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- truncated content ...2009.02.02 14:19:00
- o/ I spoke to Maxmillian and posted on the forum. Just applied at the office in Neesher. Hope to fly ...2009.02.01 13:23:00
- I am a 29yr old player based in the UK (Oxford). I am looking for a 0.0 based corp aligned with the ...2009.01.16 15:41:00
- Edited by: Monkey Rat on 11/01/2009 14:18:54 ...2009.01.11 14:18:00
- truncated content ...2009.01.05 16:45:00
- Nothing new then. ...2008.12.15 21:46:00
- What are the new uber mission and PvP ships now anyway? ...2008.11.12 19:29:00
- me :) ...2008.11.06 18:22:00
- Been floating this idea around in my head ...Dock up in a station or outpost and you get an option t ...2008.11.04 22:48:00
- dude, you are member of Hydra alliance... you know... a Hydra... and only by some weird galaxy mis ...2008.11.04 16:39:00
- HEYYYY!!! why your account is free??? my pc got wtfpwd when the evil boot.ini blasted windows i didn ...2008.11.04 16:33:00
- Make this post when all GBC towers in E-O are dead. Until then, it's still a battleground, and one, ...2008.11.04 15:37:00
- Monkey Rat, why don't you tell us about Hydra instead?Not much to say really. My account is free (bo ...2008.11.04 14:48:00
- We were soundly defeated in Delve and have been falling apart ever since. Don't you read CAOD?My apo ...2008.11.04 14:21:00
- I read the post, and only thing I could think of was: holy **** -- is hydra still alive? I wish you ...2008.11.04 13:54:00

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