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Xira Xarien
Sith Squirrels
Posted - 2009.03.15 18:55:00 - [1]

Edited by: Xira Xarien on 15/03/2009 18:57:48
This is the advertisement for the Progenitor Corporation, the Academy to join before joining the AWECO Corporation in the Intrepid Crossing Alliance.

The Progenitor Corporation

The Goals of Progenitor Corporation:

  • Recruiting and Training players to eventually join the AWECO Corporation in 0.0.

  • Providing a place to train your skills, earn ISK, meet new people, form new friendships and follow basic and advanced Classes.

For new (er) players we offer a Corporation, chat channel and plenty people to help with everything, from answering questions to helping out with missions and forming mining gangs and Wormhole exploration fleets.
Once your skills are trained and followed Classes and if you think you are ready to go, sign up for the bus, which goes every month.

For experienced players we offer a Corporation and a chat channel with AWE people who can explain how AWE operates in 0.0.
If you are playing EVE for a while but do not have PvP experience and want to learn more, PRCP has an account with AGONY.
If you have the skills and PvP experiences how to survive and live in 0.0 you can sign up for a fast-track course.

What we do not do:

  • Pirating
    Container flipping

Basic Requirements:

The Basic Requirement to join the Progenitor Corporation is that you are not on a trial account.
Once youíre in PRCP and want to join the AWE in 0.0 youíll need certain skills to train. These are listed on our forums.

Our policy is to have fun because EVE is a game, and games are supposed to be fun.
However 0.0 is a harsh and hostile area, although IRC tries to keep its territory clean and safe, discipline is needed.
The discipline training starts simple in PRCP, we will always tell you:
  • Update your clone
    Insure T1 ships
    Use Jump Clones
    Donít fly what you cannot afford to lose

And more tips & tricks concerning how to fight, survive and die.

Contact Information:

[email protected]

Xira Xarien
Zedd Al'thor

You can apply via the Progenitor Corporation Website: Application

Xira Xarien
Sith Squirrels
Posted - 2009.03.15 18:59:00 - [2]

Edited by: Xira Xarien on 20/04/2009 12:52:04
The AWECO Corporation

Nobody can join the AWECO Corporation directly. Players will have to go via the Progenitor Corporation first.
The AWECO Corporation is almost 5 years old and now one of the biggest corporation in the Intrepid Crossing Alliance.

What we do:

  • Patrolling IRC Territory
  • Roaming in hostile space

  • Exploring 0.0 Wormholes

  • Defending friendly systems.

  • Conquering hostile systems.

  • Regular exploration sites (combat, mining)

  • Ratting Ė kill Drone rats & sell their alloys

  • Mining Ė Mercoxit, Arkonor, Bistot, Crokite in AWE assigned systems.

What we offer:

0.0 Accomodation ( Etherium Reach and Malpais ) see Verite Influence map for IRC space (Drone Regions)

see EVE Strategic Map for Member, Sovereignty & Outpost History Graphs

PvP! Check the AWECO Killboard Statistics AWE Killboard

Jump Bridge Infrastructure for transport ore, alloys, ships and modules to all IRC Outposts.

What we donít do:


Basic Requirements:

You can only join this corporation if youíve followed the Progenitor skill training plan.
Furthermore: Ventrilo is a must, as well an account on the IRC forum.
Contact Information:
See Progenitor Corporation Contact Information.

Xira Xarien
Sith Squirrels
Posted - 2009.03.15 19:05:00 - [3]

Edited by: Xira Xarien on 02/06/2009 15:13:47

1) IRC Policy: "If it isn't fun, why play?"
2) Anti-pirate & Anti-smack, no exceptions
3) We respect the Priority of Real Life

4) Empire Based Academy to Prepare New Pilots + FAQ ( FAQ )
5) Fast Track To 0.0 for Experienced Pilots ( Progenitor Corporation )
6) Training and advice in PvP (and EVE the Game) if required, from experienced pilots
7) Full advice on skill planning and progression

8) Mandatory Home Defense Policy and Call to Arms ( no one ducks a fight )
9) 0.0 Accomodation ( Etherium Reach and Malpais ) ( see Influence map (
10) Multiple alliance stations ( 10 Outposts in total ) - ( see EVE Strategic Map )
11) Allies: Etheral Dawn; xDeathx & others!

