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- But please keep your rp out of it because someone so limited and bitter in his social interactions c ...2011.08.17 14:41:00
- Hello,Yes, I am the CEO of my gallente Faction war corporation Fangs of the Federation I would like ...2011.08.14 23:33:00
- Wow what a buncha QQ. This is why I am taking a break from the militia for a while this last month h ...2011.04.15 19:13:00
- Federation Space is Federation Space. The Intaki People are part of the Federation and then by bound ...2011.03.05 15:45:00
- Hey just wanted to say from 1 - 10 these guys get a 10 helped me out in a bind and did my out of the ...2011.03.04 02:47:00
- A Dark day...this is when a Federation System falls into the hands of the State. But Never Fear! Peo ...2010.04.18 22:17:00
- Well Ya I Was Unable To Really Run A Mission OP After Work i took a small 5 man gang out like 4 syst ...2010.03.21 22:29:00
- Lolz I believe to have enthusiasm also I plan to post the kill mails soon I can't atm because I am w ...2010.03.21 10:51:00
- At first I thought Commander Razama was the FDUs answer to MasterNerdGuy, but I'm disappointed as he ...2010.03.21 02:21:00
- Let peeps know about the hard work that the federation pilots have been doing *crickets chirpingYa ...2010.03.20 06:18:00
- To Many threads are what I call Pro-Caldari which informs readers on all things caldari. I always s ...2010.03.19 04:56:00
- Ya being new and just getting into faction war is easy and hard at the same time because most militi ...2010.03.13 05:03:00
- The Federation Does Not Need Nor Want The Help oF Caldari Traitors. If They Turn On There Own Ally's ...2010.03.11 16:37:00
- All I have to say is gallente militia FTW we are kicking some major caldari ass in the last few week ...2010.03.11 01:00:00

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