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- definately a range boost. ...2008.04.12 06:48:00
- First off, no I dont have the answers. I am not a software engineer (web developer, but nothing clos ...2008.04.12 00:23:00
- to be honest, its not going to happen. they chose a language to build the game on, and well, its not ...2008.03.24 01:51:00
- insrg spam, go! ...2008.03.01 21:50:00
- i like this idea./signed. ...2008.03.01 04:36:00
- heres a few reason i could think of:1) the roleplay factor. not that i do, but all other things equa ...2008.03.01 04:27:00
- i hear bob is soon to be accepting miners for their new 0.9 pyerite operations. ...2008.02.21 11:06:00
- Smackency ...ahh, so it was you that made that alt. funny thread. ...2008.02.18 07:13:00
- only thing about this, is it would introduce huge capital mobile outpost tanks, with multiple carrie ...2008.02.17 23:17:00
- Btw. as I play EVE only in windowed mode (because disabling Outlook, Firefox, Excel, MSN, Skype, etc ...2008.02.17 23:09:00
- no, this is a really silly idea, think about it. the majority of people playing this game lose ships ...2008.02.17 23:05:00
- /signed my eve screen is far too cluttered. i would love to be able to display all my overview, shi ...2008.02.17 23:02:00
- take care guys.. im pretty sure you were around the ISS / UK area when i was there, dunno if i fough ...2008.02.17 11:52:00
- you played quake with d_mipcap 5 didnt you? ...2008.02.17 05:13:00
- Build date, little skulls for kills, in that ship, etc. Could be fun. Repackaging wipes it all out o ...2008.02.16 20:22:00

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