12) AWECO Killboard Statistics ( AWE Killboard )
13) Intrepid Crossing Killboard ( IRC Killboard )
14) Lucrative Drone Ratting To Support Your PvP Addiction! Economic model that works!
15) Arkanor, Bistot, Crokite, Ochre, Mercoxit & more in multiple constellations!
16) Jump Bridge Infrastructure supporting mining, ratting & PvP!

17) Alliance over 1500 pilots! Online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! - Facts: ( see DOTLAN info )
18) Ventrilo server ( Questions & Answers available )
19) Active Forum with 1000+ registered members

20) We recruit dedicated players, so we ask for a limited API code.

If you would like more information before applying contact:

* Cyern
* GordonH
* Xira Xarien
* Zedd Al'thor

Xira Xarien
Sith Squirrels
Posted - 2009.03.16 21:33:00 - [4]

Posted - 2008.04.15

I have been in IRC's empire academy Progenitor Corp for over a month now and I will soon leave to IRCs 0.0 system.
The empire corp is run by a solid group of experienced players who are more than happy to help organize less experienced players like me.
They have people on hand to help new players with all the basics like regular mission running, mining ops, trading/industry, cosmos missions and supplying ship mods and at-cost ships etc .
During the last month I have participated in a few empire wars which senior corp members have used as opportunities to initiate and train new players in PVP -
I took a long break from EVE (on a side note: thank you Privateers Alliance for the fun empire pvp training).
On a plus note the corp and alliance are very well organized, however this does mean that there are quite a few rules and regulations that members need to take seriously, and as such I would say this corp would appeal more to older or more team oriented players rather than to younger solo minded players who hate rules or don't like to follow orders from fleet commanders etc.
Well, that's my two cents on the last month; I will post more about my experience after I spend some time in 0.0.

Posted - 2008.04.17

These ppl have been my brothers in arms for years and I am proud of who we are. If you want to be part of a community that is growing and fighting, this is a great place to start.

We have roaming gangs and fleet battles. We are respected by our friends and enemies alike.

We are Intrepid Crossing

Posted - 2008.04.19

Great Alliance, smooth transition from Empire to 0.0

Friendly, helpful community, solid new pilot support, responsive leadership.

Posted - 2008.05.20

As a veteran pilot of PRCP I would like to say that i'm honored to fly with such a great group of pilots.

I was king of gun-shy about flying out to 0.0 in fear of falling behind and being a general nuisance to a fleet op because of my lack of knowledge.

Fortunately I was able to participate in the defense of R-6 over the last 4 days and it has boosted my confidence 10x and made me realize that i do have the skills and know-how to survive in 0.0 life.

If you are a newer player looking for a great group of pilots to fly with and the dedication to conquer and survive the harsh life of 0.0 look no further.

Also a great place for an established character looking for a new 0.0 home.

Posted - 2008.05.28


If you're reading this, it means you're thinking of joining IRC, well stop reading and go apply.
If your still not convinced keep reading then apply when your done.
Joining an alliance is a big step forward in EVE.
I've been in many alliances in the 5 years I've been playing EVE and Intrepid Crossing is the BEST place I have been.
The majority of the members are friendly and helpful, no matter what you enjoy doing in eve, IRC has accommodated.
Mining, ratting or PvP, I am sure that IRC can provide it all.
There is constant roaming gangs or combat operations for those that favor PVP, however if care bearing it up is your thing, there is always a mining op going on and usually more than one with enough space that pretty much each person could have their own asteroid belt or two.

Xira Xarien
Sith Squirrels
Posted - 2009.03.16 21:34:00 - [5]

Lim Duel:

Posted - 2008.05.28

I have been in PRCP for over a month now and I've had a great time.
The training you get is invaluable and fun.
I've had the pleasure of being involved in 2 empire wars and going out to 0.0 for pvp ops.

There are plenty of people around all parts of empire to help out with missioning and mining all you have to do is ask.
Don't hesitate to contact a staff member to ask questions. JOIN JOIN JOIN.... you know you want to!

- Lim

Posted - 2008.06.01

Pop along today, I myself have been a member of IRC in some form or another for well over a year now, and I have to say in all my time of playing eve since 03, the time I have spent with these guys has been the most enjoyable and with so much variety we have abit of everything for everyone.

Contact one of us ingame, via evemail or even email us on the addy below - I am sure you will be happy with us :)
The Progenitor Gatekeepers are:
Gordonh, Xira Xarien.

