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- I think some kind of Quakesque rocket-area would be brilliant. No need to make the losses virtual, n ...2009.04.18 18:18:00
- Edited by: Tako Yaki on 18/04/2009 18:07:15 It has got to be a bug. It would be one thing to make t ...2009.04.18 18:07:00
- Since you are a new player you might want to try to petition, you might get your stuff back.Forget a ...2009.04.17 15:11:00
- Edited by: Tako Yaki on 17/04/2009 05:27:24My opinion is that I like the atmosphere of it. The minm ...2009.04.17 05:17:00
- Station Lighting - This is obviously a bug: first of all not everyone is seeing the dark stations. S ...2009.04.17 04:17:00
- All station interiors are dark and muddy. No overbright, no moving lightsources. ...2009.04.16 18:13:00
- I loved Firefly. Seeing the series play out its long story arcs would have been great. Probably the ...2009.04.12 01:04:00
- Uhhh... that is simply incredible.. outstanding. ...2009.04.01 04:41:00
- A big thumbs up for bringing back camera shake during warp entry and exit. Like many others, I felt ...2009.03.26 19:46:00
- Tako, you said we're getting the camera shake back... where does it say this in the patch notes? Per ...2009.03.24 22:10:00
- Yeah no fun at all to take a major hit like that :( ...2009.03.24 18:22:00
- I don't see anything specific to in-battle audio mixing, but it has to get dealt with soon, it is a ...2009.03.24 17:53:00
- Well, as you probably know the 1.0.2 patch will be out soon. I know everyone probably had their pet ...2009.03.24 17:32:00
- Could someone record a video of the new warp effect and youtube it? I have all graphics settings to ...2009.03.14 01:31:00
- Agree with OP 100%. New warp is totally weak. At the very least bring back the option of having came ...2009.03.13 21:41:00

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