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- I have had so many random problems with Windows 7 64 bit. I installed a security update and for som ...2011.04.28 14:45:00
- I'd be more concerned with what appears to be a large white rectangle over your fittings... ...2011.04.28 09:54:00
- One thing to remember with wormholes: BOOKMARK EVERYTHING!oh and D-scan every few seconds just in ca ...2011.04.27 12:39:00
- I have a laptop with a very similar spec (not my primary machine), and I'm lucky if I get more than ...2011.04.27 12:31:00
- Played through it again only 3 weeks ago... love that game :D ...2011.04.27 12:22:00
- My dad got into his car with my mother and 2 friends, drove off down the road, leaving myself and my ...2011.04.27 12:19:00
- Edited by: thatbloke on 27/04/2011 10:23:00 had something similar happen to me yesterday - mass was ...2011.04.27 10:23:00
- get the directx9 web setup program from the microsoft site and run it.I believe there is also a pre- ...2011.04.14 12:22:00
- I made a plan on EVEMon for this a while ago - I called it "LOL"It's currently standing at around 73 ...2011.04.14 12:19:00
- a) Make Akita T's posts pink ok seriously that line is screwing with my head!thought there was so ...2011.04.14 12:14:00
- Edited by: thatbloke on 13/04/2011 21:12:40 OH GOD THE MEMORIESI started with an A500... then my da ...2011.04.13 21:11:00
- see if your temp folder is already full of crap and remove it windows explorer type in "%TEMP ...2011.04.12 14:43:00
- You mean they could take note of the very same IP address you're using to make this forum post on th ...2011.04.12 14:12:00
- so you'd rather log in to and (attempt to) play a game that's quite blatantly got serious issues ins ...2011.04.12 14:10:00
- "Hey baby, how about I "dock" my Thorax in your Orca tonight?" ...2011.04.06 12:38:00

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