Anarchis Zanas
Posted - 2008.07.19

Come on guys - sign up.
This is without doubt the best alliance/corp that i have ever had the pleasure of being a member of.
They are helpful and understanding of individual player needs which is unusual for an alliance of this size.
I have had my fair share of issues in R/L the latest being an ISP one but thats resolved today - point is, let them know and they will accomodate.

Good leadership and team work - join a superb alliance, join the best
IRC all the way

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2009.03.16 22:30:00 - [6]

Been flying with PRCP and the alliance in general for well over a year now, pretty much since my first character left trial. I've had fun coming to worship the squirrel god flying with the guys in PRCP, especially the CEO- I've never seen someone more dedicated to his corp than Gordon.

Also; get ready for the PRCP tradition of singing Bannana Phone before every op. Twisted Evil

Aria Sharri
AWE Corporation
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2009.03.16 23:12:00 - [7]

For me, my time in PRCP was a tremendous learning experience. It takes a while for a new person to learn the game, but the good people of PRCP helped bring me up to speed much more quickly than I could have done on my own. I met some awesome people and learned a lot about character, corporation and alliance interactions as a member of the staff. Itís a great experience for me.

Posted - 2009.03.16 23:51:00 - [8]

I've been through PRCP and now are in AWE since 2007, has been a blast, making good money and got a lot of pewpew, as long as you're ready to pull your weight off , we are strong for team work and you will learn a lot.

Posted - 2009.03.17 01:37:00 - [9]

I've only been in PRCP a couple weeks and am moving to AWE soon, and it's been fun so far. It seems like a good learning experience for the new pilots and a pretty quick and easy move to a well organized alliance for us more experienced players. I'm looking forward to my time in AWE and 0.0.

Aron Kobalt
Posted - 2009.03.17 08:40:00 - [10]

I've come to EVE late - Oct '08. After doing missions for a while in high sec. I realized, I miss something. Company.
I talked to my friend, who was already in AWE and then joined PRCP.

Things went fast and smooth and I was in 0.0 in no time, sharing fleets with eperienced pilots. I can't say how nice it has been to learn from adult and responsible people.

Now I'm in 0.0 enjoying every minute of it and making sure, IRC grows stronger every day.

Aron Kobalt

The Knights Templar
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2009.03.17 20:32:00 - [11]

When I was based out of Empire, I tried missions, mining, and manufacturing trying to find something more interesting in the game. I wish earlier someone had told me the fact that 0.0 = Eve Online, and all that empire space is an accessory.

When I decided to give nosec a shot I pretty much chose PRCP by random. I guess it's lucky that I made the right choice.

One of the best things about PRCP was the mixture between people with far greater experience, and players who were still in the early stages of the game. This made a great learning environment for making the transition to nosec. The pool of experienced members also made it a lot of fun when anyone dared to wardec us.

Since the move to 0.0 I've continued to learn an enormous amount from all around good people. One thing I have learned is that the only thing that keeps unwanted people out of your space is the presence of well trained people waiting for them to try. This has been demonstrated again and again by dedicated members creating a wall built on respect to maintain our right to our territory. It's also interesting to get a front row seat to (and participate in) the dynamics between player run organizations in an environment without rules. Once again I wished someone could have told me about IRC a couple years ago.


Posted - 2009.03.17 21:26:00 - [12]

I started playing eve and doing all the care bear stuff and it got real boring really fast. Then one of my friends turned me on the PRCP and needless to say I was no longer bored. I got my first taste of PVP and now I am hooked ( not really good but hooked). Thanks to GordonH and the staff of PRCP I am now a happy member of AWE. I had the most fun flying around space with Gordon and all the guys in PRCP it was always a relaxed atomsphere except when Havvie played the Banana Phone Song but it was good luck. Now I still have fun flying with all my new buddies in AWE and it is AWEsome.
Dagena YARRRR!!

Dr Shameless
2nd Blood Raven Assault Squad
Majesta Empire
Posted - 2009.03.17 21:54:00 - [13]

Ever since i joined PRCP and later AWE i felt like i'm at the right place. My previous career of a high-sec dweller was quite boring so being part of such awesome group of players made me enjoy the game like never before. Because of my previous history i was able to join AWE directly but chose to join PRCP first to prepare myself for the zero-sec life. In PRCP i have experienced how the alliance operates, how can i be of value to it and have met there all the nice and fun people who contribute to its success. The graduation to AWE was the natural outcome of my positive experience.

I endorse this product and/or service ugh

Posted - 2009.03.17 22:34:00 - [14]

I've only recently joined PRCP and the game itself as well.

