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- Odd, since the guy who plays me (and holds a certain physical resemblance to me) lives in a universe ...2011.07.25 02:49:00
- You're assuming that the ISK is the only reward. For a mercenary corp to break a contract, the brib ...2011.05.02 03:57:00
- I'm sorry but isn't our Pod a fcking ship? It flies, has warp capabilities, shouldn't it's destructi ...2011.04.26 22:37:00
- addendum: use faction antimatter w/ kronos, and do ~591 turret dps @ 35 km optimal. for most L4's, ...2011.04.03 20:54:00
- Vindicator swapping to Noctis for cleanup when needed or Kronos.Kronos.The damage difference is, iir ...2011.04.03 20:51:00
- risk/reward? What would I gain by living in a hurricane or earthquake zone in Virtual Life? Well, ...2011.04.03 20:25:00
- Yes! This is a competitive game; we need more randomness. ...2011.04.03 17:31:00
- Oh, for the love of squiggly triangles... learn the agro mechanics.1: If he's flashing red, YOU can ...2011.03.28 16:02:00
- To eve, your ship is not ship-shape. It's a big circle, just like everything else. Your ship's fac ...2011.03.13 03:42:00
- Fix war decs by:1: Allowing them to start MUCH faster than a 2 day minimum. (24 hour vote, then 24 ...2011.03.13 03:38:00
- 3. I am yet to be told of a real member of the corp who has not when it was required. Several of t ...2009.09.16 23:43:00
- Joe:I see that you finally wised up and started asking for API keys. Good for you. I have three qu ...2009.09.16 04:19:00

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