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Taak Coram
Outdated Host Productions
Posted - 2009.03.18 17:02:00 - [61]

Originally by: nails
You should start writing some kind of journal during your epic adventure to catalog W-space exsistance. Would be a good read! maybe you can even get it published.

No! We can't lose him like we lost Innominate Nightmare Sad

Jeran Tek
Real Nice And Laidback Corporation
Black Core Alliance
Posted - 2009.03.18 20:06:00 - [62]

Originally by: Loc Maythan
Maybe you could maintain a website similar to the one that Entity runs. Yours would show a list of all the w-space systems you have visited, with a search option. Kindly folks can, when they enter a WH, check the system against your list, and let you know - website comment, e-mail, evemail, whatever - where the WH is, and if you are close enough, you can pop over and through.

Of course, you will likely run into a few traps and time-wasters, but I'm sure your Noble Quest would go faster with some extra eyes helping out.

That's actually a very good idea ... once I've visited a few more systems. Also I'll need to learn how to set up a web-site and search function.
At this stage I've entered a grand total of 2 systems (and a 3rd wormhole that pulled me from high-sec to Cloud Ring)

Oh, the traps are fun too. I've been through a few in my time and it is so satisfying wandering around a gatecamp you've just waltzed through suggesting improvements for the defenders Twisted Evil
Originally by: Bumfish
Can I ask what ship/fittings you're flying in? Recon?

Currently I'm flying the "Itinerant Nobody" - the Cheetah I completed the first omni-navigation in. I'm planning on graduating up to a Recon once I have a feel for what goes on out here and I'm better at scanning.
Fittings are very basic - Cov Ops Cloak II, Named MWD, Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher (I'm a mission runner when I'm not wandering!), Nanos in the lows for alignment when bubbled.
Originally by: CCP Incognito
I think a more grand task is for him to come to fan fest And win the PvP tournament Solo!

Can I win the tournament just by being impossible to find, even in a very small area?

Jeran Tek
Real Nice And Laidback Corporation
Black Core Alliance
Posted - 2009.03.19 11:52:00 - [63]

So I finally found my ticket out of there. Another WH opened in the system I was scanning. or maybe it was there all along and I just hadn't found it.
Anyway found a WH - back to high-sec.

I'm sure CCP is just doing this to laugh at me! I do think it's personal, yes.
Happens that the WH was in Shumam. There was no-one in local, as is common in Shumam since it's a dead-end 0.7 space.
I know it quite well, however. It's where I spent months, literally, flying courier missions for Further Foodstuffs training them up 8.0+ standing so I could get my first jumpclone, before I could fly L4 missions. Only to find that FF doesn't have any Medical stations and you can't get clones from them. They're still one of my highest standing corps, years later.

I'm quite sure CCP is moving WHs away from me to keep me from exploring them all and then holding out little tid-bits to keep me interested but stuck in K-space.
This was obviously a deliberate jibe at me and my corp standings as they pulled me back from W-space into a little-known corner that holds personal significance and not much else.

All was not lost, however, I found a hacking site in Gid that dropped 10m worth of dectrpytors for very little effort. I still had a combat ship sitting around nearby to slap the Codebreaker onto while the Sanshas Frigates took pot-shots at me.

Jeran Tek
Real Nice And Laidback Corporation
Black Core Alliance
Posted - 2009.03.20 07:56:00 - [64]

Now I'm convinced it is a conspiracy that revolves directly around me.
I wandered off to sell my loot in Amarr, went looking for a new WH.
Found one!! From Penirgman to Evaulon. Ah well. At least low-sec might have more interesting WHs.
Nothing else in Evaulon. Next system over and bingo! 3 Ladar sites and a Wormhole. The wormhole is a K162 so it could lead anywhere. Show Info ... "This Wormhole seems to lead to high security space."

What is it with me and WH's?
I found a 3-jump route from Penirgman to Tamekamur via Evaulon and Anchauttes.

Jeran. Signing off, still stuck in K-space.

CCP Incognito

Posted - 2009.03.20 08:38:00 - [65]

since i know you are just up against the random number generator.

It must be the fates working against you, have you won a lotto or something that used up all your luck.

New Eve Order Holdings
Posted - 2009.03.20 08:41:00 - [66]

good luck yes i know a certain low sec region and constellation where every wormhole that generates have pvper spawns that pop out of the wh and give us something to shoot at, or pos cliamed systems we play with the defender spawns

Jeran Tek
Real Nice And Laidback Corporation
Black Core Alliance
Posted - 2009.03.22 13:33:00 - [67]

Finding K-W holes is getting to be routine. Sometimes I have to roam a few jumps to find them but they're pretty easy to track down.
Finding a new way out of the W-space I end up in is proving difficult.
Too many grav sites and no assurance that there's another WH anyway.
Until the entrance hole goes away, of course. Then I know there's a new way home.
Bounced into Sinq Laison tonight out of my 3rd W-space. Almost straight away I'm back in J10something.
Found someone else there for the first time. They didn't want to say hello, not even when I named them to prove that i had actually wandered into the area they were in.

Admiral Dreadnaught
Posted - 2009.03.22 13:45:00 - [68]

Jeran would you be interested in something like this?

Nughat Corp
Posted - 2009.03.22 15:49:00 - [69]

good luck in your adventure, ive been in some of those w-space systems and they are beutiful to say the least, for those 'pic or stfu sayers' here is one

Jeran Tek
Real Nice And Laidback Corporation
Black Core Alliance
Posted - 2009.03.24 11:14:00 - [70]

I always enjoy learning about game mechanics. Really I do. I just wish the lessons weren't quite so expensive.

