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- You best be doing the combat in Clear Skies 2. ...2009.03.31 00:51:00
- I'm catching up after a bit of away time and wanted to listen to the recordings of the Live Dev Blog ...2008.10.20 17:55:00
- The Irish guy is really good ...2008.05.30 21:28:00
- Got it with an average of 202kbps, guess I got on the mirror wagon fast :)Some great script, felt li ...2008.05.30 21:04:00
- ~200kbps from the mirror, huge thanks! ...2008.05.30 19:38:00
- Gah! 5 pages of comments that practically make me pee myself and then 12kbps from eve-files!(still l ...2008.05.30 18:17:00
- Read this The stage we're at, you need to delete your cache for it to work. Probably want to backup ...2007.11.28 00:27:00
- Are they command line switches for a shortcut or something? ...2007.11.27 23:36:00
- I have the same symptom, I deleted the copy and started over, no dice. Will be subbing a bug report ...2007.11.27 22:11:00
- Yeah because there's an obligation to get you on the Test Server. How about you wait, like everyone ...2007.11.27 22:06:00
- Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II 400mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Pl ...2007.11.08 21:09:00
- Now a couple of weeks on you try to use it as an example of ... what exactly? Our executor fights d ...2007.11.08 20:10:00
- Firstly you should probably realise that 1) I'm not my Cousin, You Constantines all look the sam ...2007.11.08 15:56:00
- I see no mention of your own woeful captaincy Jade. Captaincy which saw the crew of your very own Is ...2007.11.08 11:07:00
- Little bump up for a mate :) ...2007.11.01 01:18:00

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