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Genesis Nation
Posted - 2009.03.20 13:20:00 - [1]

So, I was having a little fun with a corpmate. Decided to bring out my old SB, a Nemesis. He brought a t1 frigate (incursus) for me to shoot at. In the old days, I would have killed him, the special role the SB has. However, he almost killed me...

Why? Well, because his afterburner provided him with about 800m/s, and my missiles lost most of their damage because of that.
We decided to check on a stationary target and... wtf? Still didn't do enough damage to break his tank fast...
Conclusion: 200k t1 frigate > 20m t2 stealthbomber. That needs fixing in my book ;)

To quote the stealthbomber description of the nemesis:
Name: Nemesis
Hull: Tristan Class
Role: Stealth Bomber

Specifically engineered to fire cruise missiles, stealth bombers represent the next generation in covert ops craft. Advanced techniques in spatial distortion technology enable them to potentially fly faster when cloaked than when uncloaked - a fact which, coupled with their considerable firepower, makes them extremely dangerous in the hands of an accomplished pilot.

In addition, stealth bombers' extremely advanced missile navigation subroutines are able to triangulate a cruise missile's trajectory in advance, resulting in a decreased factor of signature radius and making the missile more effective against smaller targets.

Please, please make the stealthbombers perform at least his role again. Being a danger to any small target.
(Then I'm not even bugging you guys yet about the whole stealth thing and the whole pre-launch trajectory thing.)

The Motley Crew Reborn
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2009.03.20 13:28:00 - [2]

Edited by: Lifelongnoob on 20/03/2009 13:28:54
stealth bombers also need to be able to use covert cloaks

the idea of the stealth bomber is to get in undetected and bomb bomb bomb

Posted - 2009.03.20 13:42:00 - [3]

Oh, the bombs... what a joke.

We honestly tried to get SOME use out of them. Had this nice plan of getting timely intel about a roaming/moving gang, jumping ahead of them and using a dictor to suck the gang past the exit gate. There we had bunch of bombers correctly positioned, given the "launch!" command to send their bombs to the rough edge of the first interdiction sphere, inside the second sphere where the targets were landing.

Not one kill, ffs. Since active tanking is more or less "broken" in PvP, everyone is running shield buffers if they can. Blobs also like to DD proof themselves.

I can't really think other than occacional clueless noob in ill fitted ship or haulers being blown up, even with multiple bombs. ...and alot cheaper solutions work just as fine for those.

So, yes, I think they suck big time. If you have proven them in practise (NOT in your imagination and/or EFT), I would like to hear about it, so I can change my opinion about them being a complete joke into something else...

Poor Stealth Bombers, they really have sucked most of their existance. They did have their time in the sun with damps and were still usable before the wretched missile over-nerf. Sad

Vall Kor
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2009.03.20 13:47:00 - [4]

I agree SBs need some looking into. The devs can be totally deaf and dumb to the current state of this ship class.

Amberle Vale
Posted - 2009.03.20 17:06:00 - [5]

All missile boats should be hitting the ships they were designed to kill for full damage. The whole system needs to be revisted. Missiles are obsolete in their current iteration.

Genesis Nation
Posted - 2009.03.21 00:57:00 - [6]

Would like some more replies and some ideas as to how to solve this problem. With so many of you posting on the forums, how hard can it be?

Replies and ideas so far:
- Missiles should actually be able to hit stuff they're made against
- Cov ops cloak for SB
- Perhaps change the bonuses for the SB

Posted - 2009.03.21 09:52:00 - [7]

Give the bombs more HP... Using racial ships and racial bonbs... you can't launch more than 8 bombs in 1 squad without them destroying other bombs of the same type... ( with each pilot with bomb deployment at lvl 3/4)

Tranquility Industries
Posted - 2009.03.21 10:24:00 - [8]

Stealth Bombers indeed need improving, the main points would be:

Covert Ops Cloak (it is a Stealth Bomber after all)
Bonus to Missile Explosion Velocity to compensate for QR missile changes
Bonus to Missile Velocity to compensate for long ranges at which the SB does its job
Allow more than one Bomb Launcher to be fitted, make them cheaper and if possible, they should still go off if the SB was destroyed.

The Stealth Bomber should not need the other Covert Ops stuff (cyno etc), just the Cloak, leave the Cyno to the Scanner Frigs.

Long Dong Corp
Intergalactic Exports Group
Posted - 2009.03.21 13:15:00 - [9]

Agree, it needs to be able to use cov ops cloak.

Aiko Intaki
Lodizal Shield Tek
Lodizal Conglomerate
Posted - 2009.03.21 14:44:00 - [10]


- Allow stealth bombers use of the cov-ops cloak.

To fix cruise missiles on a stealth bomber:

- Create a new missile launcher type (stealth cruise launcher, or some such thing).
- Create new cruise-damage equivalent ammunition for that missile launcher type with statistics that will prevent them from becoming useless against small, fast targets.
- Restrict the use of these missiles to the new launcher, and restrict the new launcher to stealth bombers.

...a cleaner solution (if possible):

- Introduce a new standard cruise ammunition type that has the statistics that will prevent them from becoming useless against small, fast targets... but also comes with an obscene CPU penalty such that they can't functionally be equipped by any ship.
- Increase the cruise missile launcher fitting bonus of stealth bombers to permit use of these new missiles.

To fix bombs:

- No clue... I never use them.

Rook Fischer
Posted - 2009.03.21 14:58:00 - [11]

I also agree. SBs need to be re-balanced.

Zey Nadar
Unknown Soldiers
Posted - 2009.03.21 23:16:00 - [12]

Edited by: Zey Nadar on 21/03/2009 23:15:51
Give stealth bombers a role bonus to cruise missile explosion radius or speed that makes them useful against smaller targets.

Make them more agile. Currently they turn and warp like in submerged in molasses.

I have no experience about bombs so I cannot comment on them.

Farsi Caldoran
The Forge of Willpower
Posted - 2009.03.22 12:55:00 - [13]

I agree with this, buff the explosion radius bonus, covert cloak. Leave the explosion velocity as it is though. They are stealth bombers not stealth dogfighters. Just my $0.02


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