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- Never let it be said that I'm above asking for free ISKs..It is sad to see so many people dissatisfi ...2011.09.06 08:31:00
- #4311.. better than I thought, not as good as I hoped..*Note to self: Troll more in future ...2011.09.05 12:58:00
- I'd like to provisionally put my name down for this.. all being well I should be in London that week ...2011.09.02 23:49:00
- Though I didn't know Mr and Mrs Valadeus personally I would like to offer my sincerest condolences a ...2011.08.24 17:56:00
- Edited by: ChromeStriker on 23/08/2011 08:40:40 3 words:BATTERED MARS all ccp employees, buy ...2011.08.23 20:42:00
- Probably a bit late.. but in case Blane is still reading..Thanks for the advice on the mouse a few m ...2011.08.23 20:38:00
- I heard that there is cake behind the door. ...2011.08.22 23:22:00
- Woohoo! I'm above average.. (barely..) I also started on the old system that plugged into the aerial ...2011.08.20 22:53:00
- I admire this initiative, and look forward to learning more as the results of the project become pub ...2011.08.05 13:02:00
- Great video. I'm sharing this around. ...2011.07.29 12:43:00
- I look forward to the drawing of the Lottery. However I should point out my name has an 'm' in it.. ...2011.07.27 13:16:00
- EVEmail me your email, if you still need an invitation.Received, thank you :) ...2011.07.19 23:37:00
- If there are any left I wouldn't say no.. ...2011.07.18 12:15:00
- I wish to offer my congratulations on your decision, Nausea. I wish you every success in your ongoin ...2011.07.14 22:06:00
- "You can be my friend, and I will call you squishy!" ...2011.07.05 15:16:00

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