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- Unfortunately for now, the only way to change your skill queue is by actually logging in to the game ...2011.08.05 02:37:00
- +1 for the track list. Some great tracks on here and I always like discovering new artists to listen ...2011.08.03 07:02:00
- Added HD stream at Vimeo :) ...2010.12.16 06:37:00
- Its gotta stop. Supported. ...2010.12.13 03:48:00
- Added a HD stream :) Let me know if its a problem and I'll take it down. (Yes, I linked back to this ...2010.12.10 07:37:00
- Use it frequently to check mail if I can't/cba to login. If it had skill changing ability I'm sure m ...2010.12.07 00:45:00
- Edited by: Plastician on 25/11/2010 02:06:02 Plastician,9,16,21,25,35,154,197,200 ...2010.11.25 02:03:00
- If you live on the AU timezone side of the world and are sick of a lack of activity, definitely give ...2010.11.24 00:38:00
- I really don't like logging into the forums just to see yet another complaint.I know what you mean, ...2010.11.11 09:49:00
- From one die hard DnB lover to another, I will vote for you I'm a DnB DJ myself (used to live in Bri ...2010.11.10 01:40:00
- I'd imagine T3 frigates are next = but I'd love to see a T3 BC. Or perhaps a T2 tier 2 BC (tech 2 dr ...2010.11.09 07:53:00
- Can't say I agree. You don't have eleventy billion keybinds and skills to deal with in an FPS. I ...2010.11.09 01:02:00
- Edited by: ceaon on 07/11/2010 17:43:31 eve require intelligence and some dexterity + a decent pc ...2010.11.08 07:35:00
- I don't think you should start a new character and head straight for the role of CEO. If you are tru ...2010.11.02 00:43:00
- Great news, but can we be trusted to take our own breaks? Is this really a responsible thing to be d ...2010.10.29 11:18:00

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