Last night I finished finding most of the places in the WH I was in and realised I hadn't BM'd the entrance. Now I don't particularly care where the entrance was but For whatever reason I went back to BM it. It was late, I was tired. I didn't warp cloaked.
There was a Heretic on the wormhole back to high sec and he started SHOOTING at me. Now I don't consider this polite but nor do I consider it very bright. I promptly jumped through to high sec. Told it yes! I really did want to leave my probes behind. I could come back and get them later.
It didn't believe me so I had to tell it again. It believed me that time and I jumped through with no shields but 99% armour.

Fair enough. Now to retrieve my probes and go sleep in some corner of WH space.
So I jump back through and avoided his determined but largely ineffective attempts to find me once I came through the hole.
I warped off to my safe spot and asked him why he was bothering to shoot at a Cheetah right on top of a Wormhole into High-sec.
No response in local.
I attempted some more conversation for a while then gave up getting a response from him. Obviously not the talkative type.

Eventually I logged off and asked him to close the hole on the way out.

8 minutes later he apparently probed me down and killed me along with my pod.

Apparently once I've been shot at I stay in space for 15 minutes. Now that I've checked my logs more closely I think he found me with less than 15 seconds left on my timer. Final hit he achieved on me while I was online was here:
[ 2009.03.23 13:45:04 ] (combat) <color=0xffbb6600>Deunan Ramsey (Foxfire Javelin Rocket) hits you for <b>178</b> damage

Killmail says I died at 14:00ish. Since it would have taken roughly 5 shots to kill me and he was firing once every 2 seconds I'm guessing he found me within 10 seconds of 14:00:00. That is, no earlier than 13:59:50. 14 more seconds and I shouldn't have been there.

Ah well. At least my clone's in my Sister's agent station - grab another Sister's Expanded Probe Launcher from them and put my Cheetah back together. I wonder if I should move into a Recon this time...

Rakshasa Taisab
Sane Industries Inc.
Posted - 2009.03.24 11:18:00 - [71]

Edited by: Rakshasa Taisab on 24/03/2009 11:18:09
My 13'th wormhole lead to the first w-space system I found after the release. ^_^

Jeran Tek
Real Nice And Laidback Corporation
Black Core Alliance
Posted - 2009.05.04 11:48:00 - [72]

I haven't forgotten you all. It's just that this is harder than wandering K-space.
And my corp got involved in an alliance that had a war... My Cov Ops skillz were requested
On the way home from my 30-jump scouting trip I got distracted by a shiny empty system with 2 WHs in it. One of which led to Dangerous W-space.
From there it rabbit-holed to 2 more Dangerous spaces and a couple of normals. Pity. I was looking for Deadly W-space ):
So the count's up to 16 and I'll disappear again for a while.


Posted - 2009.05.05 14:14:00 - [73]

Very interesting read. Thank you.

Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2009.05.05 15:06:00 - [74]

Glad to see you are still exploring.

Jeran Tek
Real Nice And Laidback Corporation
Black Core Alliance
Posted - 2009.05.06 14:20:00 - [75]

Originally by: Poreuomai
Glad to see you are still exploring.

Yup I'm still exploring. It takes me between 10 minutes and an hour to find a new wormhole in W-space. I get maybe 2-3 of these time periods in a day's play and I don't play every day.
Given that I need to find 21000 of them this is not going to be a short-term endeavour.
When I've got my number up to something worth talking about I might start recording where I've been an possibly paying for people to notify me of entrances to places I've not been yet. Then I won't need to enter quite so many of them.

For the moment each of the 19 I've been to has been unique and I have 19 Safe Spot BMs in W-space.

Oh, and I moved to an Anathema when I got podded, just for kicks.

Posted - 2009.05.09 23:57:00 - [76]

I love what your doing here man, I found it to be a great read while stuck at work!

Would be a great idea to make a short (not necessarily a story) read on your experiences, if you had the time that is :)

Also, on the note of the website idea, should that ever become more than just an idea I would love to assist in the making of the website if need be :)

Posted - 2009.05.10 03:30:00 - [77]

Originally by: Sleepkevert
Originally by: Pottsey
Holycrap, that's actually a working addres o.O

you used to be able to surf to websites using the IP convert into binary.


Fox Ogmo
Net 7
The Last Brigade
Posted - 2009.05.10 19:52:00 - [78]

Was wondering if you'd get back on this with wspace, good luck, you'll need it. Also, can i has ur stuff? As you won't be using anything but a cov ops and probes for years to come.

Jeran Tek
Real Nice And Laidback Corporation
Black Core Alliance
Posted - 2009.05.19 13:57:00 - [79]

Originally by: Fox Ogmo
Was wondering if you'd get back on this with wspace, good luck, you'll need it. Also, can i has ur stuff? As you won't be using anything but a cov ops and probes for years to come.

Lol. I've got 7 or 8 Drakes scattered around Empire.
If I find a WH that opens near one then I'll map it carefully and take a Drake back in to clear out the Mag & Radar sites.
I've discovered I should probably do the Anomalies as well.
I carry a Core Probe Launcher and Hacking / etc. modules with me so I can fit out whichever Drake a land on.

So no. My stuffz is mine still.

Posted - 2009.05.19 14:05:00 - [80]

With any luck we will have another alliance tournament, at that point I suggest you signup to fight on a team, that way you can have little dots on the map in some super secret systems over in jove space.

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