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- Applying blue to this thread. A formal report is being prepared and will be delivered in some days w ...2010.10.21 04:09:00
- I'm confused. Where is this scandal? I read to page 22 so far...I did get the impression that Doub ...2010.10.21 04:07:00
- Talk about a color-scheme ripoff, Christ almighty the unoriginality is strong Meh. UI conventions ex ...2010.10.19 04:45:00
- Brought this topic up a while ago too. Basically, fleet command ships are obsolete. Which is fine, b ...2010.10.17 18:18:00
- that freebie-Destroyer they got for completing the "Advanced Military" Career pathEh? ...2010.10.16 17:34:00
- After getting a new IP my clients crash all the damn time. I am convinced it is my new provider. I w ...2010.10.12 19:04:00
- Been kinda wanting the same thing for a while, too. ...2010.10.10 21:03:00
- I want the CCP from 2003 back. ...2010.10.07 18:51:00
- No ...2010.10.07 05:45:00
- They've said it would essentially cost too much to produce/sell for too few people who'd use it to b ...2010.10.05 05:06:00
- Yo dawg. I heard you like patching, so we released a patch for the patch that was supposed to patch ...2010.10.05 03:47:00
- This sounds really really bad to my ears. If the opponent is not there when I fire my guns, I must b ...2010.10.03 19:38:00
- I've wanted this for quite some time as well. Supported ... thought this proposal sounded familiar ...2010.09.30 03:41:00
- The ideal solution would be, of course, to implement some sort of use for those old skills. ...2010.09.29 19:14:00
- Maybe one day, when CCP finally decides to reiterate on old, broken features... ...2010.09.29 19:07:00

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