholes because they had a strength 10 at 4AU which in most cases was enough to figure out it was a hole and large enough radius to not have to scan the whole system with a quad of 1au probes. I thought the changes to the probing system was to make it easier for those who were not hardcore probers. This revert is a huge step backwards and makes probing in wormholes impossible because there are so many damn sigs within 1au that you have to scan every damn one out and warp to it rather than picking out the wormholes in 10 minutes it now takes over an hour and still they usually deviate away. Twice I had a hole to 75% with 2au with core only to lose it completely when I switched to 1 au. Scanning is broken, probing is pointless now.

Deep space were better when they were as strong as before, so what if that means people can probe out newbies in w-space faster, it is easy to avoid a prober. Rolling Eyes

My skills-
Astrometrics 5
Pinpointing 5
Acquisition 4
Rangefinding 4

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