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- Is the last one Medical or Storage Bay?-MMW ...2008.06.18 14:23:00
- I'm going to possibly offend... slap me if I do...Rorq, I'll offer you 1.4 to at least get bidding s ...2008.06.17 20:36:00
- Thanks... I look forward to it. Since you seem to want to ensure you get paid... If I like your ini ...2008.06.17 17:21:00
- I fully endorse this thread! ;)If you corp wants to join RPA please contact Talidorn. He is our cu ...2008.06.17 16:53:00
- reserved ...2008.06.17 15:40:00
- Howdy,I've just acquired an alliance. The alliance is missing a few things... One of the important ...2008.06.17 15:08:00
- Edited by: MixMaster Wisdom on 15/06/2008 19:01:32 Dianne logged in but didn't stay on or say hi. ...2008.06.15 19:00:00
- Isk sent.-MMW ...2008.06.15 18:11:00
- Joined the alliance awaiting post from seller stating details of transfer.-MMW ...2008.06.14 16:05:00
- Agreement has been set. Awaiting the transfer.Maybe you can split the 1 bil with another corp or tw ...2008.06.09 21:47:00
- if you checked ingame mails you'd have seen my offer for a bit now Thanks. I wasn't expecting an in ...2008.06.05 20:29:00
- I can sell you my corp. Mail me an offer.. otherwise, free bump I guess, while in search of opport ...2008.06.04 19:48:00
- Have you looked at the total number of alliances recently? It is insane... and I don't want to add ...2008.06.02 18:02:00
- Ayup, still looking. I'm sure someone wants to off load thier dead alliance.-MMW ...2008.06.01 20:01:00
- If you decide this isn't working and still want to have have an alliance I can make one for you. I h ...2008.05.30 14:13:00

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