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Lisento Slaven
The Drekla Consortium
Posted - 2009.03.06 21:44:00 - [31]

Originally by: Tonto Auri
Originally by: baltec1
Co-Processor II

Pretty bad loadout...

There are only two ships I'm willing to put co-processors on.

Maelstrom and Purifier (Stealth Bombers).

Those are the only ones that can warrant a co-proc. Personally I put the DG Co-Proc on my Purifier...or at least I used to before the damage vs moving target nerf thing-a-ma-jig was put into EVE. Now it just kind of sits in my hangar unless I need to move something through 0.0.

Posted - 2009.03.06 22:03:00 - [32]

The Missile Changes shafted what was already a niche ship, don't bother flying them tbh unless you are using it to deliver a lockbreaker in some specific circumstances; hell that's the best i can come up with that ONLY a SB can do, everything else (like winding up Falcon pilots) you can do better with something else.

Shame :(

Dax Ee'nnach
Posted - 2009.03.06 22:14:00 - [33]

To the people that know Stealth Bomber (and apparently how much they suck), given the information that has come out about w-space exploration (mass limits, Sleepers, exploration/combat probes, etc. etc.), does any this open up any possible new niches for SBs?

Posted - 2009.03.07 01:07:00 - [34]

*sigh* another stealth bomber thread Rolling Eyes

I trained my alt for it and never found a good use for it.

Flying a sb is like being the red shirt ensign in Star Trek... you die at the end of the episode/battle.

I have participated in 0.0 defense gangs for the last two months, every single sb that joins our fleet somehow dies. Flying one is giving away a killmail.

Ultramarines Chapter
Posted - 2009.03.07 06:10:00 - [35]

another SB thread were 80% of the answers are, SB suck.
those 80% are pretty much those who either dont fly a Stealth Bomber, or dont even have enough skills to use them effectivly, Stealth Bomber's do need alot of time to be effective since the Missile Changes.

Before the Patch, they had more Solo-PVP capability, mostly had to choose the Targets wisely, but even back then, Stealth Bomber's are mostly use in Gang's. *Cruise SB*

Today, they are harder to use, they need more skill than before to be effective. But they really are only Gang Work material today.

A tackler is enough if you dont wanna go out big and select your PVP targets. Get a Target Double Webbed, and damped for security, and voila, back to normal DMG *atm only 940 per missile against 0% Resi, flying a Hound*

and yea im a Stealth Bomber pilot myself *since a year* and i still love it.

to wrap it all up:

-Team Work Required

-Enough skills to use them effectivly *which is pretty much all lvl 5 since the missile change*

-depending on the Size of the gang, selective targets.
*already fun enough to use a Keres and a SB to pin down a BS*

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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