Being European I couldn't quite find a Coorp at first and I didn't wanted to join a large coorp.
But since most coorps mainly consist of Americans (at least, that's what I experianced so far) I decided to apply for PRCP with the hope of meeting more Europeans to talk to.
And that I did!

The coorp consists of fellow newbies as me with a good combination of vetrans who help you learn the game and guide you trough the mountains of information. So far I'm enjoying both the game as the company I have amongst me and I don't see me quitting either soon!

Posted - 2009.03.18 00:41:00 - [15]

As for me, I found the alliance by chance.. through the recruitment channel. I've been through many corporations/alliances and by far, MAMBA/IRC has been the most worth-while corp/alliance to fight for. I only play Eve Online to decimate my enemies, IRC gives me that chance. Therefore, I've taken it further then I thought and to this day. Will never regret being a loyal member of the alliance. If its melting ships that you want, then IRC has what you want.

AWE Corporation
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2009.03.18 01:46:00 - [16]


Had big problems in my last corp, in that I would log on and sometimes be the only person in Corp-Chat - Then to be pushed into running level 4 missions solo all the time was, in a word, BORING.

Now I wouldn't have you think I pay CCP money every month to be bored when I can do that quite comfortably, and considerably cheaper, from the 'sleep' position, so I started looking for a corp that had 'action' and people. It turns out PRCP and AWE have those two thing in spades.

I like the social mix of EVE, and everything that entails; Fleet-Combat, Mission-Running with buddies, and the best thing - the sharing of personal experience and knowledge freely, which truly helps out the newb as well as the newb-ish folks working towards transitioning from some lame-game like WoW (and there are many) into a real game with challenges and rewards. An honest game where you can't succeed just because you managed to rip off your parents credit card and hence have oodles of cash to spend in some lamers Item-Mall.

I have so many good thing to say about PRCP/AWE that I couldn't possibly fit them all in here, but I am 150% looking forward to tearing it up with them when the opportunity arises.

You have been warned...

Disgruntled Ninja
Posted - 2009.03.18 02:46:00 - [17]


I have been in PRCP for a couple of weeks now. Its helluva lot of fun. From the time you login to logout there is always somone to chat, mission, mine with and I don't think I've laughed so hard on vents in quite some time. When I joined I was nervous about going to 0.0 since I'm mostly a missioner.. but after a few chats on vents to numerous people I can't wait to get there.

If your looking for a helpful, fun, team oriented corp look no further.. this is it!

Posted - 2009.03.18 14:37:00 - [18]

PRCP is one of the more organized corps I have been in to date. I am very happy with joining them. Always plenty of people on, all the time. I have pretty weird hours for a US student, so its always nice to see a constant flow of people on.

The members of this corp are incredibly friendly and helpful. Never feel embarrassed to ask a question to these guys, they will help you out at the drop of a hat. Gordon has helped me numerous times and is another great guy and CEO.

The overall point of PRCP is to get you ready for 0.0, and they do a great job at that. Classes, skill plans, guidance, a great sense of teamwork, and more important then anything else.... FUN!

Posted - 2009.03.18 20:52:00 - [19]

I need to say the PRCP corp its really good you can find many helpfull people who always help you if you have any problem, and good fun on any op. My english its not to good so I don't known what say more. Any way like I said very good corp

Posted - 2009.03.19 10:45:00 - [20]

prcp is a great corp it's only the second one i joined and the only other one i'll jion is awe. but for the minute i'm have fun with prcp and don't feel good enough to go to 00 full time yet.RazzRazz

Posted - 2009.03.19 12:53:00 - [21]

PRCP and AWE are a great community. I joined a long time ago, and its been good to me. I was a carebear before i joined, but 0.0 changed the way I look at EVE. And best of all, there is always a fleet going for one thing or another, whether running plexes, shooting the new Sleepers in wormholes, mining, roaming or camping. It is definatelly fun with AWE. And its not hardcore PvP either, the allied systems are secure and pretty much red-free, so if you do not want to PvP but to mine or rat in peace, its very very possible.

Posted - 2009.03.19 16:50:00 - [22]

PRCP very good fun there are many people who ready to help. There is always someone else on no mather what the time.

The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.03.19 17:37:00 - [23]

Great team, good fun with an active, friendly (and patient!) CEO. Much variety and interaction within (and outside) the Corp.

Highly recommended.

