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Mara Rinn
Posted - 2009.02.19 01:33:00 - [61]

I agree - it would be nice to have at least one titan in hisec so new players can see just how awesome these ships are, without having to worry about whether their medical clone is up to date.

Posted - 2009.02.19 04:13:00 - [62]

This would be massively cool and give new players something to look up to. The Titan in Luminaire is an NPC object, no big deal, people who play lots of space games are used to big NPC ships. Having a player Titan in highsec would be incredibly awesome because it's a representation of how much you can advance if you're massively successful.

Crystal Tigress
Posted - 2009.02.19 10:06:00 - [63]


To stop the innane argument for tourists: as far as I know, there is already a titan in highsec. NPC, but still a titan. Unless Chribba is an NPC, he should not be given preferential treatment.

Chernobyl Trading Corporation
Posted - 2009.02.19 10:29:00 - [64]

Veld for the Veld God! Laughing

I would fly to amarr just for this. lol

Vuk Lau
4S Corporation
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.02.19 12:06:00 - [65]

As hidden fan of roleplaying, I support this.

Santiago Fahahrri
Galactic Geographic
Posted - 2009.02.19 13:48:00 - [66]

I would only support this if the ship was taken away from the player and made part of the game and not part of a player account.

The Collective
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.02.19 14:24:00 - [67]

oh why not =p

Krans Hopeson
Coffee Muggers
Posted - 2009.02.19 19:36:00 - [68]

Edited by: Krans Hopeson on 19/02/2009 19:36:55
I give your support to the idea/discussion going on.

Edit: My support, even.

Hesod Adee

Posted - 2009.02.19 19:58:00 - [69]

Dayanara Ryell
Suddenly Ninjas
Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service
Posted - 2009.02.19 21:04:00 - [70]

Of course

Col Callahan
Boogie Monsters

Posted - 2009.02.19 21:49:00 - [71]

Edited by: Col Callahan on 19/02/2009 21:49:26
He can't use the DD in high sec so why the heck not let him have a titan in Amarr I support this will all my front and back sides.

Mr Discord
Eternal Frontier

Posted - 2009.02.20 01:06:00 - [72]

Jack Light
Faction Fighters INC
Posted - 2009.02.20 03:09:00 - [73]

All the way supporter Cool

Beau C
Posted - 2009.02.20 03:10:00 - [74]

Ron Bacardi
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.02.20 20:27:00 - [75]


Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2009.02.20 22:52:00 - [76]

Anyone who doesn't support this is a bad person

Windowlickers Inc
Posted - 2009.02.21 01:36:00 - [77]

Malthros Zenobia
Posted - 2009.02.21 02:04:00 - [78]

While I know you aren't actually serious, still going to not support this. Favoritism isn't cool. you can always park the Veldatar in some lowsec POS to display the epeen behind glass (forcefield).Razz

Ris Dnalor
Fleet of Doom

Posted - 2009.02.21 06:42:00 - [79]

give the man what he wants, a happy chribba is a good thing.

Posted - 2009.02.21 14:39:00 - [80]

Yus ^^

Rakshasa Taisab
Sane Industries Inc.

Posted - 2009.02.21 15:05:00 - [81]

Edited by: Rakshasa Taisab on 21/02/2009 15:05:30
The Veldator should also automagically ignite its DDD once per 2 hours, removing all veldspar roids from Amarr faction space.

Perditus Peregrinus
Posted - 2009.02.22 16:16:00 - [82]

Very Happy +1 for the 'inspiring wonder in newer players and keeping them in the game with the desire to attain' band

Imertu Solientai
Posted - 2009.02.22 16:22:00 - [83]

Who cares? If new players want to see a highsec titan there is one in Luminaire. This isn't about 'player content' or anything else. It's about you being a forum celebrity and wanting special treatment for it. I'm sorry, but building your image about a type of mineral in game does not suddenly give you the right to get special treatment. I know there is an in-game love affair with you among new players because they see you as some kind of mining hero, but tbh a lot of the major alliances have done a lot more noteworthy things and they aren't demanding they get their titans moved to highsec.

*puts on his flame-retardant suit*

Posted - 2009.02.22 19:29:00 - [84]

I don't see why not

Random Womble
Emo Rangers
Electric Monkey Overlords
Posted - 2009.02.22 23:39:00 - [85]

Chribba love ftw

Posted - 2009.02.23 12:56:00 - [86]

It's not like it can use the DD without the most incredible Concordokken ever.

I don't like the precedent, but it's a seductive idea.

Torin Corax
Zebra Corp
United Front Alliance
Posted - 2009.02.23 20:10:00 - [87]

I have to say yes to this.
For me, it's things like this that raise EVE way above any other game I've yet come across.
Oh and although I would never bother travelling to see the NPC titan I would certainly pay Amar a visit for this.

Favouritism? No
Reward for services above and beyond those expected of a player? Why the hell not.

Oh Takashawa
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.02.23 23:41:00 - [88]

Alexandra Stormwing
Cry Wolf.
Posted - 2009.02.24 15:13:00 - [89]

AFAIC, all of the people whining about "zomg favoritism" are just jealous. Chribba has done a lot for the Eve community. Push the Veldatar up into Amarr.

The ChurchWarden
Posted - 2009.02.24 16:05:00 - [90]

Chribba definately deserves a little 'favoritism' not only is he the go to guy for trades involving complete trust in the other party. He is also been a big part of the EvE community. Most 0.0 Alliances have done less then Chribba for EvE. =P an before you say thats BS go look how many alliances are in 0.0 [counting those without sov]

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