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- ooh Devs are canflagging noobs, now we have proof thanks to paparazzi.nice way to welcome new subscr ...2007.03.21 16:46:00
- whats ur problem?just pick a system, pew pew till the population is gone :P ...2007.03.21 16:19:00
- Maybe CCP secretly put that new feature that makes ctrl+q eject from ship. =Dlol yeah that would be ...2007.03.21 07:11:00
- This game and it's players are stupid , i cannot wait for my sub to end. have funn playing WoW :P ...2007.03.21 06:14:00
- i always feel bad when play unfair, and scamming is unfair. Sure ppl should inform them self in for ...2007.03.15 15:01:00
- lol make a excel sheet ur sefl then. its so easy math, you learn that the first day u go to school. ...2007.03.15 09:43:00
- My = Mining Yield (m/Minute) Ov = Ore Volume (Veldspar = 0.1 m) Op = Ore Price(My / Ov )* Op = I ...2007.03.14 17:39:00
- Edited by: Nero Ya''ng on 14/03/2007 15:24:30 the only thing i really dont like in EvE, I have no c ...2007.03.14 15:25:00
- well my goal is to take over the EvE univers. helping my friends, killing my enemys. build a f'load ...2007.03.14 08:22:00
- face it ur playing one of the most mind numbing, repetive, boring games ever in existance. Someday, ...2007.03.09 15:16:00
- SAVE THE WHALESill creat a corp "GreenPeace" and name my ship rainbowwarrior !!! ...2007.03.09 14:47:00
- Example screenshots: Fight 1 Fight 2 i'd like to see you swing your mouse about :)) at 1920 by ...2007.03.09 14:40:00
- Just Sned money 4 billion ISK to Nero Ya'ng and when you come back ill send you back 4.5 billion IS ...2007.03.09 13:45:00
- It is legal, unfortunately. Of course the same kind of attitude that thinks that this is fine is wha ...2007.03.09 10:45:00
- Edited by: Nero Ya''ng on 09/03/2007 10:12:38 yeah i also want everything when i come ...2007.03.09 10:08:00

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