Posted - 2009.03.19 19:54:00 - [24]

Though I fast tracked into AWE so didn't spend long in PRCP, I can say that it was very well run by Gordon who is one of the most dedicated corp leaders around. PRCP prepares people prior to 0.0 and is growing further in this ability. PRCP also play a useful part in the alliance, flying ops in 0.0 when required and supporting the alliance in a number of ways. There's a very good relationship there, which benefits PRCP and AWE.
Once graduated into AWE, the sky is the limit - AWE is a very capable part of a very capable alliance.


Maximus Orillious
Posted - 2009.03.19 23:29:00 - [25]

Grats To Gordon in running PRCP and to HavvieG and all others who help run PRCP.
Good Times.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.03.19 23:30:00 - [26]

I learned a great deal in my short time in PRCP. I transitioned to AWECO rather quickly. PRCP is run by great people that basically just want to make sure everyone is having a good time. (Except enemies of course, they don't get to have a good time:)

You can learn a lot in PRCP. You will definitely enjoy time spent in PRCP.

Kurfi' Legimo
AWE Corporation
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2009.03.20 02:10:00 - [27]

I have been in AWE and IRC for close to a year now, and have loved every day of it.

I have been enjoying the pew pew, and making lots of money, what else is there to do in the drone regions? Razz

The members are great, the best players I have met in EVE in fact.

Come on over and join in on the fun!

Posted - 2009.03.20 18:30:00 - [28]

February, the 25th, 2006.

That was the very first day I started playing eve, I started out as a carebear, mining, doing my own thing, Eventually I came across the Research associates working in a Field, mining and tanking Some rats. I asked if I could join in and they gladly excepted, they even showed me ways to mine better, how to stay out longer using the cans as an increased storage bay, all that fun stuff. I had heard about corps and decided that if I was going to join one, they would have to be friendly, fun to hang with, and helpful, something I could really be apart of. So I joined their ranks and trained for a month, in march I graduated into AWE corp and started on my first trip to 0.0

I gotta say in all my life, with the fond memories games have brought me, My first trip into 0.0 has probably got to be on of the most memorable, I awaken at 3;00 A.M. Have awake but ready for the fun, several of my corp mates are allready awake and ready, one of them "Shatana" A member I dearly miss, was leading the group.

The overall trip was simple enough, Align to a gate, warp with the squad, jump repeat, That is until we came to the first 0.0 gate entrance, camping it where pirates, a battle ensued, thanks to shatana's squad leading skills and team work, we killed looted and podded some of them, our trip into 0.0 was etched into my memory, this team work, this sense of belonging to something, all of it happend and once and I knew I had made the right choice joining this corp, this alliance, this community.

We've had many ventures throughout the past 2 years, some very memorable, nothing sticks like taking down your first POS, or participating in a Alliance wide probono (If we call it that, basically a large op for mining)

Here is a video of the first tower I helped take down. (

This community has pushed me throughout the last 2 years to achieve great things and develop myself as a pilot (Currently training for dreads!)

Wether you are new to eve or still a standing member, your looking for a corp or alliance that will make you really feel part of the community, look no further then Intrepid allianceugh.

Collegium Mechanicae
Dominus Bellorum
Posted - 2009.03.21 02:40:00 - [29]

i have been in intrepid crossing since its inception. I have been in AWECO for 2 and half years.

I spent 6 months in progenitor ( back then it was called RESA). Being in Progenitor was so much fun, i delayed going into AWE.

The guys who run Progenitor are the best. Its the kind of corp where good leadership sets the tone and people help each other out both with material goods ( if they can ) and sharing the things they have learned.

Now I'm down in d-iz with a dread in my hangar. Oh, and i can fly it too. I am accomplished dictor and ewar pilot. I remember when IRC was just a little dot on the map. I remember reading on COAD one time "who the hell is intrepid crossing?"
Well, They know who the frak we are now.

I joined progenitor after 6 weeks of playing EVE. It was the smartest thing i have done in this game. I learned PVP. I always had people who could answer any question.

I'm not just blowing smoke here folks. If you are looking for a leg up and to get to be a part of something really big in IRC, Progenitor is what you are looking for.


Languid Technologies Ltd.
Posted - 2009.03.24 02:32:00 - [30]

It's kind of a no-brainer, really.

If you want a solid training Corp where people listen, help, and play together while getting ready for 0.0 pewpew, you cannot do any better than PRCP. The leadership is outstanding, and we can always use more solid players once you are ready to step into the 0.0 world - which they will get you ready for.

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