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- Guys?!? Been in Hellcat chat last few days but haven't got a response from you. It's me statanspawn ...2010.03.16 14:45:00
- Ask z0de for an erotic dance next time How do you know of zode's dirty penchant? ...2009.10.22 23:49:00
- One can sing in lieu of isk ransom. This is true, we all love a good singing ransom: http://the-bast ...2009.09.24 15:19:00
- I give it a 1 out of 10.I give your troll post a 1 out of 10. ...2009.05.01 12:12:00
- Another top notch video and great piloting by The Cooch. <3The ransom bit did make me laugh, it happ ...2009.03.22 01:26:00
- There are a few online web based version that can do this already, now a Windows Mobile (or even jav ...2009.01.05 14:33:00
- Iíve seen allot of post from people demanding that carebears be thrown in low sec and 0.0. As an Ex ...2008.11.05 16:48:00
- I call shenanigans. Shenanigans! I'm getting my broomstick! ...2008.10.15 13:51:00
- Hi all, just a new player here with a few questions about what's going to happen to Pirates when war ...2008.10.15 13:40:00
- Edited by: RoninData on 03/10/2008 12:33:45/me is humoured at your assumtion that everyone posting i ...2008.10.03 12:20:00
- Always a good read, i'll be a donating a few mil when I log in next. ...2008.09.17 12:54:00
- Hrrr are we related? If we are, then you're the mother in law. The Bastards celebrated our first bir ...2008.09.17 11:40:00
- 1 up for Alex. ...2008.09.09 14:17:00
- Edited by: RoninData on 09/09/2008 14:24:10 . ...2008.09.09 14:12:00
- Cheers, Ghost, look forward to seeing your app. Had some great guys apply in the last few weeks, wou ...2008.09.08 10:13:00

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