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- I used a Nighthawk with a Golem for L4 PVE for two years in low sec and made a stack of ISK.The Nig ...2011.09.03 00:42:00
- I haven't been playing the game actively since Incarna came out...the CQ graphics changes mean tha ...2011.08.21 00:57:00
- I've often thought that the ability for a corp to setup a combat zone, with a cash value for the wi ...2011.08.17 01:30:00
- I swapped from using a Golem and Nighthawk for missioning L4's in low-sec to a pair of perma-tank u ...2011.07.23 23:42:00
- X - the CQ is meaningless without game related functionality ...2011.06.24 23:58:00
- How do I switch off the Captains Quarters...without actual new content the Quarters are slower to ...2011.06.22 00:06:00
- I ran for a long time (18 months) doing missions in low-sec with a Golem and Nighthawk. The one to k ...2011.06.18 02:13:00
- It is certainly possible to take out low-sec unprobable mission running Tengus/Loki's in a couple o ...2011.06.18 01:41:00
- We've had our share of Socratic in Aeschee...he is an annoying ****. We've found the best way to d ...2011.06.06 01:38:00
- That sounds like a very plausible come to fight the one idiot and a dozen friends of ...2011.06.06 01:01:00
- It is possible to use Black Ops BS as ambush ships on gates to catch high-value low-sec mission ru ...2011.06.06 00:54:00
- I've done this sort of thing for a while...mostly doing mission busts. I far prefer to persuade a ...2011.05.30 01:14:00
- I really don't understand why empire mission runners give a flying fig about folks stealing loot f ...2011.05.12 01:43:00
- Yeah...sometimes a corps needs to move to seperate the wheat from the chaff...RoughNecks in Aeschee ...2011.05.12 01:22:00
- Well set up logistics are a huge force-multiplier to a BC gang...they work best in pairs with a sin ...2011.05.11 01:35:00

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