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- I have never seen so much unwarranted whining. Almost makes me embarrassed to be part of the Eve com ...2011.07.16 14:03:00
- Free bump for a great tv soap opera, I want to see season 2 pleaseYeah no ****. who needs the lam ...2010.05.10 12:27:00
- yeah like i said in the other post. Me personally welcome wars. so far they have only helped me ma ...2010.05.07 20:14:00
- I for one got some really good insight into how good R.E.P.O. was and is now in this thread. <3 Dizz ...2010.05.07 20:04:00
- I can't take any more Facebook and worn out Xbox games! I NEED MY EVE BACK!!!11!!!!!1! Yeah I log ...2010.05.07 18:54:00
- Edited by: SvendHansen on 07/05/2010 12:13:14 I'm pretty good... at loosing ships. going to try n ...2010.05.07 12:13:00
- Edited by: SvendHansen on 27/04/2010 05:49:08 Edited by: SvendHansen on 27/04/2010 05:47:23 anyway ...2010.04.27 05:46:00
- Well. I donít know much about either sidesí history. All I know is that since I joined the Alliance ...2010.04.26 21:22:00

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