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- I think majority of gamers do have both, PC/MAC and console.Lol where did you get that assumption? F ...2011.08.21 13:50:00
- We are sorry for the inconvenience, but because of my business levels we are currently practically n ...2011.08.16 18:23:00
- So, you'd like a permanent war dec on all corps for 1b isk? Have you got any idea how many corps the ...2011.08.16 18:20:00
- If you people put the same effort you put in making these stupid images to buying a mid-level pc abl ...2011.08.02 22:30:00
- Sleepers? ...2011.07.22 08:09:00
- Not the first time I've seen this guys presentations. And remember - valve is awesome - when they ne ...2011.07.15 11:57:00
- We are open for business! ...2011.07.15 10:47:00
- Only read empyrean age, but it's totally awesome ^^ ...2011.07.14 19:59:00
- Well, the backgrounds don't look too good, that's true, but the facelifting will come, as it did to ...2011.07.14 11:53:00
- If anyone ever thought that CSM represents all of players, he must have been a real no-lifer or idea ...2011.07.14 11:42:00
- As far as I've seen you surely can say that they caldari and gallente are least used, but not sure i ...2011.07.12 10:12:00
- Well, I ment an outpost as a station. Thanks for the anwser ^^ I hope it is as you say, I just launc ...2011.07.12 09:29:00
- ... get in shields, assume control of guns. Fast and easy, takes a few seconds for each gun if you d ...2011.07.11 08:55:00
- Hey!I'm asking this because I couldn't find an anwser on the forums or anywhere else and my current ...2011.07.10 21:26:00
- Still open for recruitment! ...2011.06.29 11:00:00

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