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- Samuelk,2,7,14,23,31,52,59,71,125,131,140,146,149,171 ...2011.07.30 23:43:00
- Edited by: SamuelK on 30/07/2011 15:06:44 the door is symbolic; if you don't like it.....GTFOHere's ...2011.07.30 15:06:00
- i'm a troll. please set me on fire and save me from myself.i'll get the gas can. thanks for the bump ...2011.07.30 14:40:00
- ok, so in my last post i took a bit of a harsh tone with the Dev's. I'm sorry about that. My interne ...2011.07.30 13:57:00
- Have fun playing something else cry baby.a d*ck. go suck one.nah ill slay some clam this weekend ins ...2011.07.30 03:54:00
- Have fun playing something else cry baby.a d*ck. go suck one. ...2011.07.30 03:34:00
- So i can send it to CCP Zulu with a big 'F*ck you' note attached. I like how they did this 'free aur ...2011.07.30 03:29:00
- Personal attack removed. You are welcome to express your opinions but please do so in a polite and c ...2011.07.29 14:04:00
- "nidhoggur: can not fit 4 remote + local armor with comparable resist"then get a Archon and don't co ...2011.07.27 20:53:00
- I'm simply happy some content is finally coming back into EVE. Live events and a dash of fiction is ...2011.07.19 03:08:00
- As far as the chronicles and news feeds go (and that's all I can comment on - Incursion, events and ...2011.06.08 18:38:00
- Jove teleporting himself to bits and needs to be collected again from all over space. Secrets and re ...2011.06.04 19:01:00
- Edited by: SamuelK on 04/06/2011 18:55:51 Here's an example of a story that was started, and never ...2011.06.04 18:38:00
- Considering they have abandoned their fiction, no.Couldn't say it better.Can a dev (dropbear, I'm lo ...2011.06.04 15:24:00
- bump. CCP, where you at? ...2011.06.03 19:51:00

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