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- Edited by: jukriamrr on 29/08/2006 14:28:32 In fact, one account runs perfectly fine. As soon as I ...2006.08.29 14:18:00
- Am I the only one experiencing frequent disconnections tonight?Running two accounts behind a router, ...2006.08.28 20:41:00
- As above, thanks for the info :)(37.5% shield boost bonus) ...2006.08.02 17:07:00
- I suspect the tech2 BS's will have something to do with the new seamless 3D view... ...2006.07.30 08:54:00
- A solution:- remove the cap penalty on MWDs. The sig radius is enough, imho. - by removing the cap ...2006.07.26 10:56:00
- Would coherent light do Kinetic damage?Just wondering ... ...2006.07.26 09:24:00
- bumpidou ^^ ...2006.06.11 18:55:00
- 37.5% shield boost inscrease. I believe it is quite rare :)Thanks for the info :) ...2006.06.05 13:46:00
- For a long long time I had more sp's than isks. That has changed, though. I'm not rich, though. ( ...2006.06.03 16:23:00
- wewy nice! the pearl:"Drop the damage bonus and have an inbuilt bonus to nanofibers and overdrives, ...2006.05.15 11:16:00
- Hi all, The agent I run mission for simply stopped sending me offers, even after a period of inacti ...2006.05.07 10:41:00
- *snip*You really need to cool off, you know There are no uber starfighters in EVE, live with it ...2006.05.07 09:17:00
- You can just as easily set your battleship up for frigate-hunting, or cruiser-hunting... But then yo ...2006.05.07 00:16:00
- Edited by: jukriamrr on 06/05/2006 19:42:41 I once suggested that smaller weapon made a fraction of ...2006.05.06 18:56:00
- It is obvious that sir sgb is a fan of the "brutor approach": "simply cram as much firepower onto a ...2006.05.04 12:46:00

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