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- Some kind of purpose built salvage ship would be even better!. I disagree : it certainly would be n ...2006.12.03 14:24:00
- Granted, this is not a perfect solution. The biggest issue is this : if you have multiple boarding p ...2006.12.03 12:34:00
- CCP, PLEASE, DON'T MAKE LOOTING ANY MORE BORING THAT IT ALREADY IS.I think the whole "wreckage" conc ...2006.12.03 12:32:00
- I was only in Jita on business, I do live 15 jumps away.Helen ...2006.12.03 12:22:00
- Yeah, this is yet another thread about "traffic advisory" and getting stuck forever trying to enter ...2006.12.03 10:50:00
- Hi guys, not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I was wondering if we'd ever see Kali ?In c ...2006.08.25 22:01:00
- I speak as a former Snipe-o-calypse pilot (who got severely nerfed since Cold War) and currently Rav ...2006.04.27 03:34:00
- Edited by: Helen Tiger on 20/04/2006 23:20:08 Out of curiosity, where do you guys loot those Gist m ...2006.04.20 23:17:00
- Hi All,I haven't posted in some time, because I've been experimenting to find a solution to one real ...2006.04.16 00:56:00
- I think the suggestion is that changes could be made to make things simultaneously more fun for pira ...2006.03.08 11:32:00
- Come on guys, what else do you want ? an "EVE : YARRRR Edition" patch ? -hide Player sec-status to ...2006.02.26 14:16:00
- Are you by any chance Helens alt Typical... you really think I'd need to switch to an alt to keep ...2006.02.23 20:39:00
- How would adding some simple crew-based options complicate the game when the game itself is alread ...2006.02.20 12:40:00
- Indeed, the M33 galaxy is over 2 million light-years from us, if memory serves. And our galaxy (the ...2006.02.20 10:48:00
- I don't see a problem with the current glow... but then again my home system isn't nearly bright eno ...2006.02.20 10:42:00

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