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- *Put the lowest form of veld in empire (WH c1,2), higher veld form in low (WH c3,4), highest form in ...2011.08.24 01:24:00
- iNfeck7ed>1,2,17,18,33,52,56,59,64,65,68,78,121,124,150,168,73, ...2011.07.31 21:11:00
- Seriously? Why the hell did I make my alt's breasts so huge if they're not even going to jiggle? And ...2011.07.26 01:21:00
- The Devs already said they would bring Station Spinning back in an upcoming patch, so just wait for ...2011.07.26 01:11:00
- Research showed that when you use a :twisted: it triggers the Pavlovian response of u mad? in al ...2011.07.26 01:03:00
- 20 jumps with a cloaky frig, impossible. Can't be done. And, even if it could, cloaky frigs are SO e ...2011.07.24 02:13:00
- I'd like to add apparently WHs aren't considered 0.0 so they can't has ABC ores. WRONG. Class 5 an ...2011.07.19 02:37:00
- Is that how you get mad points on your killboard? Cloak up, side A bombards side B, uncloak, toss a ...2011.07.04 19:12:00
- Yeah, because discussing your sexual preference on a web forum for video games kids play is both pro ...2011.07.04 18:42:00
- Going back to her question about what podcasts would be fun to listen to. I think probably everythin ...2011.07.04 18:32:00
- Hey I'm just callin it like I saw it last night... TEST was only there as cannon fodder for Goons ...2011.07.04 04:23:00
- How can it be seriously said that Incarna doesn't offer anything? It's a step into full-immersion. D ...2011.07.04 03:43:00
- When I first learned about MT, I was scared because I thought it would mean that all my work in-game ...2011.07.04 03:24:00
- I'd like to be able to see murders in stations before they happen and then stop them from happening ...2011.07.04 02:18:00
- Then make Eve an adult only game with cuss words in agent dialogue and the strip bars that all the g ...2011.07.04 02:11:00

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